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(Statewide) These are stories of the people affected by Pennsylvania’s opioid crisis. They are strong, caring, brave individuals who are part of the fabric of the communities across our state. Opioid addiction does not define them or their lives, and they are proof that people do recover with treatment to lead full and productive lives - just like anyone else. By giving their voices and stories a platform, we can help others see that it’s time to replace outdated stigma with support, encouragement, and understanding...(lifeunitesus.com)
(Berks) Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Secretary Jen Smith joined Sen. Judy Schwank and local substance use disorder treatment providers on Friday for a roundtable discussion on the current landscape of the addiction crisis in Berks County and to highlight the resources available through local SUD treatment facilities...(Berks Weekly)
(Elk) Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced that Elk County has joined the Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative (LETI), a program launched by Attorney General Shapiro in collaboration with law enforcement that provides assistance to Pennsylvanians suffering from substance use disorders in enrolling in a treatment program. Fifteen counties across the Commonwealth have previously joined the LETI program...(attorneygeneral.gov)
(Lackawanna) The last thing many people may think would help someone battling drug addiction would be providing them access to free syringes. But that’s exactly what some local and state health officials have in mind who discussed the topic...(PA HomePage)
(Statewide) A panel of Commonwealth Court judges is set to hear arguments this month over whether the Wolf administration must reveal details of how patients and physicians are using the state’s medical cannabis program for addiction treatment...(Spotlight PA)
(Statewide) ‘By promoting healthy lifestyles, having open and honest conversations, and providing a positive environment, all Pennsylvania children can thrive,’ Smith said...(Pennsylvania Capital-Star)
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