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Youth Group Activities
Saturday May 20th, our youth group leader, Mitch Hardy, bravely took our youth group paint balling. They had an amazing time!!


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Keep these friends in your prayers:
Betty Barnhart, Pris Berry, Bob Douglass, Cathy Fey, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Stacey Winn, Marilyn Rettig, Sarah Soika, Jan Reinhart
Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

OPC Family,
Just wanted to send a quick note letting the church know that I'm thankful for all the continued support.  I just finished my second of three years at Union Theological Seminary in NYC.  I hope to be able to come back to Ohio for a visit sometime soon.
Peace and Blessings,
Deanna Roberts

Many hands do make the load lighter!  Once again our workers for the rummage sale did a fantastic job in collecting, sorting, pricing, and selling all the donations that mostly you, our congregation, gave to us.  We so appreciate all of the help that went into making this sale a success! A whopping $2,590 will now enable us to do even more mission work in supporting others .
Yes, it was a lot of work for those who came out every day we met, but the rewards greatly overshadowed it.  We bonded even more in friendship, laughter, and fun, plus we got to know each other just a little bit better.  That was a reward in itself.
All of our customers, happy and content, left with their treasures while many asked when we would have another sale.  We took unsold items to the animal shelter, Dove House, the homeless collection group, and Goodwill.
Thank you to our shoppers, and especially to all of our workers:  Paula and Joe Foltz, Sue, Dave, and Jim Wilson, Karen Shearer, Carol Burkhalter, Mickey Preston, Jane Jackson, Jean O'Connell, Debbie Davidson, Margaret Butcher, Betty, Jo, and Jan Reinhardt, Nancy Moeckel, Susan and Bill King, Becky Quay, Joy Russell, Lynn Cronk, Carol Flee, Janet Ziegler, Joe, Karen and Robert Simpson, Nancy and Scott Parkinson, Rachel Mehl, the Curry's-Marilyn, John Jr.,Katie, Noah, Abbie, Leanne and Eric Staley, Bill and Emma Fisher, Chuck Crain, Tom Holmes, Ginny Layton, Pat Roberts, Rich and Sandy Drewes, Cornelia Browne, Kim, Russ, and Alex Logsdon, Angela and Darius Trubceac, and Lawrence Bartel!  We couldn't have done it without YOU.
OPW Spring Brunch
If you were able to attend the OPW Friendship Brunch on Saturday, May 6th, you were treated to an amazing program presented by Pastor Lawrence.  His talk and slides were very interesting and inspiring!  Thank you Pastor Lawrence!  Also thanks to the women of both circles who provided us with delicious food.  Everyone left with his or her blooming marigolds, nourishment, and happy smiles.  Thank you Karen Shearer, for bringing us a wonderful morning to remember.


The Deacon's Children's Food Drive

Many Children do not get school lunches in the summer and need extra food at home.  The Deacons request your donations of food and money to make the June Food Drive a success. Food and Monetary donations may continuously be given throughout the summer.
Please leave bags of food in the Narthex and if you prefer to make a monetary donation, please make a check out to the Oxford Presbyterian Church with Children's Food Drive in the note field or if cash, mark pew envelope Children's Food Drive.  The Deacon's will use the money to purchase food for the Oxford Choice Food Pantry.
Oxford Choice Food Pantry needs canned fruit, cereal, spaghetti sauce, and canned meals (such as Chef Boyardee or Kroger meals) and peanut butter. Toilet paper, child personal care items like body wash, deodorant, shampoo and hair conditioner
Answer to question of the Months:
An umpire and a catcher.

Deacon's Prayer Shawl Ministry
We all have experienced times of joy and times of sorrow. Just knowing that we are surrounded by support and love can make a difference in our lives. The Deacon's Prayer Shawl Ministry is one way that we can reach out to strengthen the love we share with members and friends within our community. 

Over the years, many willing and loving individuals have devoted their time and talents to the creation of beautiful prayer shawls. Some shawls serve to cover laps, shoulders or even heads, but all of them can help create a sacred space for meditation, prayer and assurance of God's love and blessing. Given in times of illness, loss of a loved one or even times of joy and celebration, the recipient is reminded that God and their friends deeply care for them. Plus the maker gains great satisfaction in knowing his or her creative talents are greatly appreciated - a definite "win/win" situation!
Whether the shawl is crocheted, knitted or sewn, the maker prays during the creation of each one. Many blessings are woven into each and those blessing embrace as well as offer comfort and peace to the wearer.
During the first quarter of 2017, the Deacon's gifted 21 prayer shawls to OPC members or friends. So obviously, this ministry is an important and necessary one to the mission of embracing our love of one another and others. So how can you become a partner in the Deacon's Prayer Shawl Ministry? The answer is easy! You can:
  • Volunteer to make a prayer shawl. 
  • Make a donation to the Deacons for yarn and other necessary supplies.
  • Contact us if you know of someone who would benefit from receiving one of our shawls.
  • And most importantly, please pray for those members whose hands make the shawls and anyone in need of the hope, joy, love and peace the shawls embrace.
Blessings to all,
Diane Young, cyoung9999@yahoo.com or 513/255-6051
Carol Burkhalter, cburk63@gmail.com or 513/280-6017



will meet on June 20 at 1:30 p.m. in The Knolls Country Kitchen.  Prue Dana will lead the lesson and Lynn Cronk the Mission Yearbook Come join us for lunch before the meeting.

Will meet on June 6 at 6:30pm at the home of Nancy Sturgeon (417 Pamela) for the annual picnic.  Billie Maynard will lead the program and Debbie Davidson will lead the devotions.  All are welcome.
June 3
9-1:30  Western Lodge
on Miami University Campus
Our speaker is Melissa Tidwell, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Xenia, OH.  She has worked in religious publishing and was the editor of Alive Now magazine.  She is a published author and will be leading us in "Mapping the Landscape of Change: Patterns of Spiritual Transformation.  This will be a creative exercise in finding models for describing our challenges and opportunities and learning new spiritual practices.  She comes highly recommended and we are pleased to welcome her to our group on June 3rd.
Breakfast will be provided and lunch is a choice of box lunches.  The cost is $10.00 and the choice is
  • Smoked Turkey on Wheat Bread or
  • Roast Beef and Cheddar on White or
  • Hummas and Muenster Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper on wheat bread
The lunch includes chips and a cookie.
Contact Roberta Crain, 523-1026 if you have any questions. 

2017 Honored Women Award
The Honored Women Award is presented annually by the Oxford Presbyterian Women to those who have given faithfully, willingly, and joyfully of their time and talent to our church.  Like Naomi and Ruth, their faith has led them on unique journeys in service to the Lord. Thank you to all who recognized these characteristics in several women in our church.  Our committee, Lawretta Clum, Johanna Rinehart, and I, had the difficult job of selecting just two.

J o and I will be presenting certificates of recognition and pins that are worn by Presbyterian Honored Women throughout the world. On this pin the supporting hands represent women who seek to build an inclusive community.  The leaf represents growth of our personal and corporate response to Jesus Christ as we nurture our faith. The dove indicates our work for peace in our own lives and throughout the world. At the center of the design is the cross, by which our sins are forgiven and we are freed to live in Christ who is the center of our lives.  The overall design is of a butterfly, a symbol of newness in Christ. We wear these pins humbly, yet proudly.

This first Honored Woman has been a member of Oxford Presbyterian Church since 1991. She was a parent volunteer at CCNS, and was actively involved in Vacation Bible School when her children were small. She has served on the Board of Deacons, contributed on two consecutive terms as an Elder, and has recently started a third term.  She is respected for her thoughtfulness, integrity and compassion.  She was a member of and chaired Mission and Outreach for several years.  She initiated and gathered support for Mobile Health Clinics.  As one of her nominators said, "she was a leading force behind several trips with members of our congregation to Northern Ohio to provide health education for migrant workers and their families."
The Communications Team, created after the Holy Conversation study, benefited from this woman's expertise in creating and initially maintaining the church Facebook page.  She is still a regular contributor.  She has given generously of her communication and leadership skills and many long hours serving on the Interim Pastoral Search Committee, as co-chair of the Mission Study team, and then as co-c hair of the Pastoral Nominating Committee which successfully brought Pastor Lawrence Bartel to our church.  Continuing this work, she was also a member of the Pastoral Transition Team. She is currently serving as the co-chair of the Facilities Team, which was recommissioned last Sunday.  Her dedication and commitment to a vision for OPC as we serve the Lord are greatly appreciated. 
In her new role as Health Commissioner for Butler County, she brings her heart, soul, passion and faith to promote better health to our neighbors with needs.
Jenny Bailer, please come forward to accept our gratitude and admiration with this Honored Woman Award.

Left to Right:  Jo Reinhart
Honored Woman Jenny Bailer
Honored Woman Jenn Walter
Pat Gifford
This Honoree's "happy smile, cheerful demeanor, and willingness to help wherever needed make her an invaluable asset to the Oxford Presbyterian Church," notes the author of a letter of nomination.  Though in our church community for only six years, this woman has served as a Deacon and a member of the Christian Education Committee.  She has assisted the youth group, hosting many activities in her home, and helped with fundraising.  She is thoughtful, purposeful, and persistent in her vision for youth, families, intergenerational activities and mission at OPC.
This has been evident in her creation and direction of the Celebration at the Manger for the past three Christmases.  She has spent many hours planning and coordinating with parents, youth, children and other volunteers from the congregation to create scenery, costumes, music, and a beautiful message. A nominator said, " I am sure that the children who participated in the program will remember this for the rest of their lives" and "I found it to be very emotionally moving."
As a member of the Pastoral Nominating Committee she dedicated a "ton of time," says one of her nominator's. The letter goes on to say, "She missed a lot of our family dinners to attend church meetings that lasted a very long time. She even went to New York to look at pastors possible for our church.  She wasn't allowed to tell me where she went or why she went there until Pastor Bartel became our pastor...that was a long time and she kept that secret very well." She continued her dedication to our new pastor and his family by chairing the Pastoral Transition Team, assuring that the Bartels had as smooth a transition to Oxford as possible.
For her patience, perseverance, and dedication to the work of the Lord at Oxford Presbyterian Church, we ask Jennifer Walter to accept the Honored Woman Award.

The bulk of our leftover rummage went to Goodwill.  We had one box of items for the animal shelter and two boxes for Dove House.  Dove House is a shelter for abused women. Two ladies from Transitional Living, Inc. asked for donations to their program for homeless people in Butler County.  We gave them men's socks and undershirts.  They said that socks are the most requested item they needed.
      Some of the missions that are funded through our Rummage Sales include the Colombia GOEL project, the Russian Partnership, One Way Farm, Family Resource Center, OPC youth service projects, Dove House for Battered Women, Parachute Child Advocates in Butler County, Safe Haven Farm, Habitat for Humanity, and others.
During the next phase of construction at the Seminary use of the building will be available based on what stage of work is being done.
OPC will worship at Hopewell Church on June 4 at 9:30 a.m.  Also, two joint services with the Oxford United Methodist Church are planned - one on each side of the street.
The Rev. Garth Adams will be preaching at OPC on June 18 and 25, while Pastor Lawrence is on vacation.
Mission and Outreach contributed $1200 to Kirkmont Camp and $1000 to the Goel Project that, among other things, serves impoverished children in Barranquilla, Colombia.
Balance sheet through April 2017 was reviewed. (See financial column by clicking here)
Executive and student boards have been named for the College Ministry program that is expected to get off the ground this fall.

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Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All
In 1995, the Miami Valley Presbytery in Ohio and the North Coast Presbytery in Colombia created a Partnership Covenant that eventually matched churches in each Presbytery to sister churches.  The Oxford Presbyterian Church thus became matched with its sister church-The Seventh Presbyterian Church of Barranquilla, Colombia.  Through the years that followed, our Partnership blossomed as friendships formed between the two congregations.  We have held joint services that began as a telephone connection to the pulpit and then morphed into a Skype connection on a big screen so that both congregations could see and greet one another.

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Thank you to all who generously responded to the OGHS offering on Palm Sunday.  Over $155 in pennies and nickels, dimes and quarters was prayerfully deposited into the coin banks.  God will turn this offering into over 70 jerry cans that will carry safe drinking water to homes around the world.
But, that's not all Over $1800 was given through the designated envelopes which will support three ministries within the Presbyterian Church that make a significant impact in lives around the world.  These ministries are: Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self-Development of the People, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  It's remarkable how God uses our gifts to bring the gospel to life .

Several wishes have been submitted for special giving to enhance the work of the Oxford Presbyterian Church. This column will appear on an occasional basis to feature items on our "Wish List" in the event there are those who might wish to offer support.
Many years ago a gift was received by OPC for the purpose of obtaining a color copier. That gift enabled us to significantly enhance the quality of the many publications evolving from our central office. We now have far exceeded the volume of copies, which can reasonably to be expected for that unit. Given our production volume and the need to print in a larger format, along with the exceptional talents of our administrative secretary, the time is right to upgrade our printing capacity. It is estimated that the cost of a replacement unit would be approximately $12,000, which would cover the life of the lease. 
If you might wish to contribute to this need please contact Bill King. You might also desire to browse the comprehensive wish list to be found on the table in the office entry lobby to review additional items that might appeal to your consideration.
Additionally, if you think of additional items to be added to the list for special giving, let Bill know.
Bill King
OPC Special Gifts Coordinator
(513) 523 2546 (h)
(513) 720 7345 (c)
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As most of you know, we have a great set up of name badges for our members to help all members and guests learn who we all are.   After service we request the badges be returned to one of the baskets 'labeled  'name badges'. One basket is in the Narthex on a table, the second is on a stand as you leave the sanctuary going into the Molyneaux lounge .   The large baskets on the floor at each entrance are for RECYCLING paper items, such as bulletins. The
 recycle baskets may not always be sifted through before going into the weekly recycling. Therefore if you put name badges in the recycling baskets, they risk being lost for good. On another note for the recycling  baskets, theses are NOT for general trash; used tissues, communion cups should go in trash receptacles. Please try to help with these systems, It will be greatly appreciated.
Debbie Davidson for us all
Various groups in our church and or community may request 'donations' from local businesses, i.e. gift cards to use as 'prizes/incentives, etc'. Paper bags, food items, decorations and the like for events .   I recently learned that for Kroger to give donations, they need to be requested via the Kroger.com website. And make a request at least a week in advance. The more lead time the better.  Just going to the store and asking will no longer work.  I just wanted to 'share' this information. As I have learned the hard way!
Also a huge thank you to the Hamilton Kroger for Donating Paper Bags to the Oxford Presbyterian Women's Rummage Sale.
Debbie Davidson (our favorite persistent bag lady!)
Deadline for the August Newsletter is July 20, 2017

Austin Lake is the young man responsible for the new and greatly improved landscaping at the Seminary Building.  Austin is working toward the rank of Eagle Scout which is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The designation "Eagle Scout" was founded over one hundred years ago. Only four percent of Boy Scouts are granted this rank after a lengthy review process .
Austin is a member of Boy Scout Troop 956, part of the Dan Beard Council, which meets at the Izaak Walton League of Hamilton on Beisinger Road.  He started his scouting career with Cub Scout Pack 937 at Marshall Elementary School, and joined troop 956 in the 6th grade.  He has currently finished 35 scout badges, 9 of which are required for the rank of Eagle Scout.   He has four other badges partially completed needed for the rank of Eagle Scout.   Along with earning specific eagle badges, each boy who has reached the rank of life scout and chooses to go for the eagle rank, is required to complete a project.  The project must be for a religious institution, school, or the community.   The project must present an opportunity for planning, development, and leadership.  
Austin was responsible for meeting with the church trustees, meeting with members of BSA with plans and designs, securing materials and equipment, and communicating with McCullough Hyde hospital for use of the parking lot.  He also submitted pictures before, during, and after the project, communicated with church members for perennial donations, and provided lunch/snacks to all volunteers on the workday of the project.  A big thank you goes out to all members of the church for their words of encouragement, as well as perennial donations.   Thank you to Bridgite Dickerson for placing announcements in the bulletin.   Thank you to Shademakers Nursery for help with the rock/mulch and thank you to Brandon Krauth Landscaping for providing a trailer for hauling.   Once Austin has completed the final four badges, he will be able to officially receive his Eagle Scout rank.
Jennifer Lake shared this info for us all  at editors request 

During the renovation of the chancel in the Memorial Building, some years ago, three organ pipes (one twelve feet tall, two are eight feet tall) found their way to the Fisher's garden.  It is time for them to find a new home.  If anyone is interested the pipes are yours for the hauling away.  Judy Fisher   523-3489.
If y ou would like to join a small investment group of fellow congregants, learn a little about investing, and support mission giving, please consider joining the Mustard Seed Investment group.
The group meets four times a year in members' homes, contributing $50 each quarter.  The value of our portfolio currently fluctuates around $23,000 dollars.   For the seventh year, we have contributed $500 to $700, most recently half to local missions and half to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  The beneficiary(s) are determined by vote of the members.  As the value of the portfolio grows we hope the amount distributed will continue to grow as well. The portfolio is the property of the church.
We will meet June 7th at 7:30 at the home of Jane Kelly, 84 White Tail Run at the Knolls.  Please visit with us to see if you are interested. Call Joe Simpson  513.523.8363 if you would like to discuss the group or arrange a ride.


Come join Becky Quay to enjoy Presbyterian Church services on DVD at The Knolls. Meet her on June 13 and June 27 in the Assisted Living dining room.  Program begins at 10:00 A.M and All are welcome!
The toppers for the flagpoles are missing.  Does anyone know where they are?
"The Journal News" of 4/27/17 had an article about a long running art show with a new moniker. 'The 48th Hamilton Current Art Exhibition' began April 29, 2017 and will run through July 7, 2017.  I had the privilege of joining OPC member Jean O'Connell and her family at the 4/29/17 opening reception of the exhibit because Jean has a piece of mixed media art displayed in this exhibit. While I went specifically to see Jean's work, I did peruse the entire exhibit and noticed several names of other Oxford Artists, including Jean Vance who also has OPC ties.  I am not personally very knowledgeable in the art world, but I really enjoyed this exhibit and the many various types of art. The gallery hours are 9am-8pm Monday - Thursday, 9-am-5pm Friday, 10am-2pm Saturdays, Closed Sundays. The Fitton Center for Creative Arts is located at 101 S. Monument Ave. Hamilton, OH. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this free exhibit, and support our local artists.
Debbie Davidson

Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Office Hours: 8:30-4:30, M-F
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
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Pastor: Lawrence Bartel
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associate:   Rev. Diane Ziegler
Clerk : Julia R. Fisher
Administrative Assistant:
            Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
            Mary Martin:   finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
            Sarah Mapel: ccnsoxfordpreschool@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor:
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Custodian: Priscilla Parks

Class of 2017:
Mary Jane Roberts, Robert Smith, Janet Zeigler, Gwen Fears, Kim Logsdon
Class of 2018 Carol Klumb, Amy McGoldrick, Katie Payne, Deb Sayers, David Wilson
Class of 2019 : Jenny Bailer, Lynn Cronk, Greg Hughes, Nancy Moeckel,
Johanna Reinhart
Class of 2017: Danny Cross, Connie Everhart, Matt Lykins, Rori Lykins, Jean O'Connell,
Class of 2018: Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Joni Marcum, MaryJo McFadden
Class of 2019: Carol Burkhalter,Debbie Davidson, Janet Holmes, Pat Roberts Diane Young

Class of 2017: Lisa Brunckhorst, Rick Bailey
Class of 2018 Tom Holmes, Nick Fears
Class of 2019Keith Payne, Joe Simpson 

2     Madyson Bommer
2     Bill Fisher
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2     Sarah Miller
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3     Sherry Schilling
3     Marlene Vaughn
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4     Dylan Gardner
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8     Bill King
8     Joni Marcum
10   Bill Bommer
10   Rachel Mehl
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28   Cheryl Ferris
28   Betty Reinhart
29   Connie Everhart
June Junque for Jubliant (en)Joyment
First Weekend in June: National Doughnut Weekend
Summer solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 12:24 AM on
Wednesday, June 21
There is a term called, June Bug, which is given to many large bugs found in the United States, during May and June. The bugs get this name because the transition of larva to adult happens in this month. These are usually seen in the dark when they are attracted to light. Most of the beetles called June bugs are considered large for a North American insect and are usually round and plump. Their size makes them a favorite midnight snack for a variety of animals, including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. (and my dog of old, Little Bit.  She crunched them often)
Wednesday, June 14
Flag Day 2017 in USA
June 30: Lena Horne's birthday
(extra points for the lyrics to Stormy Weather)

Question of the Months
A man leaves home and turns left three times, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men?
(there is a hint to be found in Pastor Lawrence's column, Listening to the Heartbeat of God)
1     Jay Baird
1     Janet Stuckey
4     Jack Vaughn
5     Roberta Crain
6     Bella Walter
10   Lekcoem Ycnan
12   Will Hazelton
12    David T. Krausher
14   Jim Maynard
15   Dave Kraushar
16   Barbara Jena
16   Jean Vance
19   Amanda McGoldrick
19   Gil Siegel
23   Tristan Gayhart
24   Ashley Richardson
25    Karen Shearer
26    Peg McKillop
26    Vicki Pacey
29    Alexandra Haxelton
30    Matt Green
31    Janet Feazell
July Stuff (I'm out of alliteration)
World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on July 17. The day is deemed a "global celebration of emoji" and is primarily celebrated online.
Walk on Stilts Day -July 27
The Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall
Static electricity in synthetic clothing can set off firecrackers. People making firecrackers wear only cotton clothing while making firecrackers.


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Seventy years ago this summer, Cincinnati Reds fans streamed into Crosley Field.  After holding the Brooklyn Dodgers scoreless in the top of the inning, the Reds lineup came to bat.  As Pee Wee Reese, the Kentucky born star of the Dodgers jogged to shortstop, scattered cheers rose from the stands.  
Then wearing the number 42 on the back of his jersey, Jackie Robinson stepped out of the dugout to take his position at first base.  The cheers turned to hateful jeers and racist taunts.  Warming up on the field, Robinson tossed the ball around the infield.  When Reese scooped up the ball to throw back to Robinson, he hesitated and then jogged over to where Robinson stood.  
Reese lightened the moment with a joke about the south losing the Civil War and then he put his arm around Robinson's shoulders. Shocked, some of the fans shouted all the louder.  As both baseball players looked into the stands, Reese said, "All we got is right here.  Right now.  Thank you Jackie."
Uncertain, Jackie responded by saying, "What are you thanking me for?"
Reese gestured to the fans in the stands and answered, "I've got family up there from Louisville.  I need them to know... I need them to know who I am."
The jeers slowly turned to cheers as the fans took in Reese's act of courage.  Then Reese said, "Maybe tomorrow we'll all wear 42 ... that way they won't tell us apart."  
This story, told through the movie "42," serves as a remarkable portal for our next step along our Journey Through the Bible in 2017.  This journey offers our church multiple avenues of engagement.  First, many in the congregation continue the daily reading of passages from the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament.  Second, we gather to investigate these readings in regular Bible study and discussion following worship on Sundays.  Also throughout this year we are considering the themes of Poverty & Economics, Race & Ethnicity, Gender & Sexual Orientation in the Bible and in our time. 
Over the first months of this year, the youth and adults both explored the theme of Poverty & Economics by hosting forums on two very compelling books, Hillbilly Elegy and A Long Walk to Water.  We wish to continue this intergenerational involvement as our summer focus shifts to the theme of Race & Ethnicity in the Bible and in our time.
Each of these opportunities in our lineup are wide open invitations to our church family, friends and neighbors.
  • On Sunday evening, June 11 at 7 p.m. all are welcome to view the film "42" in the friendly confines of our home at 4903 James Rd.  This movie tells the story of Robinson's journey to Major League Baseball and his first year with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Then come out to Great America Ballpark on Friday, June 16 as the Cincinnati Reds play the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Game time is 7:10 p.m. and tickets will be approximately $27.  Please call or email the church office where we'll be taking reservations for tickets through Monday, June 5.  Again, feel free to invite anyone who might be interested to join us for this fun evening
  • For those who wish to go a little deeper to appreciate how Robinson's faith sustained him, contact the office for a copy of the newly released book Jackie Robinson, A Spiritual Biography: The Faith of a Boundary-Breaking Hero.  Stay tuned for opportunities in late June and July to meet for a dialogue about this book and the impact of Robinson's courageous witness upon our country.
  • Then, there's one more opportunity to engage the next theme in our Journey Through the Bible.  The current co-moderators of the PC (USA) are the Revs. Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston.  When Rev. Edmiston joined our February Presbytery meeting she spoke about a new initiative for 2017 throughout the Presbyterian Church called "One Church, One Book."  The book selection for this church wide conversation is Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving. 
I found myself both touched and challenged by the brief chapters of this book.  I recommend it to the congregation in preparation for a short series of forums led by our Parish Associate, the Rev. Diane Ziegler later this summer.  
The story of race and ethnicity fills the earliest pages of scripture and continues to shape our family life, congregational life, and national life.
Jackie Robinson was one person of faith who, in an essay for Edward R. Murrow's This I Believe, reflected on his unique part in this timeless story.  Robinson said, "In the largest sense, I believe that what I did was done for me - that my faith in God sustained me in my fight.  And that what was done for me, must and will be done for others."
Join us this summer as we discover our own unique part in this timeless story.

Full Article

Dear Parents and Families,
The Oxford Presbyterian Church is pleased to host this year's Vacation Bible School, in partnership with the Faith Lutheran Church, the Oxford United Methodist Church and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.   Our theme for this year is "Water All Around the World."  Children ages preschool through 5th grade will be learning about the ways in which clean water access (or lack of access!) affects the lives of children in many parts of the world.
We'll also learn about the ministry of "Living Waters for the World", the water purification project that is providing safe water for many people in places where the water supplies are contaminated.  Each day, we will look at a Bible story that tells of God's use of water and hear stories of children in other countries who struggle to have clean water.
Here are the drop-off and pick-up times at the Oxford Presbyterian Church:
  • Friday, July 7th - sign in will be at 5:00pm, and pick up at 8:00pm.  Dinner is provided.
  • Saturday, July 8th - drop off at 9:45pm, and pick up at 1:00pm.  Lunch is provided.
  • Sunday, July 9th - drop off at 9:45am to noon.  Families are encouraged to join all congregations for the 10:00 church service at Oxford Presbyterian Church, and lunch after the service. 
You may sign up your child as a participant online at:
In order to put on this impactful weekend of God's learning, we need many volunteers.   Group leaders as well as middle school and high school students are needed. You may sign up as a volunteer at the following link:

Sincerely, your VBS coordinators:
Prue Dana, Oxford Presbyterian Church - (513)461-3404
Katie Saylor, Oxford Presbyterian Church - (513)284-8157
Lara Breadline, Faith Lutheran Church - (513)254-1026
Molly Franklin, Oxford United Methodist Church - (513) 255-1359
Elizabet h Taylor, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church - (513) 461-1660


Sunday June 4th The congregation including the children will worship at the Historic Hopewell Church.  We will be celebrating Pentecost, the birthday of the church.  Please be sure to pick up a streamer when you enter. There will not be church at Memorial.
Sunday June 11, 18, and 25 Nursery and Preschool Class available plus Grades k-5 in the Art Room.  Bill Fisher will be teaching Grades K-5.
Sunday June 25 - Following church, Youth depart on the Mission Trip to Pike County, KY.  They will be housed at First Presbyterian Church, Pikeville, KY. Please pray for the four youth and two counselors, Mitch Hardy and Amy Bartel as they journey and work in Kentucky returning on Friday June 30th.  Also at this time three of our junior high youth will be at Kirkmont. 
Sunday July 2 Only nursery and preschool available.
Sunday July 9
Vacation Bible School followed by a potluck chicken dinner at the Seminary.  We will all worship at Memorial and only nursery care is available.  The children involved in VBS will be participating in worship.
Sunday July 16, 23, and 30th Debbie DeGennaro will teach K-5 and also nursery/preschool will be available. 
Sunday August 6th Worship at Oxford United Methodist Church - no services or church school at Memorial
Sunday August 13th   Katie Saylor will teach Grades k-5, nursery and preschool available. 
S unday August 20th
Kick off for Fall Church School.  Children and youth are promoted.  Nursery, Preschool, k-2, Grades 3-5, and Middle School Church School Available. 

The Youth will meet on Mondays at Memorial from 7-8:30 p.m., beginning Monday June 12th.  They will also meet Monday the 19th in June but will be away on the Mission trip the last week in June. 

Please put Sunday July 9th on your calendar as we share in fellowship with the Oxford United Methodist Church, Faith Lutheran, and Trinity Episcopal Church to celebrate VBS.  Following church all are invited to the seminary for a chicken dinner.  The chicken and beverages are provided.  Please bring a dish to share so we can celebrate the joy of VBS.     This Sunday will also be the week that the Methodists officially come to our church to worship. 

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