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Guess what we were doing Monday morning December 1st? If you said, ‘printing 5,000 pages of customer statements’ you’d be a winner! In addition to the printing, we loaded the pages into a little gadget that folds them, then we stuffed all those pages into about 1,700 envelopes and of course we have to run them through the licking gizmo and apply PO$TAGE. Old school? You bet. Now, I’m not the cat with the sharpest claws... but there must be a better way, right? It’s 2020 and all... oops, don’t bring up 2020. Wait... we can email statements! Eureka! You’d get them right away, no pesky trash, zero dead trees, saves time and money. Heck you can even see your statement right on our website. But I know... you’re used to getting them in the mail. So besides the speed and possibly your goodwill and sympathy, what’s in it for you?  

Well, our friends at NEXEN feel our pain and they’ve decided to sponsor our little campaign to get our customers off the paper habit. What if you agreed to go paperless with a simple email message to us and then we enter your name into a drawing for fabulous prizes?

Just in time for Christmas, we will be giving away the following awesome prizes:

LG 75” 4K UHD LED Smart TV
Harley Davidson extreme gift pack 
$500 Micheal Kors Gift Card
$500 Golf Store Gift Card
Set of 4 NEXEN passenger tires
Set of 4 NEXEN light truck tires
Set of 4 NEXEN SUV tires 
20 NEXEN winter jackets

All you gotta do to register is to message us with your name, K&W account number and the email address where you’d like your statements to go.

Send that info to:
You’ll instantly be registered for the big drawing!  
New 'Kooks - just what the doctor ordered

Since it NEVER REALLY SNOWS anywhere south of Vermont (hey - I wrote this two weeks ago, it's like I wash my car it rains, now I write 'no snow' and nor'easter appears). Hankook’s new tire line, the Kinergy 4S2, may be just the ticket. If only they knew how to sell it.

Just for fun - Hankook says: Folded belt edge tape, Broad lateral groove water escape accelerators, Serrated edge groove, Concave tie-bars, Two step aqua slant, Aqua pine compound technology (pinesap? needles? hang it from the rear view mirror? made from wood? They don’t say. Who writes this stuff?

Real world - Short says: Perfect for areas that see winter weather but not consistent deep snow, Carries 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, optimized compounding that works when it gets cold, tread covered with three kinds of deep sipes for rain, slush, and moderate snow driving, Asymmetric and directional, 60K treadwear warranty, Road hazard coverage, 30 day road test, 45 popular car and SUV sizes. This tire actually looks like it can do what it’s supposed to. Safety sells and I think this tire is a great fit from the Mason-Dixon line and up through Massachusetts. These are inbound to our warehouses in Ayer MA, Beacon Falls CT, Allentown, and Lancaster PA as we speak. Please see winter rebate info below.

Really real world - True story: Got a call from Cousin Brian in Houston. He says, "My daughter is going to school at Purdue in Indiana. What do I do about tires? We want her to be safe in snow and she hasn't ever driven in it. We don't want extra snow tires to store. What should we do?" No brainer. 
Indispensable Propaganda
Not to be outdone - Hankook Rebate

Hankook’s consumer rebate is in effect until December 20. They call it Great Winter Promotion. Cool. Buyers get $70 back on the new Kinergy 4S2 that we know all about now. And $40 on the RW11 and W320 snow tires. This rebate is redeemable online only. Direct customers to For more info click HERE.
Boosting your business

Came across a neat story of a young guy using social media to grow his family’s tire business. His name is Matt Berg and he lives in Glendive, Montana. His family relied on TV and radio but it was getting expensive. The newspaper didn’t provide any return, so in 2016 he started posting on Facebook. That progressed into uploading stock pics and then in 2017 he got a little more serious. He paid Facebook $25 to $50 to boost his reach. He then started using Facebook Ads Manager to create custom ads and manage where and when they run. When you read the whole article you can see how he leveraged a simple tire rebate in conjunction with a Facebook tool to broadcast his story to motorists within a 150 mile radius. (well it’s Montana) He ended up with people in line to buy tires, alignments, and lift kits. Over a two week period the ad brought in $90,000 in gross revenue. He now sticks to a self imposed schedule of six posts on Facebook or Instagram per week. See how he does it by clicking HERE.
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