Overflow Culvert Project
Downtown Brandon

Project Update - Brandon Overflow Culvert
Date: 1/7/17
The prelude to our two year Segment Six project- updates

  After the flooding damage caused by Hurricane Irene, FEMA provided monies for the construction of a very large overflow culvert, to be installed under Route 7 starting at Rowe's Barber Shop and ending beyond Green Park by the lower falls. The intent is for any high water events to be minimized by the redirecting of millions of gallons of water away from the choke point that goes under the businesses and town offices. This should significantly reduce the damage of any high water from storms and spring flooding.
With cooperation from the Town, Markowski Excavating and Dubois & King, we hope to provide  updates on work performed and a look ahead at work for the upcoming weeks.
  (There may be unforeseen changes to this timeline due to various circumstances)
 ProjectUpdate- Brandon Overflow Culvert  Written narrative from Markowski Excavating.
You can also find updates and information on the Town's website-  Townofbrandon.com

With a new traffic pattern through the heart of Center Street and many businesses unaware of the particulars of the new project, a meeting was put together by the Chamber and the town to give everyone a chance to voice concerns, ideas and suggestions. Over 35 folks attended and discussion was energetic and productive. The town and Markowskis have been very responsive to our concerns and many solutions and ideas were discussed and implemented.
Click here for Notes from the 10-18-16 meeting  with Chamber, Town officials, Markowskis and businesses.
Watch for more updates in the future.  
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