Photo by Jeff Wallace
Well, it's safe to say that winter in Canada is in full swing. When many of us are fighting the daily urge to hibernate away from the cold, snow and ice, there are folks out there making it their personal mission to show Old Man Winter who's boss.
From a 1,600-km dogsled race in Yukon to an ultramarathon in Manitoba, check out our selection of some of Canada's most extreme winter undertakings...not for the faint of heart!
Next, meet "The Hiking Babes", a group of inspiring women in Nova Scotia who have found a new way to celebrate birthdays...Trail-style.
And finally, in celebration of TCT's participation in Winterlude this year, check out our top picks for spots along the Trail in Ottawa. Start planning your trip now!   

A Dog's Purpose: Sled Racing along Ancient Trades Routes

Known in the sled dog community as one of the ultimate long-distance races, the 1,600-km Yukon Quest competition is an exciting combination of tradition and fearlessness...that plays out on sections of The Great Trail.

Don't Think You Can Compete in Canada's Most Gruelling Winter Race? Think Again

"Celebrate human resilience." That's the tagline for Actif Epica, one of Canada's most gruelling outdoor competitions. Few are tough enough to brave the chilly temperatures and raw winter landscape of southern Manitoba in February!  
How to Walk 1,658 km in the Heart of Winter

What is the best way to meet new people and stay active during the coldest and darkest months of a Canadian winter? We suggest walking to Tuktoyaktuk. 
Girl Time on The Great Trail

They call themselves "The Hiking Babes" - 20 outdoorswomen in the Halifax region who've been walking together every Wednesday for the past 11 years. They also do a lot of talking and laughing, and giving to the Trail in an interesting way.
6 Not-to-Miss Experiences along The Great Trail in Ottawa

We've put together a list of must-see sites and exciting events on The Great Trail to give you a taste of Ottawa's delightful pairings of French and English cultures, sun and snow, and culture and nature. 
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