A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 2, 2021
Do you ever have an epiphany moment while washing dishes? I did several weeks back and then I laughed at myself for not having it sooner. Most of you are probably already doing this and I'm kicking myself. Insert an eye roll here. 

It was our first Sunday as empty nesters again. We had the ENTIRE house to ourselves after a hectic week of moving the guys out and helping them settle in. Since I was not involved in the logistics, it made this mom feel better knowing where to find them!  

I had spent the entire day in my kitchen working. Let's just say when I went to bed that night, I earned 10,000 steps and I didn't even leave the kitchen and laundry area. I climbed the ladder. I filled Goodwill boxes. I vacuumed and wiped down all the crumbs in the kitchen cabinets and drawers. I reorganized. I deep cleaned. I was nesting.  

I also do my best processing of life during times like this. As I stood in the kitchen looking at several of my sad houseplants while my hands were busy washing dishes, I thought to myself, "I did it again. I over-watered her. I gave him too much. Dang it."  

I had just thrown out a vase of fresh flowers. It hit me.  WHY IN THE WORLD DO I SPEND MONEY ON FLOWERS THAT LAST 5-6 DAYS TOPS AND I DON'T REPLACE MY SAD HOUSEPLANTS WITH A NEW ONE? Especially a new one knowing it will last for weeks and weeks (even if I neglected which I don't recommend) or months (if I actually make a bit of effort?)  

I suddenly gave myself the freedom to stop fretting and start enjoying houseplants when I need to try again. It is either $14.99 for 5-7 days or $16.99 for a couple months. Hmmmmm.....I shared this with Scott. 

He said, "Marsha, you own a garden center. You replace them at cost." And then he laughed out loud. 

Thanks for the reminder and the heckling. Well played, babe. I don't know why but it is really hard for me to take plants home. I think, "What if I take this plant and someone else would enjoy it too?" It's really hard.

PSA: It's okay when you must replace a houseplant that isn't thriving. Investing your money wisely on something that brings joy, fresh oxygen and lasts longer is smarter. It's a living, learning experiment and we will get better with time and patience.  (Me telling myself this over, over and over.)

That said, race you to the garden center.  
THIS Saturday, September 4, 7PM-10PM
Jazz, wine, and pizza are the perfect trio for a romantic evening, so grab your special someone and mark your calendars for our next installment of Music in the Garden!

Peter Lamb and The Wolves have been serenading America since 2008, when they debuted at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball. Since then, they’ve released 3 albums, been named Best Jazz Band in the Triangle twice, and won several awards – as well as our hearts! 

Presti Pizza will be here to serve up some delicious pizza! The Potting Shed will be open and serving drinks and Sunset Slush. Please note that our Garden Center will be closed during this event.

Ticket prices:
$20 for General Admission (ages 13+)
$10 for Child tickets (ages 3-12)
Children under 3 are free!

The Ponytail Palm is named for the long curly fronds that resemble a peppy ponytail. Besides being an adorable houseplant, it is also pet-friendly! Your Ponytail Palm will be happiest in bright light. It is drought-resistant, so allow to dry our between watering.
Pink Muhly Grass is getting ready to strut its pink, puffy stuff in a couple of weeks. Muhly Grass has long green grassy foliage through the summer. The flowers turn to a bright pink in the fall. When kissed with dew in the morning sunshine, the flowers look other-worldly. If you can't tell from the description, we kinda like Pink Muhly Grass! Get yours today!
Calycanthus 'Aphrodite' is a gorgeous tall shrub that blooms cup-shaped, purple flowers reminiscent of a Magnolia bloom. It starts blooming in early summer and lasts through the season. The height and full, glossy leaves make it a great shrub for creating privacy.
Meet Ryan Smith!
Role: Landscape Operations Assistant and Plant Loader/Waterer
Started at FGS: March 2021
Ice Cream: Americone Dream by Ben and Jerry's
TV Show: Explained
Last Book Read: Slavery By Another Name, Douglas A. Blackmon
Plant: Zinnias
Food: Pizza
Restaurant: Fiesta Grill

Ryan began working with us in March of 2021 at the garden center as a plant loader and waterer. We quickly realized Ryan had quite the skill set and we asked if he would also consider working with our landscape division as an assistant to our operations team. He agreed and now he works for both our landscape division and the garden center. Chatting with Ryan is always a pleasure, so if you see him in the garden center, stop and say hello. He is currently remodeling and renovating his home, so he stays busy both at work and home.
Plant Tip of the Week:
Shrubs with Fall Color
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