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Owner of Local Golf Course Files for Bankruptcy

Posted Monday, November 04, 2013

On September 30, 2013, the owner of the Fort Worth Golf Club at 7200 Golf Club Drive,  Stacy Hart's corporation (Eagle Mountain Golf Club, LLC),  filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy listing the value of the golf course property at  $500,000 with liens of over $10,000,000.   In addition, Eagle Mountain Golf Club, LLC has filed suit against Ricardo Hurd, who bought a portion of the golf course in an auction ordered by a Tarrant County Constable last year.

Here is what we know from court documents.

An 80-acre tract of the golf course, which includes the front 9, the clubhouse, the parking lot and the driving range, has a new owner of record listed as Ricardo Hurd.   The remaining sixty acres (the back 9 and a portion of the driving range along Golf Club Drive) is still owned by Stacy Hart's corporation (Eagle Mountain Golf Club, LLC).

In 2012, Constable Darrell Huffman of Tarrant County put the front 9 up for auction to satisfy a lien by Lindamood Demolition, Inc.   The Constable ordered the property sold to the highest bidder at the door of the Tarrant County Courthouse steps, with the proceeds going to Lindamood.

As per Texas law, the auction is required to be published in a local newspaper for 3 weeks prior to the sale.  It was published in the Fort Worth Commercial Recorder for 3 weeks in November 2012.  The 80-acre property was sold to Ricardo Hurd for $1250 in December 2012.

Eagle Mountain Golf Club, LLC is contending that they were not properly notified of the sale of the property and have filed suit to have the property returned.

Although it is expected the issue of ownership of the front 9 may delay the eventual outcome, it is believed that the bankruptcy filing is an important next step in the final resolution of the golf course property.

Keep tuned to the LCPOA web site for future updates.

Scott Lowry

Chairman, LCPOA Golf Course Committee

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