New "Sunday" Format
8:45am Mindfulness Practice
9:00am Sit (20 minute meditation)
9:25am Contemplative Walking*
10:00am Church Service Gazebo
Join any portion(s) of interest
*For those joining Contemplative Walking
We will visit above owls (Venu's photography)
on way to your bike, car, or for those interested, to Gazebo for Church
David Whyte "Consolations"
May Wednesday Nights Book Club
Facilitated by Zach
In Consolations, Whyte has selected 52 ordinary words (for example: Alone, Beauty, Besieged, Confession, Denial) for masterly examination, calling on his extraordinary abilities as a poet to provide insight and perspective to the human experience.

Weekly In Person and Zoom Meditations

Tuesday 4/27 @ 5:45 PM hosted by Venu via Zoom
Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159 Password: hippo

Wednesday 4/28 @ 9 AM at South Shelter of LB Beach hosted by Ian*

Friday 4/23 @ 9 AM hosted by Dave via Zoom
Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159 Password: hippo

Sunday 5/2 @ 8:45/9:00/9:25 AM at South Shelter of LB Beach
mindfulness/sit/contemplative walking hosted by Dave*

*Bring chair, blanket or use bench
Meet at the South Shelter of LB Beach.

Follow safe COVID protocol

If you have any Questions or need help don't hesitate to call/text
the person(s) facilitating the meditation you seek to attend: 
Venu 224-800-4049
Ian 908-420-6555
Dave 847-691-3866
Richard Rohr - Contemplative Walking

Christine Valters Paintner describes the ancient and accessible contemplative practice of walking or moving slowly through the natural world as a way of connecting with God. This is clearly the “road not taken” by too many of us in the modern world, even though it shaped and sustained the faith of our ancestors for millennia. If you find it difficult to sustain a practice of seated meditation, I encourage you to begin by moving outdoors. 
In [the contemplative] path we cultivate intimacy with Earth and her creatures, and we allow ourselves to fall in love with nature. It is one of my deepest beliefs that we will not be able to address the environmental crisis we currently face without this intimacy, without learning how to cherish nature, without love.
I encourage you to make time each day to be outside. One of the ways to do this is to go on a contemplative walk with an intentional and reverential heart.
(link below for full description)