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Stewardship Campaign w/       Leanne and Eric
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Carols.  Celebration at the Manger.  A Candlelight Christmas Eve.  The Peace Light from Bethlehem.  What do you cherish most about the Season of Advent and Christmas?
To celebrate the incarnation of God's love at Christmas, your Oxford Presbyterian Church family offers a range of deeply meaningful and refreshingly creative opportunities for you to engage this season.
Inspired by John 1, our worship theme throughout Advent will be "Words within the WORD."  On Sunday, December 3, we kick off Advent with a fun filled and meaningful intergenerational Advent Workshop after worship in The Seminary (see page 4-5 for more information).

Advent Workshop December 3
Oxford Presbyterian Church Invites YOU to ...
Lunch ~ Crafts ~ Advent Materials
The Seminary
(white building on the corner of East Church Street)
Sunday December 3
11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Pizza, salad and beverage provided.
Even dessert!
The Loose Ends Knitting Group will be on site for those interested in knitting or receiving instruction
Please R.S.V.P. by November 26th to the Church Office
All are welcome!
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Keep these friends in your prayers:
Betty Barnhart, Pris Berry, Tracy DeGood, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Betty Reinhart, Jan Reinhart, Marilyn Rettig, Sarah Soika, Stacey Winn 

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers
Thank you to Pat Gifford, who is decorating the front of the church by putting greenery in the pots and hanging the new Christmas wreaths. Not only is she doing the work, she is donating the greenery and the wreaths!
Thank you to Carol and Steve Flee for donating all the new wreaths to decorate the sanctuary.  Time for some new wreaths was noticed and taken care of!
Thank you so much to the following members who spent a Saturday morning raking and bagging at the Memorial and Sanctuary.  Nick, Bryson and Kylie Fears, Keith, Katie and Nick Payne, Joe Simpson, Will Hazelton, Lawrence, Amy and Lydia Bartel, Pat Gifford and Bill Fisher.
Thank you to Sarah Miller and "her kids" for making turkey tray favors for Meals on Wheels!
THANK YOU to all who have agreed to serve as officers of the church!  Thank you for taking on this responsibility.
Trustees - Class of 2020
     Rick Bailey
     Scott Parkinson
Deacons - Class of 2020
     Cornelia Browne
     Jill Grajewski
     Stephanie Hartman
     Matt Lykins
     Becky Quay
Deacons - Class of 2018
     Mickey Simonds
Session - Class of 2020
     Candice Crist
     Danny Cross
     Pat Gifford
     Richard Munson
     Jennifer Walter
Session - Class of 2019
     F. Harrison Green
Session - Class of 2018
     Leanne Staley


Membership changes - Arly Allen recently became an active member of OPC; Ashley Boyle, Griffin Barrington and Mitch Hardy became affiliate members. Eight formerly active members requested removal from the active roll.
Personal contact with members who had not responded to the stewardship campaign brought to light individual needs that can be addressed by Pastor Lawrence and/or the deacons.
New microphones will be purchased, courtesy of the CE committee, which will be used during the Celebration at the Manger and for future needs.
Associate Pastor Nominating committee is meeting and making progress.
Mission and Outreach has been coordinating meals to be taken to 
Clubhouse in Oxford on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Clubhouse relies on volunteers, mainly Miami students, to support this program that focuses on the underserved children from Kramer School.  It is held in the Berean Church on College Corner Pike.

Judy Fisher, Clerk      

Worship and Music
Carol Flee has faithfully served for 2 years in finding liturgists and we are very grateful to her for her efforts, Cornelia Browne will succeed her, effective January 2018.
The order form for poinsettias will be included in church bulletins beginning Sunday November 19.
Poinsettias will be delivered to the sanctuary on Friday December 8th and arranged in the sanctuary on December 9th at 9:00 a.m. 
Mission and Outreach
Dave and Lawrence talked about the need to support Angela Trubceac, an international student. She is a PH.D. student at Miami U working on peace studies. She has been very active in our church for a number of years and we welcome her gifts and ability to pursue such a profession. She has the real possibility of spreading the word of peace throughout the world. An anonymous donor contacted the committee and pledged $1,000 to help make this trip possible for Angela. While this support and funding sources from the University are greatly helping Angela, she is still in need of $1,000 to make this trip to Israel with Pastor Lawrence. Mission and Outreach approve the release of $1,000 to be used to support Angela Trubceac's trip to attend the Peace Mosaic 2018 International Conference in Israel, next May.
We voted to support the following:
  • Bookends $250 (Seminary in Louisville, KY to support students that need help with cost of books);
  • $250 for the Community Day Care Center in Oxford for adults that need help;
  • $200 to Cook College, serves native Americans;
  • Forman College $200 (underserved women in Pakistan);
  • Mercy Ship $750, serves medical needs for underserved people in the world;
  • Club House $700, serves the needs of children in Oxford that live in the trailer park and Park View Arms;
  • One Way Farm $600,
  • Safe Haven Farms, $500, serves the needs of adults with autism, located in Middletown, OH;
  • Russian Partnership travel support for Pastor Igor to visit our church in early 2018, $776.16;
  • PCUSA Living Waters, $1,000 clean water program for underserved area in the world;
  •  $500 to support famine relief in Africa via the PCUSA.
This ends our expenditure of the $16,500 delegated to our committee via Session. 

Stewardship and Finance
Online giving program: Very few members know that it exists unless they have looked on the website. Five members currently use it. The program takes about 4% of what is donated as a processing cost, but many young people prefer this method for donating money. The next pledge statement will include information regarding online giving. The committee will look into the possibility of a phone text giving application. 

Our website has a fresh new look!
It has been re-designed to be mobile device friendly with many engaging pictures that tell our story. The front steps of the site - the home page - is designed to be inviting to newcomers, with dynamic images and quick pictorial links to featured pages.
Intuitive headings such as Learning & Growing, Mission & Outreach, and News & Events make it easier to find what you are looking for. A new Resource section has been added that provides easy access to useful information such as Facility Usage, Weddings, and Memorial Garden.
This "re-formed" website has been a team effort - and you can all be part of this team as well! After you have looked over our new site, please share any suggestions for content updates using the suggestion link in at the bottom of each page.
One thing hasn't changed - the address - Oxfordpresbychurch.org
( Kim gives credit to a team, but she made it happen and happen good!
Thanks Kim)

Annual reviews were conducted
Personnel Committee is adding Dennis Deahl to the committee. 

F acility Planning Team
FPT met to discuss a Student Architecture design project for the Sanctuary Entrance and narthex. We made minor clarifications, specifically to change ramp to ADA compliant access and to note that the Oxford Historical Preservation Commission would have to accept our final plans.
For the record, we engaged the students to generate fresh ideas. The output will contribute to an engagement with professional architects.  

Sexton Report: The Seminary bench has been overturned again - it requires 3 people to reset.

It is possible to make both downstairs bathrooms handicapped accessible, but our current funding may only support renovating one at this time. An additional handicapped accessible bathroom can be started on the second floor to be completed when funding is available
The building permitting process is anticipated to begin in December. General contractor bids should go out in January. The general contractor should be selected in February, then the renovation will begin
Nick and Keith were able to purchase a curio cabinet at a great price. It will be used for historical displays in the second floor entryway.

Parrett will be cleaning out the gutters here, the Memorial and Manse.

MEMORIAL BUILDING RENOVATION: Miami architecture students have visited and will be providing conceptual plans to renovate the narthex, provide handicapped accessibility from the front Sanctuary doors, and incorporate a handicapped accessible bathroom in the narthex.

Keith will contact the company installing the Seminary lift to repair the broken lift in the front of the Sanctuary. Durable Slate has located enough tiles to repair the roof over the Geneva room. The ringer on the bell has been fixed.

The 2018-2019 lease has been signed
Allowing "comfort animals" is a burgeoning problem for landlords.
Rekeying the exterior and interior doors: This will be done in June. Electronic keypads may be an option.

CARPET CLEANING: We will request the Carpets Etc clean the Molyneaux, hallway and Sanctuary between November 27-December 8. We will request the CCNS area and second floor classrooms be cleaned between December 26-January 5. 
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The Deacon's Advent Food Drive
The Deacons request your donations of food and money for the Advent Food Drive. Food and Monetary donations may continuously be given throughout Advent.
Please leave bags of food in the Narthex and if you prefer to make a monetary donation, please make a check out to the Oxford Presbyterian Church with Advent Food Drive in the note field or if cash, mark pew envelope Advent Food Drive.  The Deacon's will use the money to purchase food for the Oxford Choice Food Pantry.
Question of the Month Answer:  She was walking
Oxford Choice Food Pantry needs canned fruit, canned vegetables; spaghetti sauce, cereal, and peanut butter. One specific item is meals in a can (e.g. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee-type food like ravioli and others, including Kroger brand). We always put them in the bags and for some reason have not been getting as many as in past years in food drives. Toilet paper, personal care items like body wash, deodorant, shampoo and hair conditioner.  NEW:  WE ARE COLLECTING PLASTIC BAGS FOR USE IN THE OXFORD CHOICE FOOD PANTRY. PLEASE LEAVE BAGS IN THE FOOD PANTRY BOX IN THE HALLWAY PAST THE OFFICES.
__________ blood
Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Diane Young, 513-255-6051



resumes meeting in January

Next meeting for the Evening Circle is January 2 at Jane Baer's home, starting at 7:30 p.m. I called to make sure this was okay and Jane said she has started baking Cookies already. Janet Ziegler is the co-hostess. Sue Wilson will lead the program. Jo Reinhart will give the devotions. Visitors are welcomed. Contact person is Karen Simpson.

Will be Sunday, December 10, 2:30 p.m. in the Molyneaux Lounge. Our program is a Carol Sing with Jean Derickson at the piano and Karen Simpson reading a story. Cookies will be served. The hostesses are the Coordinating Team. Everyone is welcomed to attend. Questions? The contact person is Karen Simpson, 523-8363, k.simpson2007@yahoo.com .


Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All
Tanner Update...
Tanner is now home and continuing with chemotherapy.  He has four mutations, one of them is resistant to chemotherapy.  He has good days and bad days and continues to travel to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for outpatient chemotherapy and preparing for a bone marrow transplant.  Via the bone marrow donor bank, they have found four perfect matches! 
Tanner felt strong enough to do a short visit to Edgewood High School and met his guidance counselor and a few other staff members. 
Thanks to the generosity of the Oxford Presbyterian congregation, a collection of $443 was taken after service on Sunday, October 15 for the family.  The funds will help to pay for bills and travel back and forth to the hospital and perhaps a few extra things for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Tanner and his family were deeply touched by your kindness.
"Thank you so much for the outpouring of support and your generosity.  The prayer shawls are absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for the continued prayers for my son, Tanner, and my family through this journey.     With love, Nichole, Tanner, Owen"

In addition, on Thursday, October 19, the youth group met and attended "Light Up the Night" walk for leukemia research and awareness at Yeatman's Cove.  The group Tanner's Warriors raised over $1300 for the Leukemia Foundation. 
OPC, you rock!  Thank you and blessings! 

judyWe asked 50year+ members to share their memories for the newsletter.  Judy Cross shared this with us all.  She says. "I am not a writer, but I tried to express myself."  Judy, you ARE a writer and you ELOQUENTLY expressed yourself!  Thank you-ed.
My husband and I were married in the Oxford Presbyterian Church sixty-seven years ago, on August 19, 1950. 

When my children were five, four and three years of age they attended Sunday School and were raised in this church.  I helped with Sunday School for three and four year olds.  The Christmas Bazaar was the big money raising project back then.

I worked with June Capel, Becky Quay, Betty Reinhart, Marilyn deSoucy to name a few, for many years.

In 1960, Robert K. Foster was our pastor.  He was my favorite pastor.  He was a loving and kind man. He always had a smile on his face and a great sense of humor.  His laughter was infectious and you just had to smile.  He was a joy to be around.

Later in 1990, Grace Glasgow asked if I would consider being treasurer for Miami Presbytery.  Mary Dodd Hunter was moderator from 1990-1993.  I served with her as treasurer and she was my mentor.  We had seventy-seven churches at that time in the Miami Presbytery.
I also worked with Helen Martin.  These were two wonderful Christian women and they made an impact on my life.

In 1998, Mark and Barbara Barnes were our pastors.  I loved them both.  They were caring and kind and concerned about everyone.  We were sorry to see them leave.

I think the Oxford Presbyterian Church is much friendlier than it was years ago-"Sharing the Peace" has contributed greatly to getting to know other members.
Attending church helps me to grow in my faith, meet with other Christians and reminds me of all the things I have to be thankful for.  I start my week with a direction and purpose.  I don't know what I would do without my faith and my church to help me through all the ups and downs of my life.  I also greatly believe in the power of prayer because I have seen what God has done for me and my family. 
In God's love, Judy Cross

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Our nation is already crossing the bridge.  Following the current trajectory, nonwhites are projected to become the majority of the nation's children by 2020.  Newborn babies of color already outnumber non-Hispanic white babies.  What a special evening folks had November 4, 2017.

This event, held at The Seminary and co sponsored by the Campus Ministry (PCCM) and the Christian Education Committee, built on our year long Journey through the Bible. 
Because of our biblical understanding of who God is and what the Lord intends for humanity, Jesus Christ continues to call us as his disciples to stand, speak, and work against racism. 
Many more pictures are available for viewing from Pastor Lawrence thanks to Hugh Morgan's active camera and kindness.

If you've missed any of our recent church services you now have a chance to see one in the Country Kitchen.  We will be viewing them (via DVD) on Tuesdays, December 12 & 26 at 10:00 A.M.  All are welcome, and if anyone needs a ride, Becky Quay would be glad to pick you up.  Just call 523-5747.
Thank you,   Becky
For the past several weeks we have been focused on pledging for the coming year. We have had an encouraging response to date and are currently building a budget to reflect projected income for 2018. At this time, we also need to address pledging for the current year. We are within the final month of 2017 and are operating on a budget derived on the basis of last year's pledging. Just a gentle reminder for everyone to complete those pledged 2017 donations by the end of December so we can begin 2018 without an income shortfall.
Bill King
If you would like to join a small investment group of fellow congregants, learn a little about investing, and support mission giving, please consider joining the Mustard Seed Investment group.
The group meets four times a year in members' homes, contributing $50 each quarter.  The value of our portfolio currently fluctuates around $23,000 dollars.   For the seventh year, we have contributed $500 to $700, most recently half to local missions and half to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  The beneficiary(s) are determined by vote of the members.  As the value of the portfolio grows we hope the amount distributed will continue to grow as well. The portfolio is the property of the church.
We will meet December 6th at 7:30 at the Simpson's, 1325 Dana Drive, Oxford. Please visit with us to see if you are interested. Call Joe Simpson  513.523.8363 if you would like discuss the group or arrange a ride.

During the past year we have been grateful for those individuals who chose to make a special gift to the Oxford Presbyterian Church. These gifts address needs not routinely supported via the operating budget. As we approach the end of 2017, it is a good time to consider supporting additional special funding needs while benefitting from an associated tax deduction. A sampling of items currently on the OPC Wish List appears below:
  • Establish a musical instrument endowment fund to support continuing maintenance requirements.
  • Replace Memorial sanctuary sound system to include ongoing maintenance and training.
  • Restore non-sanctuary windows throughout the Memorial building as needed for energy consumption.
  • Add high-speed Wi-Fi in Memorial sanctuary and Seminary community room.
  • Establish "Journey with a purpose" stipends for youth and young adults to visit religious sites in other countries.
  • Increase the amount of the Jamieson Award for graduating seniors from $300 to $500.
A complete listing of opportunities available can be obtained in the church office or contact Bill King (513-720-7345) for a personal consultation.

Deadline for the January 2018 newsletter is December  20, 2017
Announced from the Presbytery
The Peace Light is a light from the grotto in Bethlehem where it is said that Jesus was born.  It is collected each year by a child from Austria and then carried back to Europe and flown to New York City where it is distributed by with a message of peace.  (Please see www.peacelight.org for more information.)
This year the Peace Light arrives in New York City on November 25th.  The Bellbrook Presbyterian Church will receive the light from a carrier who is bringing the light from New York City on Sunday, November 26th at approximately 11:45 a.m.  Anyone interested in being part of the receiving of the light on Sunday the 26 is welcome to attend.
The Peace Light will be available to congregations and individuals in the Presbytery throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons.  If you would like to receive the light, it will be available at The Bellbrook Presbyterian Church and The Oxford Presbyterian Church.  (We encourage you to have a travel-safe container for the light.)
For more information, please feel free to contact Rev. Lawrence Bartel of The Oxford Presbyterian Church (513.523.6364 ) or Rev. Diane Ziegler of The Bellbrook Presbyterian Church (937.848.2378 ).
Christ's peace!

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Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Office Hours: 8:30-4:30, M-F
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
Seminary Building: 513-523-7411
Pastor: Lawrence Bartel
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associate:   Rev. Diane Ziegler
Clerk : Julia R. Fisher
Administrative Assistant:
            Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
            Mary Martin:   finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
            Sarah Mapel: ccnsoxfordpreschool@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor:
            Nancy Moeckel, moeckenj@miamioh.edu
Custodian: Priscilla Parks
Sexton: Robert Simpson
Class of 2017:
Mary Jane Roberts, Robert Smith, Janet Zeigler, Gwen Fears, Kim Logsdon
Class of 2018 Carol Klumb, Amy McGoldrick, Katie Payne, Deb Sayers, David Wilson
Class of 2019 : Jenny Bailer, Lynn Cronk, Greg Hughes, Nancy Moeckel,
Johanna Reinhart
Class of 2017: Danny Cross, Connie Everhart, Matt Lykins, Rori Lykins, Jean O'Connell,
Class of 2018: Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Joni Marcum, MaryJo McFadden
Class of 2019: Carol Burkhalter,Debbie Davidson, Janet Holmes, Pat Roberts Diane Young

Class of 2017: Lisa Brunckhorst, Rick Bailey
Class of 2018 Tom Holmes, Nick Fears
Class of 2019Keith Payne, Joe Simpson 

December Birthdays

2       Joe Foltz
2       Arnold McCashland
2       Nancy Parkinson
2       Ned Stephenson
2       Virginia Swanson
4       Prue Dana
4       Jim Wespiser
5       Carol Flee
6       Margaret Smith
8       Randy Trostel
9       Mark Hare
9       Ezekiel Groom
9       Evan James
10     Carol Bowers
10     Louise Griffing
10     Sue Skillings
11     Laura Harvey
12     Ann Bader
13     Linda Boardman
15     Robin Vealey
15     Sue Wilson
17     Lynn Jacobs
17     Jan Reinhart
18     Nick Fears
18     Paula Green
18     Jonathan Hunter
18     Donald McKillop
18     Ellen Smith
19     Pris Berry
20     Steve Brown
20     Dick Munson
20     Robin Thomas
23     John, Jr. Curry
25     Holly Gage
27     Anne Bailey
28     Tom Poetter
29     Jean O'Connell
30     Megumi Satkowski
30     Nancy Sturgeon
31     Whitney Hartman
December Diversions for our Celebrants
If you were born 5 years ago, how old would you be?
Winter solstice 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 11:28 AM on
Thursday, December 21
Most people count the whole day as the December Solstice. However, the Solstice is actually at a specific moment - when the Sun is exactly overhead the Tropic of Capricorn.
Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December. The date was chosen to honor the United Nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Each year more than 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in the U.S. alone.
All the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas would equal 364 gifts
There are approximately 21,000 Christmas tree farms in the United States.
Question of the Month
As usual, scour the newsletter to find the answer!
Geminid Meteors, December 13
The Geminids are known to be quite prolific, with rates as high as 60 to 120 shooting stars an hour at peak times. Once the moon sets, the best viewing will be in the predawn hours of December 14.
Snow has never been reported in Key West.
The coldest temperature on record for the Florida city (reached on January 13, 1981, and January 12, 1886) is 41 degrees Fahrenheit.


Carols.  Celebration at the Manger.  A Candlelight Christmas Eve.  The Peace Light from Bethlehem.  What do you cherish most about the Season of Advent and Christmas?
To celebrate the incarnation of God's love at Christmas, your Oxford Presbyterian Church family offers a range of deeply meaningful and refreshingly creative opportunities for you to engage this season.
Inspired by John 1, our worship theme throughout Advent will be "Words within the WORD."  On Sunday, December 3, we kick off Advent with a fun filled and meaningful intergenerational Advent Workshop after worship in The Seminary (see page 4-5 for more information).
comfortOn Thursday, December 7 at 4 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Memorial Building we gather with the congregation of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church for a Service of Comfort.  This service is created for all those throughout the community for whom Christmas is a difficult time.  This gracious time allows those who have experienced loss, illness, separation from loved ones, and more - to encounter God's mercy and love in a spacious setting during the Christmas season.
Worship on the second and third Sundays of Advent are not to be missed!  We warmly welcome the bright sounds of the Oxford Brass Ensemble to worship on December 10.  Then on December 17 at our 10 a.m. worship service, the children, families and Christian Education team of OPC present the marvelous and memorable Celebration at the Manger (see page 5 for more information).
Every day of Advent and every door opened on the Advent Calendars beckon us towards Christmas Eve on Sunday, December 24.  Bring your family, friends and neighbors to both special services - worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning and then a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 7 p.m.
I'd like to share a little more about the Service of Comfort on December 7.  This is the second year the congregations of OPC and Holy Trinity have come together to for this reflective time of worship through prayer, reading scripture and music that recognizes Christ's presence in this season IS for those who mourn, for those who struggle. 
This year, I prepare for this Service of Comfort with two colleagues on my mind.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I would have described a close colleague, friend and seminary classmate in this way:  Pastor.  Gifted.  Visionary.  Mid 40's.  Married.  Three young daughters including two sisters adopted from Ethiopia.
Today, I add the following words:  Cancer.  Throughout the lungs.  Spreading.
Then my thoughts grasp one straw after another trying to explain the apparent breakdown of the bargain, these bubble to the surface:  Non-smoker.  Didn't work with carcinogens.
There is a bargain that seems to be implicit at the heart of the spiritual economy in which many people invest.  A mentor in ministry once wrote, "Because of Jesus, we HOPE we get everything we could possibly want forever.  That's the deal we wish to strike.  God becomes a device that secures for us what we somehow feel entitled to.  So ... when we get sick, or our relationships fall apart, or our financial situation collapses, or our future prospects look thin - we think the system has failed.  Either we haven't been keeping our side of the bargain, or God hasn't." (emphasis added)
This pastoral mentor isn't speaking out of a vacuum of experience, he knows a thing or two about physical, spiritual, and emotional pain.  For decades, he has equipped large and growing congregations to make an impact in this world by proclaiming the good news to all creation.  Well over ten years ago his vibrant and gifted wife was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease.  This degenerative disease of nerve cells in the brain caused her to stop working, walking, talking and caring for herself.
As winter reveals the homes and gardens long hidden by trees in full leaf, the season of Advent reveals how our human nature seeks comfort in a bargain many believe God has agreed to make with us in the course of our daily lives.  Yet, the lectionary voices raise their voices with one accord saying "Wake Up."
When we make room for the Christ child in our hearts, as Mary and Joseph show us through their example, we open ourselves up to be surprised by "the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God."  Allow me to quote the entire phrase from a Graham Greene novel, "You cannot conceive, nor can I, of the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God."
Advent reveals to us that God's mercy and love are real and transformative, mysterious and universal, trustworthy and without price.  Neither Mary nor Joseph, Peter nor Paul could strike a bargain for the Lord's mercy and love.  Neither can we.  Our authentic response is to receive it and live our lives in thanksgiving.
This Advent, our ministry at Oxford Presbyterian Church offers everyone, at every age, and every season of life to make room for Emmanuel - God with Us.
Join your Oxford Presbyterian Church family this Advent as we make room for Emmanuel - God with Us.  Join us as we prepare to celebrate the incarnation of God's love at Christmas.
leanneBuilding Momentum - 2018 Stewardship Campaign
The most compelling Stewardship Stories come from our Oxford Presbyterian Church family members.  With their gracious permission, Leanne and Eric Staley have agreed to let us communicate with the congregation the Moment for Mission they recently shared in worship.
I am always touched during our Heritage Sunday Service when we thank the commitment and dedication that the 50 year members of our congregation have made over the years. It allowed me to reflect and pause on my own mosaic piece to fit this beautiful puzzle.
Growing up in this church has been extremely rewarding and has provided  me with a strong foundation in my faith  journey. Just last week, Ken Wilson and I were reminiscing about the Youth Fellowship here (back in the day-30 years ago), having a haunted house in the basement to help fund our Mission Trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. Seeing my own daughter, Breanne participate in this church and in its mission trips, makes me proud to belong to the Oxford Presbyterian Church.
How about you, Eric? What do you like about our church?

Everything! I love my Sunday School Class. I love lighting the candles, I loved going to CCNS with Ms. Johnson. I love seeing my friends here every week and meeting new friends. I love sitting with Mamaw and Papaw and shaking hands with people. This church is really, really friendly and kind.

It is that, Eric. Another way the people in this church have been so kind is through their giving. This is stewardship time. A time for all of us to pause and reflect on what the church has provided us: from our past, the present and the future of what this church holds. We are in the midst of many great things happening in this church.
As a member of the Associate Pastoral Nominating Committee, I can share that the MIF (Ministry Information Form) went to the Presbytery and passed!  At our next meeting, we will begin the process of publicizing the associate pastor position. Very exciting news!
With this news comes a need. This church needs all of us to help support and sustain it for many generations to come. Please pause and reflect and recognize what we have and the possibilities to come when you pledge this year.
Let's keep this momentum rolling...THANKS!
Thank you Leanne and Eric! 
Families and individuals came together on Stewardship Sunday to support the ministry of Oxford Presbyterian Church.  As of November 21, we have joyfully received 115 pledges totaling $294,972 to support next year's ministry.  This total includes 8 new pledges!
If you haven't had to opportunity to make a pledge yet, please take a moment to do so today.  Your pledge will make a great difference.  Pledge cards are available in the sanctuary or the church office.
Thank you for investing in the future of Oxford Presbyterian Church.
Thank you for engaging our mission to seek God, serve others and share Christ's love with all.  Thank you for inspiring others to participate in this ministry of God's grace.

Christian Education Full Article

Moving Towards the Manger
We are moving towards the manger.  On December 3, the first Sunday in Advent children, youth and adults will receive Advent Materials including calendars at the Advent Workshop in The Seminary.  Everyone is invited- it is an intergenerational event. Following church on Sunday December 3 please walk over to The Seminary to start preparing yourself for Christmas.  Time 11:30-1:30.

"Moving Toward the Manger" a devotional by Martin Marty includes reflections on the writings of Frederick Buechner.  This booklet has Bible readings, prayers, and reflections for thoughtful study during Advent devotional and will be available on the 3rd along with devotional placemats. 
mangerOur children will be moving toward the manger as they practice for the Celebration at the Manger, which will be performed on December 17 during the Worship Service. 
Rehearsal times for Children and Youth for Celebration at the Manger
  • December 3 at 10:15 in the Geneva Room 
  • December 10 at 10-: 15 in the Geneva Room
  • December 16 Dress Rehearsal. 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

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Acolyte for December:  Bella Walter
Our Teachers in December
December 3
Lynn Cronk   Nursery
Marilyn and Noah Curry   Preschool
Deb Sayer and Sarah Miller   Grades k-2 Amy Bartel    Grades 3-5 
December 10,
Ann Curry   Nursery
Marilyn and Noah Curry   Preschool
Deb Sayer and Sarah Miller Grades   k-2 Amy Bartel Grades   3-5
Prue Dana, Middle School
December 17,
Lynn Cronk   Nursery
Marilyn and Noah Curry   Preschool
December 24,
Only nursery/preschool class available
Marilyn and Noah Curry
December 30,
Only nursery/preschool class available
Marilyn and Noah Curry
Teachers Needed for 2018- Sign-Up in Molyneaux
         Preschool,   January thru May
         Grades 3-5,  March thru May
Thanks to:
Libby Birch and Dick Munson for hosting 45-56, the Bird Feeder Event on November 19
Janet Holmes for teaching our preschool class from August thru November
Grades 3-5 Teachers in November Leanne Staley and Bill Fisher
Jenn Walter and company for producing Celebration at the Manger
A s we move towards the manger   "There are some of us...who think to ourselves, "If had only been there!  How quick I would have been to help the Baby.  I would have washed his linen.  How happy I would have been to go with the shepherds to see the Lord lying in the Manger!"  Yes, we would. We say that because we know how great Christ is, but if we had been there at that time, we would have done no better than the people of Bethlehem. Why don't we do it now?  We have Christ in our neighbor.   Martin Luther. 
carolingAs we move towards the manger, why don't you join the caroling group on Thursday, December 21?  This is for all ages including children, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults.  Watch for details in the Voice.  The participants will be singing to those who are not able to attend our worship services.  This is one way to reach out to our neighbors in Christ.  Merry Christmas! 
Lynn Cronk
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