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OverDrive for Kindle

Available for Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets

Don't want to buy ebooks for your Amazon Kindle? Borrow them from the library! Most titles in the Minuteman OverDrive catalog are available in an ebook format that is compatible with Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets.

To search or browse for Kindle-friendly titles:
  • On the OverDrive website: Select Kindle book under the Ebooks search filter or under Format in Advanced Search.
  • In the Libby app: Select Kindle under Compatibility in Advanced Search or Preferences.

To read ebooks on your Kindle ereader:
  • On the OverDrive website: After borrowing a title, click the Read now with Kindle button.
  • In the Libby app: Tap the Actions button on your Shelf and change the Read Books With... option to Kindle.

To read ebooks on your Kindle Fire tablet, download the original OverDrive app or use the Libby app on another device to select the Read Books With Kindle option from the Actions button on your Shelf.

To complete the borrowing process, OverDrive will redirect you to the Amazon website. Once you sign into your Amazon account and select the appropriate device, click Get library book to automatically download the title to your Kindle the next time you are connected to Wi-Fi.
Note: You will not be redirected to Amazon if you choose to read the book in the original OverDrive app on a Fire tablet.

To return a Kindle book early to OverDrive:
  1. Login to Amazon's website and go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page.
  2. Select the Action button next to the borrowed title, then select Return this book and confirm.
  3. If the returned book still appears on your Kindle, you can remove the title by following these instructions.

To borrow materials through OverDrive/Libby, you will need a Minuteman library card and PIN/password.

If you do not already have a Minuteman Library card you can get a temporary e-card HERE.

If you have a card but have not yet created a password or you have forgotten your password, please click HERE .

Questions? We are here to help!
If you have questions about digital services (or any library service), please call 978-929-6543 and leave a message, or email us at , and a library staff member will get back to you. Please include your library card number in your voicemail or email.

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