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FINAL Project Update - Brandon Overflow
Culvert & pictures
Date: 6/3/17
The prelude to our two year Segment Six project is done!

  After the flooding damage caused by Hurricane Irene, FEMA provided monies for the construction of a very large overflow culvert, to be installed under Route 7 starting at Rowe's Barber Shop and ending beyond Green Park by the lower falls. The intent is for any high water events to be minimized by the redirecting of millions of gallons of water away from the choke point that goes under the businesses and town offices. This should significantly reduce the damage of any high water from storms and spring flooding.
With cooperation from the Town, Markowski Excavating and Dubois & King, we have been able to provide updates on work performed and a look ahead at work for the upcoming weeks.
 Here is the final ProjectUpdate- Brandon Overflow Culvert - Written narrative from Markowski Excavating. Thank you Tom Markowski for this valuable information you provided us over the last 7 months.

This was a long and, at times, difficult process, but with the support, input and patience of the community and businesses, we managed to get through it in a reasonably successful manner. This could not have happened without the hard work and communication from Dave Conger and the staff at Dubois & King Engineering, our friends and neighbors at Markowski Excavating (Mike and Dave Markowski spent the whole winter in that massive hammer excavator, Mike said he heard it in his sleep!), the town of Brandon, Daryl Burlett-DPW head; Dave Atherton, town manager; Bill Moore, economic development officer; and all the office staff, Gary Du Boise and the crew of D&F Paving, Carpenter & Costin who did a great job putting our little Green Park back together, along with the many other sub-contractors and suppliers that contributed to the success of this endeavor.
Special thanks go out to Jim Sharpe of Dubois & King, who was constantly onsite and was the main contact providing information to the downtown businesses on a daily and often hourly basis. More importantly, the pictures that we all enjoyed so much chronicling the progress of this massive project were provided by him each and every week. Many thanks "Sharpie" !!

As we prepare to transition into the Even BETTER Brandon-Segment 6 project in the coming months, we encourage you to continue to access information and photos of the project here at the Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are confident that the process will continue to be informative and timely as our contact will continue to be Dubois & King engineering, working in concert with the town of Brandon and local Rutland based contractor Casella Construction.

Tell anyone who might be interested in receiving these updates to go to Brandon.org and subscribe to our newsletter with the link in the green box below.

OK- Here we go with the last pictures of "The Great Culvert Overflow Project of Ought-16" (do you think that's how we'll all refer to it in the years ahead??)


Thanks to all who've followed these postings and enjoyed the progress seen through pictures.
Keep an eye out for newsletters about the Segment 6 project as we continue to work towards an
 "Even BETTER Brandon"!!
Here are a few pictures and drawings to get us started.









                                                                             Central Park


                                                                             Crescent Park