Clean water for God's thirsty children
Overcoming Obstacles
On The Way To
Quebrada Vieja, Honduras
On our way to Water Women training in rural areas, sometimes
road repair is part of the journey.
And once in a while,
a little motor repair is in order.
But in the end, Water Women have their filters, buckets, and the training to begin providing clean water for their own and three other families.
A Message from Denis, our Country Coordinator in Honduras

We keep going back to this very difficult, mountainous area because we see so much need there. I am always touched to see the need manifested on the faces of the women who gather. At first they are timid, depressed…but so happy when we finish training them and giving them their filters. Their reality calls me to solidarity – not only in terms of working with the filters, but in other ways as well.

This is a very long and arduous trip for our team: five hours from our home in Tegucigalpa to Yorito, and then another hour on extremely poor roads up into the mountains to a tiny village called Quebrada Vieja (old creek, or alternatively “broken old” – a prophetic name, as things turned out). It's actually just a few miles, but the bad conditions really slowed us down.

We not only had to contend with the danger of washouts, but then the “broken old” truck ground to a halt, about a 20-minute walk from our destination. We helped the driver to chock the wheels so the truck wouldn't slide off the mountain road, and then left him to find a mechanic while we hiked up to the training site, carrying all the buckets and filters for 30 mothers.
The team traveled from Tegucigalpa to Quebrada Vieja, marked by the red dot.
From that point on, the training went beautifully…but when we returned to the repaired truck, we learned to our horror that it had no working lights! This was a major problem, for the morning’s delay had meant we arrived very late to start the training for the new Water Women, and now it was dark. (It gets dark quite early in Honduras, about 5:30 pm year around.)

Imagine going down a slippery, curvy mountain dirt road in an old, rickety truck – and no lights! We stood in the bed of the truck behind the cab and all held up lights from our cell phones, so that the driver could see the road enough to prevent us from going off the side of the mountain. It was a very nerve-wracking couple of hours at very slow speed, but thanks be to God, we arrived safely back at the home of our hosts in Yorito, living to see another day of training Water Women!
Road Trips and Training in Rural Honduras: It May Not Be Easy, But The Results Are
Worth It In The End
Please click on the video to travel along with our country team as we go north from Tegucigalpa into a rural area of Honduras. It was a difficult journey with some larger than normal pitfalls along the way.

But at the end of the trip, the people were waiting patiently for the gift of clean water that your donations make possible.

These are but a few images from a long day, but they should give you a glimpse of what Water With Blessings means to families around the world.
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Why I Support
Water With Blessings
Erin Brechue, WWB Board Member

I give my time to Water With Blessings because of our ability to support our global community with the highest-quality, safest, and most sustainable clean water systems.

These systems are also practical and cost-effective – for our donors and for those who will use them for years to come.

Though the work is strictly focused on providing clean water, the Water With Blessings model helps build thriving communities. These filters contribute directly to people living healthier lives. Community relationships are developed and improved. Children are able to receive a proper education because they can be at school more consistently.

Finally, better water and better health contribute to general improvements in equality.
Coffee Chat: A Continuing Source of Mutual Support, But A New Permanent Time
Here in the Louisville area, the weather is changing and the cool Autumn air has replaced Summer's heat and humidity. That means a warm cup of coffee or tea goes just fine with a lunchtime Coffee Chat.

Remember, we have moved the time permanently to a noon chat every Friday. Water With Blessings has friends and supporters all over the country, this gives more people a chance to join us.

This week we will take a trip to Honduras, if the internet connection and the Zoom application hold up.

We will visit the home of one of our Water Women, Reina. Sr. Larraine has taken people to visit Reina over the years, and the door is open to us.

So if our old time was too early for you, please consider clicking below to be a part of the conversation. Then grab a mid-day beverage and fire up the connection. Once you join us, we think you will want to make it a habit.
Thank you again for supporting Water With Blessings.
Our Water With Blessings country team members have the ability to overcome obstacles: heat and humidity; mosquitos and other bothersome insects and animals; learning local dialects and slang. And now they have to work within coronavirus restrictions and health precautions.

As you read above, sometimes the figurative roadblocks turn literal: rough terrain; washed out roads; and truck-motor malfunction.

But our teams don't quit until the job is completed, the Water Women are equipped and trained, and the clean water begins to flow.

Your generous gifts make this happen all over the world. Thank you once again for providing clean water to God's thirsty children.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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