FALL 2021
Overwintering tropical plants

Tropical plants can be expensive to replace each season. Learn how to care for them over the winter so they can be enjoyed again next year.

Protect fall veggies with row covers

Fall veggies grow better with some protection.

Rain Gardens - The Garden Thyme Podcast
In this month’s episode, we are chatting all about the benefits of rain gardens. Every time it rains, water runs off impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, roads, and parking lots, collecting pollutants along the way. Maryland’s average rainfall is about 44”. That is a lot of stormwater, isn’t it? Think about how much water can go back into our groundwater table instead of directly into a storm drain by using a rain garden. We also answer a listener’s question about how to prepare an area for planting a new garden next year by removing turf grass.

SURVEY: Reducing lawn and planting natives

Replacing some lawn with native plants provides a variety of benefits: habitat for pollinators and birds, stormwater management, and reduction of irrigation and fertilizer use. HGIC is collecting stories that illustrate how Marylanders are reducing lawn and incorporating sustainable practices. We're especially looking for examples from small space gardens -- townhomes, condos, etc. Share your story and up to 5 photos.
Bay-Wise Maryland Yardstick

For small space urban gardens, townhouses, and apartment balconies.

This seven-page fact sheet describing homeowner landscape management best practices is a checklist used by Maryland Master Gardeners to certify small urban gardens as "Bay-Wise" conservation landscapes. It can also be used to determine how "Bay-Wise" your landscape is.

Master Gardeners are providing in-person education, plant clinics, and demonstration gardens again.

Visit the 2021 Learning Garden at the Maryland State Fair virtually via this interactive Virtual Tour.
Coastal Flooding and Climate Change Webinar Recordings (September 2021)

The UMD Extension Coastal Climate Program has three new webinar recordings on climate change topics for viewing.

Q: We are building a couple of flowerpot holders for our driveway. In my dream, the boxes will each hold native grasses like little bluestem and yellow Indiangrass and create a natural barrier between the alley and our back door. Can you please tell me if this dream can come true? What size pot do you recommend?

- A resident of Baltimore City

A: Find the answer on Ask Extension.

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