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From the moment Jesus said, "Go," he set the pattern.  When he sent out the disciples two by two, Jesus established a practice woven into the DNA of our faith that we continue to engage today.  When Peter and Andrew shared with others the healing and transformation they had experienced in Jesus' presence, the disciples really possessed abundant life in a much deeper way.  When James and John told others that Jesus taught the love of God trumps the law, the disciples truly claimed the gospel in a much deeper way.
Paul's encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road was certainly a journey inward, but it drove him toward the journey outward, as deep inner experience often does.  As we've read Paul's letters in our Journey Through the Bible, we've glimpsed how completely the apostle dedicated the remainder of his life to following the pattern Jesus set by sharing the good news throughout the Ancient Roman World.
This summer at OPC, we've been living out that command to "Go."

We've crossed the halfway mark in our Journey Through the Bible.  A very meaningful method for reading scripture at home or in small groups is called lectio divina which means "holy reading." Lectio divina allows the mind to relax and become receptive to the Holy Spirit so that you focus on one image or idea in the passage you are reading.  Try these steps:
  • Reading - Read the selected text quietly, prayerfully, and expectantly.
  • Meditation - Read again, entering more fully into the scene and details of the passage.
  • Contemplation - Read a third time, choosing one image, word, or phrase and concentrating on it for a period.
  • Prayer - Pray about this particular thought while allowing the Spirit to bring ideas, responses and other truths to your awareness.
  • Action - Consider what you can do practically to make this scripture reading an effective part of your daily life... and then take steps to make that happen
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Robert has long helped in many ways, doing Sexton duties, but now he has the title officially.  Just in case you are not sure, the dictionary definition is: a church officer or employee who takes care of the church property and performs related minor duties (such as ringing the bell for services and digging graves) As Robert says, he oversees the physical facilities; he looks out for the buildings.  He doesn't intend to dig any graves!  He came to this job because he heard the trustees were being overworked and in fact, as mentioned, he was already doing many sexton duties.
Robert kindly and in good humor, submitted to a battery of questions intended to let us all get to know him a bit better, and to find some common points for conversations.  Some of the questions were basic and some were a bit beyond. Enjoy meeting Robert. 
Robert was born (in McCullough-Hyde) and raised in Oxford.  He graduated from Talawanda in 1994.  He has a younger brother and sister, and two adorable nephews.  And you might know his parents, Joe and Karen. 
He doesn't want to be stereotyped as liking just one kind of music, his interests are broad.  He does enjoy "modern rock."  He kindly explained to his much older interviewer that this genre includes rock from the 1980's on.  Not to be confused with classical rock.  He speaks "un poco" Spanish.
Robert modestly confessed that he values being able to think logically, and it is evident that he has critical thinking skills.  He doesn't take seconds on cake and if he had a super power, it would be nice to be clairvoyant.  He doesn't have any pets right now, but did have some goldfish and an aquarium for a long time.  He enjoys other people's pets to play with, and like any grandparent, can then give the pet back when it comes time to clean up messes!  However, Robert, like the good uncle he is, will change a diaper if the situation calls for it.  Luckily, the call has never come so far.
One of his recent favorite movies is Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2.  It was pretty good, though Robert is often critical of movies.  (That critical thinking and logical mind of his makes him see through too much of the plot) 
Robert doesn't have a particular favorite joke, he likes most anything topical.  He's not very punny, he says.
He likes pineapple and most greens on his pizza.  Bacon is good, if he is off his diet for the moment.  He will even allow anchovies, though generally he avoids meats. Pizza is one of his favorite foods (though he can't have it often.  Subs on whole wheat, yum.  Coffee is his all time favorite and counts as a food, even decaf.  In fact, he once had caffeine poisoning which accounts for the switch to decaf.  If forced to, out of politeness, he will eat brown beans.  He likes great northern beans mashed up and made into Italian bean cake. 
He doesn't have a bucket list, believing it's better to just live now.
Robert has been on many mission trips, including helping flood victims in St. Louis, serving in the Dent area in Tennessee, aiding hurricane victims in New Jersey.  Other trips include two major canoe trips with Boy Scouts, one on a single river and the other through a series of lakes.  Some of those lakes had funny names, like Upper Fungus Lake and Lower Fungus Lake.  He remembers well the many mosquitoes.
His favorite color is icy blue.  Robert likes most any blue, especially the aqua blues.  He wishes he knew more about chemistry, physics, and quantum physics-those college courses were a while ago.
Robert enjoys tinkering with and has knowledge of the internal workings of personal computers and has worked on his own, increasing RAM and adding networking. His dream car wouldn't use gas, but water for hydrogen fuel and would exhaust only vapors.  He doesn't have a scar for it, but broke his collarbone on the middle school playground.  That ruined his perfect attendance record.  But that record returned to perfect attendance for all of high school.
Robert's hobbies include miniature gaming.  He's not a portrait painter, but he creates, models and paints miniature terrain. He builds 3D models.  He likes kit bashing.  (I had to have it explained to me.) Kit bashing is combining kits to make something new.  Sometimes it comes out fun and adventurous and sometimes you ask yourself, "Why did I do that?" Robert was active in track and field. He loves biking and camping and canoeing and did so often with the scouts.  Robert holds the high honor of Eagle Scout.  His Eagle project was building bridges for and working on the Apple Creek Trail at Hueston Woods.  The bridges are still there and in good shape, having been built with pressure treated lumber and bolted together.
Hopefully, these few tidbits about Robert have helped you to get to know him a bit better, and let you discover some common interests.  There is a lot more to learn about and share with Robert as you welcome him in his new role as sexton.
Robert's hours are irregular and move all around as he responds to his duties.  If you need to get in touch with him, request his services or let him know about something, reach out to him through Bridgite in the church office.
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Sunday school starts up with the Fall Schedule on Sunday August 20th.  The following classes are available:
Grades k-2
Grades 3-5
Middle School 6-8
The preschool class and Grades 3-5 will follow a lectionary series and begin with the story of how Joseph helps his family and the theme how God can turn bad into good.  Then they will study stories and parables in Matthew beginning with the Vineyard Workers Matthew 20:1-16 which tells how, " I am first with God".  Later in their studies they will learn "I am one of God's sheep."  The final story in the Fall Series is The Red Sea Exodus 14:1-30, "God is with me when I'm scared".

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Keep these friends in your prayers:
Betty Barnhart, Pris Berry, Tracy DeGood, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Jan Reinhart, Marilyn Rettig, Sarah Soika, Stacey Winn 
Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

On June 4, we celebrated with Molly and Matt Todd the 2nd anniversary of the baptism of their son, Owen Matthew Todd.


Thank you for the cards, food, flowers, phone calls and prayers for my recovery. I could feel the love and healing and appreciate all you have sent my way.  We are so blessed to be a part of this church family.
Roberta Crain

At a recent luau held at Woodland Country Manor Connie Everhart performed the hula dance.  After her performance Connie taught the different motions of the dance, "My Little Brown God." The residents enjoyed learning the dance and appreciated Connie's demonstration and lesson.    Nancy Sturgeon  
Dear OPC Congregation
I can't begin to tell you how comforted and happy you made me feel after my two major operations by your hopeful, prayerful, love-filled cards, notes, and letters.  I have never felt more loved.  Pastor Lawrence came to see me while I was still at Christ hospital before going to Drake Acute Care Rehab Medical Center attached to Christ.  He wrote to me an absolutely beautiful card and visited me at home in March.  I am so thankful I am on the road to recovery, as it will take over a year to find my health again.  I am also thankful to be a part of the OPC congregation who is so loving thoughtful and God-filled.  Thank you so much for the food you made for my mom and sister and her friend and me once I got home.  How appreciative we all were when so utterly exhausted.  My blessing, peace, hope and prayers belong to all who suffer.  Lovingly, Jannie


The Deacon's Children's Food Drive

Many Children do not get school lunches in the summer and need extra food at home.  The Deacons request your donations of food and money to make the June Food Drive a success. Food and Monetary donations may continuously be given throughout the summer.
Please leave bags of food in the Narthex and if you prefer to make a monetary donation, please make a check out to the Oxford Presbyterian Church with Children's Food Drive in the note field or if cash, mark pew envelope Children's Food Drive.  The Deacon's will use the money to purchase food for the Oxford Choice Food Pantry.
Oxford Choice Food Pantry needs canned fruit, cereal, spaghetti sauce, and canned meals (such as Chef Boyardee or Kroger meals) and peanut butter. Toilet paper, child personal care items like body wash, deodorant, shampoo and hair conditioner
Answer to question of the Months:
An umpire and a catcher.

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Diane Young, 513-255-6051



Resume meeting in September

I'm always thinking, maybe too much. Want to give the evening circle members a heads up.
This year's PW/Horizons Bible Study is Cloud of Witnesses, The Community of Christ in Hebrews. The study books have arrived. The cost of a study book is $10. The books will be available from Prue Dana (Afternoon Circle) and Karen Simpson (Evening Circle.)
Karen Simpson 
We are fortunate to have an active women's organization in our church-OPW!!  In September we will be starting a new year of activities including our Circles.  If you are not already a member of a Circle, please consider joining one now for friendship and Bible study.  The Tuesday evening Circle meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.  Call Karen Simpson at 523-8363 if you are interested in joining this Circle.  The Tuesday afternoon Circle meets at 1:30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month.  Call Lynn Cronk at 524-8574 for more information.  We are also considering forming a new Circle that will meet one Thursday morning each month.  Call Sue Wilson at 523-8848 if you think you would like to form a new Circle.
Sue Wilson
bedOPC B and B  
(Oxford Presbyterian Church Bed and Breakfast)
Friends, it's time for you to consider offering Bed and Breakfast services to Miami Parents.  It's a great fundraiser for OPW.  Usually your "bed and breakfast" is only needed during Parents
Weekend in October and Commencement in May. Read what Prue Dana shares about her experiences...
I along with others who have extra bedrooms have hosted Miami Parents and friends for years. So many parents and friends come into town that there are just not enough places to stay. This is a really easy moneymaker for the Oxford Presbyterian Women. All one needs to do is clean the room and change the sheets! I give a key to parents who come and go on Family Weekend and graduation as their students' schedule calls for. 
We have met some wonderful people over the years and I think they appreciate our close proximity to town. One set of parents came back for the 4 years and then extended that as their son also came to Miami. We were in contact with them for 8 years. 
One set of parents included a school superintendent for a Michigan School District. I was working on Kids Voting at the time and the father was so intrigued that he took Kids Voting material home with him to share with his district!  
I charge the parents $100 per room, per night. This includes coffee, juice and some breakfast nibbles. I give the $100 to the Oxford Presbyterian Women. 
Some parents have made reservations for 2020! 
Prue Dana
If you are interested in joining in the OPC B & B fun, contact the church office.  523-6364 or office@ oxfordpresbyterianchurch.or
Session news from June 24 (did not meet in July)
OPC will be worshipping at the Oxford United Methodist Church on August 6, with Pastor Lawrence preaching.
Mitch Hardy's contract was extended through December 31, 2017.
Sarah Mapel has been hired as CCNS teacher/administrator for 20 hours, or less, per week, without benefits.
An undesignated gift of $10,000 from the estate of John and Kit Reller was gratefully accepted.
Slates for both the Church Nominating Committee and the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee have been formed, to be approved at a congregational meeting in the near future.
Motion was approved to contribute $182 from the Pentecost Offering to an at-risk young person in the Oxford Community.
Motion was passed to release $270,000, in donated funds, to the trustees so they can engage a structural engineer to begin work on the second floor of the Seminary to make this space functional.
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Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All
     Our sister church in Colombia, Iglesia Séptima Presbiteriana (7 th  Presbyterian Church), also known as "El Aposento Alto", (the Upper Room), has invited members of the Oxford Presbyterian Church to come to their dedication festival for the new Bethesda Christian Community Center.  We are delighted to join our partners in mission and attend this great celebration.  The new Community Center is the result of funds raised through the national Presbyterian Women's Birthday Offering grant.  Oxford Presbyterian Women wrote the grant proposal and fund raising for the $100,000 was accomplished through a nation-wide Presbyterian Women's campaign.
      A team of six Oxford Presbyterians will be commissioned on Sunday, August 13, and will travel to Colombia August 25 - September 1.  The team includes Carol Burkhalter, Karen Shearer, Robert Smith, Dave Wilson, Sue Wilson, and Lawrence Bartel.  The purpose of the trip is to participate in the dedication festival, and also to continue and promote our friendship relationship with our partners in the Seventh church.  During the 2013 trip, Pastor Flor Cárdenas and Pastor Mark Barnes were able to meet and form a pastoral relationship.  Now Pastor Flor has moved on and Pastor Mark has retired.  Our new OPC Pastor Lawrence Bartel will have the opportunity to meet the new Pastor of our sister church.  Pastor Lawrence will be preaching the sermon on August 27 th  in the Seventh Church.
        The mission team will be taking money to deliver for the Goel project.  This project operates out of the Bethesda Center and provides assistance so that very poor children from the El Por Fin neighborhood can attend public school in Barranquilla.  During the month of August, the mission team hopes to raise additional money from the OPC congregation to buy backpacks and school supplies for these children as well.
     Periodic visits help to sustain and strengthen our partnership.  Past visits by the OPC have enabled our church to respond to the challenges that our sister church has faced. The desire by the OPW to pursue a national grant to construct a new Bethesda Community Center would not have happened without the mission trip that took place three years ago. That trip inspired the OPW to find a way to help our sister church that strives to reach out to impoverished children and mothers who are in need educational and basic social services.   Invariably relationships formed during such visits spill over into relationships with others.  This visit will not only strengthen our partnership and establish new friendships and ties; it will also enable us to better discern their current mission projects and needs. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to visit and share our lives with our brothers and sisters in Barranquilla.
Sue Wilson
The Bethesda Christian Community Center is serving about fifty school aged children from the El Por Fin Barrio--one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.  The mission team traveling to Barranquilla in August is inviting the congregation to join us by sponsoring a backpack filled with school supplies for each child.  Please consider donating $25.00 for a backpack that will contain a notebook, pencils, crayons, erasers, a ruler and color markers.  You can make out a check to Oxford Presbyterian Church and in the memo line write, "Backpacks for Kids".  Muchas Gracias!
Sue Wilson

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shootingstar LIST OPTION
As we continue our journey into the future, the following item from the Wish List has been proposed which focuses on providing meaningful opportunities for the youth of our congregation as they investigate our Christian heritage from a global perspective.
This suggestion proposes an endowment fund to provide scholarships to young adults for a life-changing journey of pilgrimage as they explore their identity and vocation in Christ.  Pilgrimage destinations may include Scotland (Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Glasgow and Iona); France (Chartres, Taize and Mont Saint Michel); Spain (Camino de Santiago); Italy (Rome and Assisi); Israel & Palestine.
Please contact Bill King if you might be interested in initiating a contribution in support of this Wish option, would like to review other options for support, or want to suggest additional Wish List items to be included.
thanksTHANKS to Fred and Mary Jane Brower!
We are indebted to Fred and Mary Jane Brower for their generosity in extending a gift of over $12,000 to support the upgrade of the OPC office copier as featured in the last issue of the newsletter. Their gift will enable the church to address increased production volume and meet the need for larger format copying. Given the ongoing requirement to effectively communicate with our membership, we are grateful that the support provided by Fred and Mary Jane makes that possible
Bill King
OPC Special Gifts Coordinator
(513) 523 2546 (h)
(513) 720 7345 (c)
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Vacation Bible School 2017 was hosted jointly by Oxford Presbyterian Church with the Oxford United Methodist Church and the Oxford Lutheran Church.  The theme this year was Water Around The World and we focused on three specific countries regarding their water sources:  Cuba, Haiti, and Ghana.
We had approximately 50 children enroll and many, many volunteers from all three churches without whom this would not be possible. 
A huge THANK YOU to all the material and financial donations also received from our congregation members. 
Volunteers from the Oxford Presbyterian Church included:
  • Prep/Decorating Team: Lynn Cronk, Prue Dana, Ezekiel Groom, Autumn Saylor, Brady Saylor, Katie Saylor, Mary Shinn
  • Group/Activity Leaders:  Amy Bartel, Pastor Lawrence Bartel, Lynn Cronk, Katie Curry, Marilyn Curry, Prue Dana, Debbie DeGennaro, Ezekiel Groom, Andrea Johnson, Gretchen Jones, Nancy Moeckel (photographer), Mary Jane Roberts, Katie Saylor, Mary Shinn, Robert Simpson (media/technology), LeAnne Staley
  • Group/Activity Student Leaders:  Jens Bartel, Lydia Bartel, Ezekiel Groom, Grady Holmes, Bella Walters
  • Meals:  Carol Burkhalter, Lynn Cronk, Dave Wilson, Jimmy Wilson, Sue Wilson (kitchen supervisor on all 3 days) 
  • Tear Down/Clean Up Team:  Jens Bartel, Lydia Bartel, Prue Dana, Marilyn Curry, Noah Curry, Ezekiel Groom, Autumn Saylor, Brady Saylor, Katie Saylor, Mary Shinn
A very special thank you to Bridgite Dickerson, who, as always, showed patience and kindness as the VBS crew came in and out throughout the weeks at random hours to organize, plan, meet, set up and asked her numerous questions and assistance.  Your helpfulness was greatly appreciated!
Mary Shinn
(If we missed your name, please know that we appreciated your help and contributions.  Also please let Nancy Moeckel know so we can give you your proper and deserved credit in the next newsletter.)


Presbyterianism in the Oxford area began with the origination of the Hopewell Church in 1808. The first settlers had traveled from Chester County South Carolina on foot, on horseback or by wagon for perhaps five months to reach a site in Israel Township where they built their cabins and shelters and established a community. Having migrated in response to their opposition to slavery in the south, they brought with them their dedication to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian beliefs and soon built a 30 X 30 ft. building which they named Hopewell after their former SC church and community.

As more and more settlers came into the area, the congregation of the Hopewell church grew to more than 400 members. With members having to travel further and further from their farms to attend church, daughter churches were built to accommodate the overflow.  The daughter churches were established in Fairhaven (1835), Oxford (1837), College Corner (1849) and Morning Sun (1876).

Over the years each of these daughter churches served their respective congregations building on the spirit of their Hopewell roots. Regular services at the Hopewell church were discontinued in 1916. As the structure deteriorated, repairs were made and the building was again used for summer services in 1961. Major renovations took place in 1998 and in 2008 the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Time an d circumstances took their toll on many of the daughter churches as well. While the Fairhaven church continues in active service, the College Corner church has been converted into a residence and the Morning Sun church recently closed. The Oxford Seminary church merged with the Memorial Presbyterian Church in 1966 forming the United Presbyterian Church of Oxford.

Current efforts to stabilize and restore the Seminary building as the mission center of the Oxford Presbyterian Church will open new avenues of community service as well as preserve our Hopewell heritage. Following the closure of the Morning Sun church, we collaborated with members of that congregation in pursuit of an appropriate artifact to preserve a bit of their history into a Hopewell Heritage display to be featured in the Seminary church. Our appreciation goes to Tom and Karen McQuistan and Jim Wilson, who provided the Morning Sun alter cross, candle holders and vase shown below. We look forward to displaying these items in celebration of the completion of the Seminary restoration work. Efforts will be ongoing to additionally secure artifacts from the other daughter churches. Any suggestions and assistance in this effort would be appreciated.     Click here to see images

Thanks to Cornelia Browne who contributed to this article
Bill King
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Y our tithes, pledges, non-pledged offerings and planned giving all help keep the ministry of Oxford Presbyterian Church vital and our fellowship a sanctuary for so many in Oxford and around the world.  Next time you think of our church family, please consider how you may share your blessings of time, talent and treasure with our ministry. 
Here is snapshot of our stewardship through the end of June.  We appreciate everyone keeping their giving in support of the congregation as current as possible.
Your Stewardship Matters!

                              YTD Budget                     YTD Actual
Income                  $217,338.00                     $212,906.41
Expense                $203,125.00                     $168,646.40

*The decrease in income is typical for summer months and is expected to recover in the fall.
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Deadline for the September Newsletter is August 20, 2017

Some years ago, our congregation began to compile a database so that we might share and celebrate all our dates of birth throughout the year.  Our database is not yet complete and we don't wish to leave anyone off the list.  We need your help.  Please send along the birth dates of your family members to our church office.
Answer to the Question of the Month
About 8 hours!  Wedged in those elbow crowding little seats.
Answer to the Bonus Q of the M
About 2000 miles
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Do you shop at Kroger's and have a Kroger Plus Card?  If so you can help the Deacons of the Oxford Presbyterian Church reach out to those in need in our church and community.  Here's how! To participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, one must have a Kroger Plus Card and a Kroger.com account, and will have to register with the Rewards Program. To sign up for the Rewards Program:
 Go to  Kroger.com
 Click on "Community"
 Click on "Kroger Community Rewards"
 Click on "Create an Account" (if you do not have one) OR Click on "Click Here to sign in"
 Either way, once enrolled, select Oxford Presbyterian Church as the recipient of Kroger's donations. Our organization ID # is 80717
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Happy Summer Greetings from the Adult Day Service
We were very fortunate to have several volunteers from the "Wooden Institute" come and weed the flowerbeds here at the ADS.  We can always use help in the garden area - if you would like to volunteer your time we would greatly appreciate it. 
The ADS would like to thank Starbucks uptown for donating their gently used outdoor furniture.  We will set them up in our garden area.  We look forward to being able to have lunch in the garden area on cooler days. 
We have 4 birthdays to celebrate this month.  Staff Member Marcia Schlichter's birthday is August 1st.  Eva R. celebrates on the 7th and   Our "Colonel" William H. and Staff member Stacy Lay share a birthday on August 18.  We would like to wish all 4 a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
We will be enjoying drumming fun with our friend Pete Carels in a drum circle on Wednesday August 2 at 2pm. On Monday afternoons at 2pm David Palmer will be here to play the piano and lead us in a sing along.  He does take requests.  Mike Johnson will be here on the Thursday August 17 at 11 to lead us in a non-denomination interactive devotional hour.  All are welcomed to join. 
If you would like information on the Community Adult Day Service please call Debbie Curry, LPN/Director at 513-708-9707

Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Office Hours: 8:30-4:30, M-F
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
Seminary Building: 513-523-7411
Pastor: Lawrence Bartel
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associate:   Rev. Diane Ziegler
Clerk : Julia R. Fisher
Administrative Assistant:
            Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
            Mary Martin:   finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
            Sarah Mapel: ccnsoxfordpreschool@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor:
            Nancy Moeckel, moeckenj@miamioh.edu
Custodian: Priscilla Parks
Sexton: Robert Simpson  
Class of 2017:
Mary Jane Roberts, Robert Smith, Janet Zeigler, Gwen Fears, Kim Logsdon
Class of 2018 Carol Klumb, Amy McGoldrick, Katie Payne, Deb Sayers, David Wilson
Class of 2019 : Jenny Bailer, Lynn Cronk, Greg Hughes, Nancy Moeckel,
Johanna Reinhart
Class of 2017: Danny Cross, Connie Everhart, Matt Lykins, Rori Lykins, Jean O'Connell,
Class of 2018: Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Joni Marcum, MaryJo McFadden
Class of 2019: Carol Burkhalter,Debbie Davidson, Janet Holmes, Pat Roberts Diane Young

Class of 2017: Lisa Brunckhorst, Rick Bailey
Class of 2018 Tom Holmes, Nick Fears
Class of 2019Keith Payne, Joe Simpson 

August Birthdays
2     Tom Crist
3     John Bailer
3     Amanda Bommer
4     Mary Niehoff
4     Sydney Rollins
6     Mary Bachmann  
8     Cornelia Browne
8     Amy Burke
8     Mel Derickson
9     Louise Limper
11   Elaine Patterson 
12   Amy McGoldrick
13   Bryce James  
13   Janet Ziegler  
14   Peggy Harrington
14   Diane Young  
15   Matthew Lykins  
16   Robert Smith  
18   Carol Burkhalter
18   Robert Simpson  
18   Eli Walter
19   Cameron Shriver
19   Marjorie Smith
22   Norah Green
25   Peggy Hughes  
26   Sarah Barr
26   Harrison F. Green  
28   Ross Hunter
28   Isabel Lykins
29   Katie Curry
29   Sandy Douglass
29   Jennifer Harvey  
29    Rob Rollins
31    Isabel Shoker  
August Apocrypha
August is
Admit You Are Happy, Audio Appreciation, Black Business, Cataract Awareness,
Catfish, Children's Eye Health and Safety, National Eye Exam, Family Fun, Get Ready for Kindergarten, Goat Cheese Month, Immunization Awareness, Neurosurgery Outreach, Panini, Peach, National Picnic, Psoriasis Awareness
Romance Awareness, Sandwich, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness, Water Quality and What Will Be Your Legacy...MONTH
Question of the Month
How long is the flight from Cincinnati to Baranquilla, Columbia?  
 As always, read every word of the newsletter to find the answer.
Bonus Q of the M.  
How many miles is it from Cincinnati to Baranquilla.  (roughly is okay)

Colombia is the only country in South America that has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Colombia has the highest amount of species by area in the world, including the most endemic species of butterflies, the most orchid species, the most amphibian species and more species of birds than all of Europe and North America combined.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun.  We are not in the path of totality, but we can still enjoy a partial eclipse.
Cincinnati solar eclipse info
Start:  1:01pm
Max:  2:29pm
End:  3:52pm      
Only with special-purpose solar filters, such as eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer, can you safely look directly at the Sun .  
A very safe way to view the total eclipse LIVE is here:  https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive
An inch of rain water is equivalent to 15 inches of dry, powdery snow.
Armadillos, opossums, and sloth's spend about 80% of their lives sleeping.  (some days, so do retired science librarians)
There's a basketball court above the Supreme Court. It's known as the Highest Court in the Land.
I saw an ad for burial plots, and thought to myself this is the last thing I need.
I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction


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From the moment Jesus said, "Go," he set the pattern.  When he sent out the disciples two by two, Jesus established a practice woven into the DNA of our faith that we continue to engage today.  When Peter and Andrew shared with others the healing and transformation they had experienced in Jesus' presence, the disciples really possessed abundant life in a much deeper way.  When James and John told others that Jesus taught the love of God trumps the law, the disciples truly claimed the gospel in a much deeper way.
Paul's encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road was certainly a journey inward, but it drove him toward the journey outward, as deep inner experience often does.  As we've read Paul's letters in our Journey Through the Bible, we've glimpsed how completely the apostle dedicated the remainder of his life to following the pattern Jesus set by sharing the good news throughout the Ancient Roman World.
This summer at OPC, we've been living out that command to "Go."
Over the last week of June, high school members of the youth group traveled to Pikeville, KY.  In that community nestled among the Appalachian Mountains, the youth and chaperones worked on a farm, repaired homes, and volunteered at a nursing facility.  To quote one participant, "The mission trip was excellent.  The youth were terrific and bonded well, and we laughed, laughed, laughed as only happy, healthy teens can do."
You'll not want to miss the testimonies of the Youth Group Mission Trip on Sunday, September 3 as they lead us in worship.  (In the meantime, read more about the mission trip in the article by our Youth Director, Mitch Hardy, on page 7 of the newsletter.)
Throughout this summer, another team of OPC members is readying for a special journey to Colombia in late August.  
This story began 20 years ago when a team, including Holly Gage and Melanie Ziegler from OPC, traveled to Colombia in an effort to establish an enduring mission partnership between the Presbytery of the Miami Valley and the Presbytery of the North Coast.
If Holly and Melanie could be considered our team of two in the gospel sense, they returned to OPC and shared a vision that gave birth to the durable and marvelous partnership with the Seventh Presbyterian Church of Barranquilla, Colombia.
Since then:
  • Small mission teams of Colombians have traveled to Ohio nearly every year including five who visited Oxford this summer;
  • More than a dozen different members of OPC have journeyed to Barranquilla over four trips; and
  • The generosity of our congregation has changed the lives of countless youth by supporting the GOEL initiative through the Bethesda Center, a ministry of the Seventh Presbyterian Church.
Though we may not have been able to envision any of this, the Lord saw this and more...including the Bethesda Christian Community Center!
Starting on page 10 of this newsletter, Sue Wilson continues to share the good news about the brief mission journey six of us will be making to Colombia in late August.
I am humbled by God's grace to allow me to join the story of those over the years who wanted to be a part of the Lord's work through this partnership.  Our mission team will celebrate and give thanks for the mission work accomplished when we follow Jesus' command to "Go."  With our brothers and sisters in Barranquilla, we will dedicate the Bethesda Christian Community Center to the glory of God and the transformation of generations to come.  
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Sunday school starts up with the Fall Schedule on Sunday August 20th.  The following classes are available:
Grades k-2
Grades 3-5
Middle School 6-8
The preschool class and Grades 3-5 will follow a lectionary series and begin with the story of how Joseph helps his family and the theme how God can turn bad into good.  Then they will study stories and parables in Matthew beginning with the Vineyard Workers Matthew 20:1-16 which tells how, " I am first with God".  Later in their studies they will learn "I am one of God's sheep."  The final story in the Fall Series is The Red Sea Exodus 14:1-30, "God is with me when I'm scared".  
to Sign-Up in the Molyneaux to work in the nursery and to teach the preschool and Grades 3-5 Class. Our teachers are required to have a background check as mandated by Presbytery.  The pay is low but the rewards are priceless. Curriculum materials are available and have been ordered for Fall.   For more information call Lynn Cronk 513-524-8574.   

 August 20, 2017 - May 28, 2018
Nursery /Preschool
Open each Sunday that service is held in the Memorial building

Kindergarten/1st GradeNo Sunday school on the following dates:
(K-3 may attend preschool class)
  • 12/24/2017 Christmas Break
  • 12/31/2017 New Year's Eve Day
  • 2/18/ 2018 President's Week-end
  • 4/1/2018 Easter Sunday
  • 5/27/2018   Memorial Day Week-end 
Materials will also be available for children in the sanctuary if they choose to stay in the service. 

Elementary (3ND THRU 5TH) Middle School (6th - 8th) No Sunday School on the following Sundays:
  • 11/26/17 Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/24/17 Christmas Break
  • 12/31/17 New Year's Eve Day
  • 2/18/2018 President's Day Week-end
  • 4/1/2018 Easter Sunday
  • 5/27/2018 Memorial Day Week-end
Thanks to Lynn Cronk for all this info.
youthThe Oxford Presbyterian Youth Group has been busy!  Some highlights include:
On Saturday March 25, 2017, the youth group volunteered at the Oxford Food Pantry, vacuuming and mopping floors and shelves, restocking food and breaking down boxes along with a couple of parents including Pastor Lawrence.  We learned how the Oxford Food Pantry works and the population it serves.
Friday March 31st, the youth group left for the Presbytery of the Miami Valley 2017 Spring Youth Retreat at Kirkmont with the youth group leader, Mitch Hardy and three parent chaperones-Amy Bartel, Lara Freidline and Mary Shinn.  The theme was "Finding Jesus Piece by Peace."  We examined the gospels and studied how different disciples shared different perspectives as written in the Bible but the overall message and account of what was witnessed was the same, just as in real life when different people give their accounts.  Some favorite highlights from the youth in attendance:
Bella:  "The singing, crafts, and meeting new people"
Isabelle:  "Playing April Fool's joke on Mitch and the boys, crafts, and the food"
Jacob: "April Fool's joke and cage ball"
Jens:  "April Fool's joke and cage ball"
Zeke:  "April Fool's joke and cage ball"
On April 30th, under the guidance of our Deacons Molly Todd and Matt Lykins, the youth prepared and lead an after church book study luncheon, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park for interested members of our congregation.  The youth were inspired to look at poverty and economics around the world.   Jesus talks a lot about seeing and listening. We hope our eyes are a little bit more open, and our ears are a little bit more open, if we can grab ahold of one thing to do to make a difference, however great or small it may be, then we will carry that forward and make a change in the world.
Fun and fellowship occurred on Saturday, May 20th, as the youth group met to play paintball in Hamilton, Ohio, muddy, paintball welts and all!
On June 25th, three youth attended the PYC summer camp at Kirkmont and continued to strengthen their relationship with God as they explored art, sports, science, music, robotics, hiking, and made new friends.  Favorite highlights reported include:
Bella: "Smores, the giant swing, the camp counselors, playing volleyball and soccer, making bracelets and singing around the campfire"
Isabelle:  "Making new friends, activities, the food, but NOT the top bunk!"
Zeke:  "Having a cool 65 year old counselor who acted 30, dissecting a shark and being able to bring home the shark jaw"
In July, several youth volunteered as assistant group leaders during the annual Vacation Bible School for our younger children.  They enthusiastically gave their time to prepare, plan and lead and clean up during this three day event. 
Youth group is meeting on Monday evenings, 7-8:30 PM at Oxford Presbyterian Church, Memorial building on the second floor.  There are two more summer meetings scheduled:  Monday, July 31st, and August 7th.  We will return to the fall schedule of meeting every Thursday evening 7-8:30 PM starting August 31st.  Come join us!
Mitch Hardy
During the week of June 25 through July 1, the Youth Ministry at OPC had a group of students travel to Pike County, KY for a Mission Trip,
The students that attended Mission Trip were Jens Bartel, Cora Friede, Grady Holmes, and Eli Walter. They were accompanied by chaperones Amy Bartel and Youth Director, Mitch Hardy. It was a full week of work including painting homes, weeding gardens, and spending time with various individuals in the community. It was truly a blessing having our students spend time serving others through Christ in this community!
We welcome your feedback on the newsletter. We CRAVE your feedback as if it were water in the desert.  What is missing from the newsletter that you would like to see?  Let me know. Thanks, nancy.  moeckenj@miamioh.edu (and here is your bonus for reading this section:  What do you call someone with no body and a nose?   Nobody knows.)