Palliative Care Update for Primary Care Providers
May 18, 2020
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Oxford County Community
Paramedicine Pilot Program

  • The Oxford Palliative Care Outreach Team (PCOT) has partnered with Oxford EMS to create a community paramedicine (CP) response team for patients with comfort-focused goals of care requiring symptom management at home.

  • A brief infographic outlining the program can be found here

  • A more descriptive memo from the developers can be found here

  • What this means for primary care:
  • If you have any palliative care patients on PCOT, they may be assessed at times by the CP team. These paramedics have basic training in palliative care and will be able to provide preliminary assessments, as well as deliver some standard medications that are often found in a symptom response kit (SRK). The medical directives for these medications are under the authority of the PCOT physicians, so only they are able to direct or change the orders. If you are involved as MRP, you may be contacted at times for collateral patient information, by either the CP team or the PCOT physician on-call.
  • If you have a palliative care patient in the community who is NOT yet on the PCOT team, you are still welcome to activate the CP team should you feel your patient requires an in-home assessment or urgent symptom management and the patient is not yet set up with LHIN nursing/other services. If you do this, please provide a brief handover to the on-call PCOT physician so they have adequate information to manage the patient if they are called by CP.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the pilot program, please contact the leads outlined here:

Patrice Kean, Manager, Oxford Palliative Care Outreach
C: 519-495-6624

Dr. Jitin Sondhi, Lead Physician, Oxford Palliative Care Outreach Team
C: 519-902-9266

Ryan Hall, Deputy Chief, Operations and Performance, Oxford County Paramedic Services
C: 519-521-2395