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Kauai embraces the concept of "ohana" family. Traditions revolve around family and friends and celebrate a unique blend of island cultures and a shared heritage. Festivities promote g enerosity of spirit and caring for everyone in the community. Our visitors to Kauai during this time of year experience the Aloha spirit more then ever. The Lights on Rice parade on Dec 2nd counts down the days to the start of the holidays and culminates with the Poipu Beach Park Fireworks on New Years Eve.
Speaking of "Ohana"... we are about to get a brand new furry addition to our GVR family!  We know one little girl in particular, (you probably know her too!) who is beyond ecstatic at the prospect of this new arrival. Presley will fly with Amy to pick up her puppy on New Years Day!

Happy Holidays! We'd love to hear your suggestions on what to name this beautiful baby boy! 

hmmn... Barnsley, Kingston, Lava Lava, Angus, Rocky, Cosmo...

Winter socks and Visitor stats

Hawaii's tourism industry had a record-setting September, according to statistics from  Hawaii Tourism Authority There were 6,698,545 visitor arrivals in the first nine months, a 2.6 percent increase from the same period last year.

Total air capacity to the Aloha State grew 0.6 percent to 887,846.

Each of the four major islands experienced a jump in visitor arrivals and expenditures, with the Big Island experiencing the biggest jump: 11.1 percent. This contributed $141.7 million in expenditures for a daily average of $180 per person.

Maui experienced a 10.1 percent in visitor arrivals that contributed $312.7 million in expenditures, a daily average of $217 per person.

On Oahu, visitor arrivals increased 4.3 percent and contributed $579.6 million in expenditures for a daily average of $206 per person.

Kauai experienced a 4.6 percent jump in visitor arrivals that contributed $121 million in expenditures, a daily average of $192 per person.

excerpt from Pacific Business News

Hawaii's economy is expected to continue positive growth for the rest of 2016 and into 2017. This outlook is based on the most recent developments in the national and global economies, the performance of Hawaii's tourism industry, labor market conditions, and the growth of personal income and tax revenues. 

Click to view the full hawaii.gov  Outlook for the Economy report.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

noun  'The practice of pricing items at a level determined by a particular customer's perceived ability to pay.'

By now we are all used to constantly changing prices in the airline, hotel and car rental businesses so it shouldn't be a surprise that dynamic pricing is becoming mainstream in the vacation rental business, too. How is that possible you might ask?

At the LiveRez conference in Austin, Texas in October I met a pricing guru or geek, depending on your perspective, who actually uses 12 separate computer programs to come up with his constantly changing prices, responding to the supply and demand market in the most accurate way possible, sometimes daily. Very few vacation rentals are alike so it is a challenge to come up with the perfect comps. Right now, if you haven't noticed already, I've created many new seasons based on our analysis over the years of trends, such as: What properties book far in advance and for what season? How far in advance are guests booking? Are guests paying full price? Is February more in demand than January? Do one bedrooms do better in October than a 4 bedroom home? We have also analyzed the trends per property for the last few years to tailor them to specific market reactions for a specific property. Another aspect to this is looking at our competition and seeing what their trends are. What their current seasons and occupancy as well as pricing for like properties.  I'm changing some prices on a weekly basis in attempt to increase annual income. 

To really confuse the issue, the Millennials have entered into our market in a BIG way. They often are spontaneous travelers and they usually book at full price using technology rather than speaking with a sales person. They are big fans of airbnb. So if we're booking too far in advance, we could be charging too low of a price and if we wait for the Millennials we might not get booked. This is a challenging new reality for our business and we are up for the challenge.  Welcome to my world! 

Hawaii ranked "9th" best State to live in...

Excerpt and photo credit from 247wallst.com

The Aloha State was named No. 9 by 24/7 Wall St. The organization ranked Massachusetts as the best place to live in the country and Connecticut came in second place.
Mississippi dominated the list of the worst places to live in America, followed by West Virginia, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The list's ranking was based on factors such as educational attainment, poverty levels, health and economic conditions.
Hawaii citizens have an average life expectancy of 80.6 years, which is the highest of any state and two years longer than the nationwide life expectancy. Only 4 percent of residents lack health insurance.  A typical household earns just over $73,000 a year, according to 24/7 Wall St., which is about $17,000 more than the average American household. Those incomes are tempered, however, with a cost of living that's 17 percent higher than the nationwide average.
Beach and Baby Gear Rentals

Due to insurance, we are discontinuing our baby and beach gear rentals. Ready Rentals has agreed to give all of our guests a 10% discount on their items and they also offer delivery. 
They will continue our tradition of offering owners free rentals. Just use the code GVROWN when you order. They do not offer snorkels so we refer our guests to one of our on-line articles on the GVR website. See Snorkel Rentals.
Mahaulepu Dairy Update

Situated on the southeast shore of Kauai, Mahaulepu is known for its' dramatic coastline and pristine areas. As any online image search will show you, Mahaulepu is characterized by striking scenes of natural beauty and it is home to many threatened and endangered species. Experiencing Mahaulepu is a special treat for visitors and an ongoing delight for residents.

A planned industrial dairy threatens to ruin the fragile ecosystem of Maha'ulepu. Friends of Maha'ulepu is a group of ordinary citizens united to resist this planned pollution and desecration of one of the loveliest areas of our unique island. Please support their effort to preserve the beauty of Mahaulepu for all who enjoy it.
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