April 2016 Edition
Dear Beloved,

Welcome to our newsletter coming right after the just concluded Kingdom Advance Conference held between the 31 March and 2 April. We are still busy with collating the testimonies of what our Good Father did at the conference. Sometimes this takes time as some have to go for tests or travel abroad to see their doctors for confirmations. The conference  really was a great celebration and from the feedback we have gotten so far, one recurring observation was that The manifold Presence of the Lord was most tangible. We are made to be carriers of His Presence every where we go and when His Body, (the Church), unites in one accord, it gives Him such great pleasure, He always shows up in love and power. This resulted in such a glorious worship and celebration.

Global Awakening International Ministry Team

We have been getting so excited as we hear some of the amazing stories of what our Father did. We know that we will never know half of what the full purpose of God's plans for this gathering was or the full ramifications of what happened. However we are blessed by knowing that Our Father touched and healed many. We also know that we brought Glory to his Name. We are putting some of the testimonies up on our website. Please check them out, so they increase your faith. Also the website will have pictures of the conference, so do enjoy them.

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People keep asking us why Lapis Lazuli Ministries host these free conferences. The first reason is that Father God tells us to do so and we obey as He says if we love Him, we will obey Him. Secondly, we know that Father God loves it when His children unite in oneness of Spirit and love for Him, so it attracts the pleasure of heaven, and with that pleasure comes healing of our bodies, and miracles.

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Thirdly, we love to celebrate the goodness of God, because the bible says that it leads to repentance. In other words, people change their thoughts about God as they get to know how good He is through how you and I portray Him. Also Ephesians 3 v 10  explains that the church is supposed to show the multi-faceted wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and might to principalities and powers. We love to help with equipping the Body of Christ by providing teaching and practical knowledge about how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit so it can perform this role with great authority.

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We are grateful to all who contributed in kind, prayer, financial support and encouragement. We know that Our Father in heaven will reward you publicly. We bless God for the overflow of love that was shown to the guests. The hospitality they received was really appreciated, and they pass on their thankfulness.

We know that there are so many out there who ought to have come to receive  such great teaching but were unable. We also feel that those of us who attended need to listen to the teaching over and over again. For this reason, we have made every effort to have the full teaching on our website and the CD, DVD, and the flash drives to sell in the office. This is costing us a lot, so please avail yourself of the teaching.

Day 1, Session 1
Day 1, Session 1
Day 2, Session 1
Day 2, Session 1
Day 3, Session 1
Day 3, Session 1

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The worship CD is so anointed, and I urge you not to miss it. Please buy from the office, ( see prices below), and send to friends and well wishers. They will be thankful and blessed. There are also a few Dr Randy Clark's books available in the office.

Finally, please take all that you learnt, and had imparted into you, back to your sphere of influence, in your church, bible study, ministry, school, offices and so on. Our prayer is that the Lord will nourish and develop all the seed that He planted in you. He will also bring you to full maturity in Him. May you enter into a greater revelation of His love for you.

God bless you,


Materials for Sale: Kingdom Advance Conference

Price of CD is N200 for each day. DVD for Day 1 & 3 is N400 each. Day 2 DVD is N500 because it has more teachings.
USB with teachings for the three days is N3000.
Worship DVD is N500 and Worship CD is N200.

Videos: Kingdom Advance Conference 2016

Teachings of Kingdom Advance Conference (2016) is on the website.... www.lapislazuliministries.com. Do check it out.
Our prayer is that your faith increase and expectations heightened as you watch.

Bethel Sozo

We are creating host homes where Sozo videos can be watched, please get in touch with Lapis Lazuli Ministries office, if you are interested.

Personal Bethel Sozo sessions are taking place at the office (3rd Floor Maku House, 109 Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos). Please book on the website or send an email to info@lapislazuliministries.org if you would like to have a personal sozo. If you will like to be trained up to minister in sozo, please get in touch with us.

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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