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Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ... (Matthew 7:7)
Jesus' words came to mind a few weeks ago as I reached out to knock on the door of room 4608.  The journey from Oxford to Louisville that morning had been blessedly uneventful.  As I pulled up to the Presbyterian Center on Witherspoon St., I offered one more prayer of gratitude for the day thus far as well as a plea for the Lord's presence to enable me to be fully present.
For months I looked forward to the opportunity that lay on the other side of that threshold.  The occasion was a face-to-face conversation with the Rev. Bob Abrams. 
Just before my hand reached the doorframe to knock, Bob greeted me from inside the office with a broad smile and warm words of welcome.  A sense of gratitude filled me as I met this pastor of our congregation who preceded me in this ministry by sixty-two years!  Certainly, I hoped to learn more about his ministry at the United Presbyterian Church (the Seminary Church facility).  Yet the moment of greeting was itself one to savor; the past, present and future seemed to converge. 
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Twelve senior high youth, two chaperones and our youth director had a great time on their mission trip to Charleston, SC! Hopefully, you heard all about their adventure on Youth Sunday (July 29). If not, please feel free to ask one of our youth about their experience next time you see them. 


Adult Christian Education is thriving at OPC! In addition to our ongoing groups such as Time to Dine, Circles, and Mustard Seed Investment, there are many opportunities to be involved in small groups throughout the coming months:
"Ripped from the Headlines...What Can a Presbyterian Do?" - These open discussions about various current topics that affect us all continue through August! Sunday afternoons. Come join the discussion or just listen; come alone or bring a friend!
STARTING THIS FALL (stay tuned for more details to follow on all of these opportunities!) - 
Bi-weekly Lectionary Bible Study held on Sunday mornings before worship.
The World Around Us  - 3 mini-festivals celebrating our members who grew up in other countries. Learn about their cultures, music, food, and favorite places, and what brought them to OPC. All ages welcome! (If YOU hail from another country and haven't been contacted, please let the OPC office know...we want to include everyone so that we can become more connected with the world around us.)
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality starts with the premise that the heart of our Christian discipleship is loving the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind, and strength.  This book study begins with a loving, honest and pastoral approach to healing from the many ways we bear the brokenness of the world around us.  Following the author's lead we will explore how spiritual practices help us to be set free to live lives of wholeness, balance, and transformation. 
Candace Crist and Jenny Bailer
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Betty Barnhart, John Curry, Tracy DeGood, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Ruth Miller, Jan Reinhart, Becky Rudolph, Charles Skipper, Sarah Soika, Joan Teckman, Dave Wilson, Stacey Winn, Jean Woodruff 
Keep these friends in your prayers:
Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers
Our sympathy and prayerful support surround the family of Tom Wilson. A Service of Witness to the Resurrection will be held on Saturday, September 15 at 11:00 a.m. in the sanctuary of the Memorial Church. Please keep Nancy and all of Tom's family in your prayers and care during this time. 

VBS Project 2018
Each year the Vacation Bible School chooses a project for an offering. In past years, our offering has supported mosquito netting, Habitat Housing, water purification. This year's project has been children helping children through a special offering given to McCullough Hyde's Neonatal Unit. 
The Neonatal Unit cares for babies less than 28 days of age. Through VBS, children and adults have contributed their pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars to give to McCullough baby swings for children who have been born with a substance use disorder. After the moment of birth, the babies experience withdrawal. The babies then exhibit restlessness, agitation, and express this discomfort through crying.  The motion of the swing is soothing to the baby and calms them down so that they can be held and nurtured. The swinging motion gives the nurses in that unit one more tool to help these babies who are experiencing withdrawal.
Pam Collins, the Chief Patient Services Officer and the whole Neonatal Unit is so appreciative of this gift of over $600. It will allow them to buy more than one swing and other items of equipment, which will help these little ones.
Prue Dana

Thank you to Guest Conductor  Jack Liles (fuzzy action pic)

and Guest Pianist Leonard Lunsford for safekeeping the choir as they made a joyful noise.


Dear OPC Family,
Some of you know that Chris and I moved to Cincinnati in late June.  Chris had been driving to Princeton City Schools for her job as treasurer for two years; those long hours in the car ate away at our time together and at our happiness.  We decided that when Mitch finished his masters program (he is working as a golf pro in Maryland now) and Sam and Taylor got married (on June 8, Deacon Matt Lykins presiding), that we would move.  And we did it! 
I want to thank you all for the support and care you showed all of us Poetters over the years, and also to my mother Marietta Bowlby, who is now a permanent resident of the memory unit at the Knolls of Oxford.  Mom became a member in 2008 after the loss of her husband Bill, and she really enjoyed church activities until she was unable to attend church any longer.  Thank you for caring for and befriending her during the difficult final chapter of her life journey.  And along the way, Prue Dana, in particular, and so many others supported the boys as they made their way through Sunday School as participants and as teachers.  They learned so much from that commitment and my hope is that our church will have impressed upon them the value of a lifetime of faith.  And as for me, my years on session (2010-2016) taught me so much, and gave me a chance to serve in capacities I didn't have before I started.  
I will miss the church, its leadership, its spirit, and dear friends. I will still be coming to Oxford often in my role as Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami, and visiting Mom at the Knolls, so I look forward to seeing many of you in Oxford over the last 10 years or so of my academic career.  Many thanks for your love over the years, and as we begin a new church journey in Cincinnati. 
Best Regards, Tom and Chris Poetter
Mitch, Sam, Taylor, & Marietta

To: All My Friends in the Oxford Presbyterian Church:
I have been touched by the many cards I've received from you. They definitely have strengthened my spirits and contributed to my healing.
The expression of caring will be with me for a long time - THANK YOU!
Steve Dana


SESSION session
June Session Meeting
(Session does not meet in July)

Rousing rendition of "A Mighty Fortress is our God" by the Session Singers opened the meeting.

Preparations are well under way for the September 11 meeting of the Presbytery of the Miami Valley that will be held in Oxford.

A video conference call was held with Deanna Roberts and her dog, Bella.  Deanna graduated from Union Theological Seminary this spring with a M. Div. degree.  She is an inquirer, under the care of Oxford Presbyterian Church. 

Motions were approved to: 
    Authorize Pastor Lawrence and 2 others to sign a covenant with the Myrtle Collaboration (more information forthcoming); 
    Renew our agreement to hold a worship service at Hopewell on June 2, 2019
    Make "Rise Against Hunger" a fall 2018 event and "Gifts of the Heart" a fall 2019 event;
    Ask KBA architects to prepare drawings of proposed glass treatments in the wall separating the narthex from the sanctuary.

Trustees will take over the ramp project from the facilities committee (ramp design from KBA will be made available to the congregation for their input)

Accompanied tours of the Seminary, in all of its "demolition glory" can be arranged through the trustees.

Judy Fisher, Clerk 

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DEACONS deacon

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please contact Cornelia Browne, cecebrowne@yahoo.com or 513/523-1680 

The Evening Circle will meet at the home of Jean O'Connell on   September 4. Janet Ziegler will be the co hostess and give the program, Lesson One: God with Us Wherever We Are. Ginny Layton will present the devotions.
I have been handing out the Horizon Bible Study, GOD'S PROMISE  I AM WITH YOU. The cost is $10. If you want a copy earlier than the meeting, please let me know.

  Sale dates: October 11, 12, 13; 
Planning meeting Sept. 5 , Molyneaux Lounge, 10:00 AM coordinated by Sue Wilson

Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All josh

...if you have a bedroom, or two, and bathroom for parents and families of students who attend OPC!! Membership, Evangelism, and Fellowship are combining efforts with Oxford Presbyterian Women to recharge the Bed & Breakfast for a Causeprogram. 
But before we can offer lodging we need hosts!!  Please prayerfully consider participation in this program.  The proceeds will go to four local OPC benevolences: The Oxford Family Resource Center, Safe Haven Farms (home for autistic adults), Dove House (shelter for battered women), and Club House (monthly dinners for economically challenged kids in low-income housing).

Here is how it works: you let us know that you want to participate and what accommodations you have available.  When we have enough hosts, we will advertise the Bed & Breakfast for a Cause at church (wider audience possible).  Families will call a central number, and then be directed to a host whose accommodations fit their needs.  The family and hosts will work out details directly.  The host provides a bedroom, a separate bath, and simple continental breakfast.  The charge is $125 per bedroom, per night, with checks made directly to Oxford Presbyterian Women.
We have a twofold goal: to generate funds for our mission work and to connect with our students and their families.  
We would like to identify at least 8 hosts by mid-August so that we are ready to advertise the Sunday after Move-In Day Aug. 23 and at our Welcome Back Picnic, Sept. 9. Please complete sign-up on page 22 or call Paula Foltz, 513-255-3596 if you are interested and /or have questions.
(The answer to the question of the month?  Your mother)
Pat Gifford and Paula Foltz

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During the past four months Tim Bredermeir has been a busy young man. In compliance with his requirements to become an Eagle Scout, Tim elected to develop a video profile to document the heritage of the Oxford Presbyterian Seminary Church. In addition to researching the associated history, he has spent many hours interviewing former members of the Seminary congregation and recording their remembrances. 
A support team consisting of Arly Allen, Charles Crain, Bill King, Scott Parkinson and Mary Jane Roberts met regularly with Tim to provide guidance and assistance as needed. A final meeting was recently held to review the culmination of his exceptional work. 
Tim is now a senior at Kings High School. When he defined his Eagle Scout project to create this video tribute, he combined his love of history with an impressive knowledge of technology. His program will serve as a centerpiece for the reopening celebration of the renovated Seminary space, which will occur this fall. It will also continue to serve as a documented testimonial to our historic roots.
Bill King

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Sue Wilson, a first-rate tour guide, 
 invites you to share with her and her fellow adventurers the 2017 trip to Baranquilla, Columbia.  This will be a recurring column until Sue leads you home again. Buen Viage!!!!
Our sister church, the Seventh Presbyterian Church in Barranquilla, Colombia invited us to send a delegation to the dedication ceremony for the new Bethesda Christian Community Center.  This building was constructed using money from the Birthday Offering Grant written by members of OPW.  Money is raised throughout the U.S. by the National Presbyterian Women's organization and grants are awarded to one or two projects each year.  We were delighted that our project for our sister church was chosen for the 2015 grant.  

The team assembled to make the trip included Lawrence Bartel, Karen Shearer, Carol Burkhalter, Robert S. Smith, Dave and Sue Wilson.  In preparation for the trip, we met several times together as a team and also skyped with Gina Zabala and Johana Nu ñez in Colombia who coordinated our trip.  We consulted with the CDC website to prepare ourselves with recommended immunizations and malaria prevention medications.
Carol Burkhalter, Robert Smith, Sue Wilson, Dave Wilson, Karen Shearer, and Lawrence Bartel.
Friday, August 25, 2017was our day of departure and we arose at 2:00 am in order to pick up the team and arrive at the Cincinnati Airport by 4:00 am to check in for our 6:00 am departure.   We flew to Miami and from there to Barranquilla and arrived at 12:45 pm. When we walked out of the air-conditioned airport into the oppressively hot and humid air we were greeted with hugs and kisses from our Seventh Church friends.  We were driven to The Washington Plaza Hotel in downtown Barranquilla where we were able to freshen up and relax before being picked up at 5:30 pm to go to the church for a grand open-air fiesta celebrating the 57thbirthday of the church.  We enjoyed Christian praise music and singing as well as plates full of food served to many tables filled with happy celebrants.  A mariachi band came and played Christian music including "How Great Thou Art."  Unexpectedly, Lawrence was asked to give a prayer, which he was able to do graciously and on the spot!  Everyone attending this celebration seemed very happy and they welcomed our group with many hugs and kisses.  We learned that the Colombian culture expected us to hug and kiss both cheeks when meeting new and old friends.  We were driven back to our hotel and were happy to go to bed after a very long day!!|
Lawrence Bartel with Gina Zabala celebrating 57thBirthday of the 7thChurch
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ANNOUNCEMENTS announcements
SAVE THE DATE.  Mission and Outreach in co-operation with Christian Education, Membership and Evangelism and Worship and Music will be hosting a Rise Against Hunger food-packing event in the newly renovated Seminary on October 21, 2018.  
The set-up time is 12:30 pm, the event begins at 2:00 pm; and ends at 4:00 pm with cleanup after. We are also planning on having the Miami University community and other area churches involved in this event. Please watch for further details as the date approaches.  
Danny Cross
Is the date for the next Community meal hosted by OPC.  We will provide grilled meat (hamburgers and sausages and hot dogs) but we need YOU to help with salads, buns and desserts, maybe some chips. (no maybe, CHIPS!-ed.) Dry goods for the dry goods pantry are also appreciated.  Please call or email Bill Fisher at 524-4504 or   fisherwf@miamioh.edu  if you can help.
Bill Fisher
The Facilities Planning Committee has been working on an ADA compliant ramp for the main entrance to the sanctuary.  This project was first proposed a decade ago and $25,000 was raised. Ramp construction was deferred for a number of reasons. Eventually, trustees drew from the fund to install automatic door openers at the portico entrance to the sanctuary as a stopgap measure.  
After a yearlong process that included study of every conceivable configuration of a ramp, the Facilities Planning Committee has found a design that is ADA compliant and will integrate with the architecture of the building. We hope to start construction this summer.
With additional support from the Memorial Renovation Fund donated by Betty Reinhardt, contributions to the ramp fund now far exceed the amount of the construction bid (cost is estimated to be just under $55,000). The cost of the ramp will be easily covered by contributions.  
Features of the construction include:
Expanding the existing landing towards the sidewalk to accommodate wheelchairs and allow for maximal maneuverability around the doors
Building the ramp toward the east to reduce its length and preserve the view of the building's cornerstone
In order to blend the ramp with the existing limestone of the Memorial, faux limestone will be used for the facing surfaces on the expanded landing, the vertical walls, and the support for metal railings (faux limestone was used on the west side A/C compressor enclosure. It blends beautifully with the limestone of the Memorial Building and one would not know it was not original without being told).  
The Facilities Planning Committee is pleased to have the planning steps in this process completed. The Session voted unanimously on 6.18.18 to turn this project over to the Trustees for execution.   
We look forward to supporting all our members and guests in attending church despite having a physical limitation by including a building structure that will allow every person to enter the sanctuary easily and safely, using a common entrance.
Many thanks to the committee for their long and careful work, and to the many members who made significant contributions to this ramp!
An architectural rendering can be found the Molyneaux lounge.
Jenny Bailer and Joe Simpson for the Facilities Planning Committee

Deadline for the September Newsletter is August 20, 2018
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COMMUNITY community
We're done! Volunteers from the Presbyterian Church, Holy Trinity Episcopal, Faith Lutheran, the Unitarians Universalist. Oxford United Methodist Church, the Religious Society of Friends, Bethel AME, and St. Mary have joined together to put Faith into action, real action, building 2 homes! We will have the celebration when the family moves into the second house. 
The Johnson family has moved into their new completed home. The second house, home of the Olander family just needs the final touches on drywall and painting. The family is working hard to hold up their work requirement. This10th house completes Carter Court.
If you would like to make a monetary donation, please write a check made out to the Oxford Presbyterian Church, put Habitat in the note-field, and place in the offering plate. If you prefer to donate cash, place the cash in a Pew Envelope, write Habitat on the Pew Envelope, and place in the offering.
But get this!!! A third house is being built on Fuller Court! There is a family that is approved for this house. What this means is that if you like to swing a hammer you are invited to check the website habitatcommunity.org any time in the next year and join the effort of Habitat Oxford. 
Prue Dana
August is among us already. Miami will be in full swing before we know it with the hustle and bustle of all the students, football and lots of activities.  We are really lucky to be in Oxford where they offer something for everyone. We try to do that here at the adult day. We try to offer a wide variety of activities for all our clients.  Currently we have a few openings available. If you know anyone who would like information regarding the adult day please have him or her call Debbie at 513-523-0464. We would love to share what we do and want to serve as many seniors as possible.  If you have ever thought about it - give us a try! 
We have several outings planned in August.  We will be going to Premier senior living on the 7th and 21st to play chair volleyball at 10:30, to the Knolls of Oxford on the 21st at 10:30 for bingo and to Woodland Country Manor on the 28th for an ice cream social at 2pm.
We have a couple crafts scheduled for August.  A foam ball craft and a flip-flop craft. We will be making some goodies together.  On the 6th we'll be making good ole summertime root beer floats and on the 24th we will be making banana splits.  Look for pictures of our projects on our FACEBOOK PAGE at  www.facebook.com/communityadultdayserviceand be sure to like our page for all the updates.  
Debbie Curry, LPN Director
Community Adult Day Service
Oxford Seniors
513.523.0464 (w)
513.708.9707 (c)


Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
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Candice Crist, Danny Cross, Pat Gifford, Richard Munson, Jennifer Walter
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Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Joni Marcum, Mickey Simonds
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Debbie Davidson, Janet Holmes, Pat Roberts Diane Young
Class of 2020
Cornelia Browne, Jill Grajewski, Stephanie Hartman, Matt Lykins, Becky Quay
Class of 2018:   Tom Holmes, Nick Fears
Class of 2019 :  Keith Payne, Joe Simpson
Class of 2020 Rick Bailey, Scott Parkinson

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29        Sandy Douglass
29        Jennifer Harvey
29        Rob Rollins
August Abominations for our Celebrants
While the  Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the world governing body of dog breeds, sometimes known as the World Canine Organization recognizes 340 dog breeds, the American Kennel Club recognizes just 167.  Some you may not know include new crosses:

Collie + LhasaApso:  Collapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport

Spitz + Chow Chow:  Spitz-Chow, a dog that throws up a lot

Pointer + Setter:  Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet

Pekingnese+ LhasaApso: Peekasso, an abstract dog

Labrador Retriever + Curly Coated Retriever: Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of research scientists

Newfoundland + Basset Hound: Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors

Terrier + Bulldog: Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes

The singular of 'trivia' is ' trivium'
Question of the Month
Who is the sister-in-law of your dad's only brother?
Find the answer hidden somewhere in the newsletter
The wingspan of a Boeing 747 is longer than t he first flight of the Wright Brothers
The largest commercial passenger aircraft is the Airbus A380. With a normal four-class configuration, it can hold 544 people. However if all the seats were economy, it has a maximum capacity of  853 passengers (makes you want to reconsider that career as a flight attendant).

The 2018 Perseid  meteor shower will peak on the night of August 12 and early morning of August 13
In his song Rocky Mountain High John Denver refers to his experience watching the Perseid meteors with the chorus lyric, "I've seen it raining fire in the sky
Because horse's eyes are on the side of their head they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.
Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.  (My dad could wiggle his ears-ed.)
Did you know the moon is going broke?  It's down to its last quarter.
A photon checks into a hotel. The clerk asks if he can help with the luggage.  The photon replies, "I don't have any, I'm traveling light."
To Ponder:
Which letter is silent in the word scent, the "s" or the "c?"
Why is something sent by car called a shipment, but something sent by ship is called cargo?

After a few minutes, Bob and I sat down for an unhurried conversation that revealed the wonderful pattern of God's call in our lives.  As a young man of about 18 years during World War II, Bob was drafted into the Navy where he served in the first crew on the USS Intrepid.  It wasn't long before the Navy sent Bob to Miami University for further training.
Here in Oxford, Bob met Wanda and together they attended the United Presbyterian Church.  Bob grew close to the pastor at that time, the Rev. Howard Jamieson.  Soon after the war ended, Rev. Jamieson went to teach at Monmouth College in Illinois and was followed as pastor by the Rev. Ed Fairman. 
Quickly, Bob developed a deep rapport with Rev. Fairman and his wife Marion.  In fact, after Bob and Wanda were married, they moved into a spare room in the manse next to the United Presbyterian Church and shared the space with the Fairman family until graduation.  In that time, Bob and Wanda would travel with Rev. Fairman, Marion and other university students to a mission conference hosted every summer by the Presbyterian Church in New Wilmington, PA.
Bob and Wanda moved back to his hometown of Peoria, IL yet the legacy of Revs. Jamieson and Fairman continued to influence Bob's view about his future vocation.  After a few year's, Bob and Wanda moved to Chicago where he began studying at McCormick Theological Seminary. 
During this time, Rev. Fairman, Marion and more university students traveled to the mission conference.  At this point, I'll bring in the voice of Marion Fairman as she wrote in The Tumbling Walls- One Sabbath morning at the New Wilmington Missionary Conference during a sermon by Dr. Donald Buck of the Foreign Mission Board, he spoke of the need for someone to go and see and tell the church at home.  It was as simple as that.  We didn't even hear the rest of the sermon as Ed turned to me and said, "We could do that." It took us a year to get ready, to find the money, to close our pastorate, to store our furniture, to count the cost.[i]
In that year of preparation, Rev. Fairman contacted Bob who was finishing up his studies at McCormick.  Rev. Fairman inquired if Bob and Wanda would like to return to Oxford and serve the church that nurtured them as students at university.  After a brief time of prayerful discernment, Bob and Wanda responded with an enthusiastic "Yes."
So in the summer of 1954, the newly ordained Rev. Bob Abrams returned with Wanda to Oxford as he began to serve the United Presbyterian Church.  Bob served the church for five years until, in 1959, Bob and Wanda accepted an invitation from the Board of Foreign Missions to serve in India.
As I listened to Bob share this wondrous story, I experienced a deep sense of joy and wonder.  At the Church Leadership Retreat in January, we prayerfully discerned a two-year vision for our congregation called Vision 20/20.  The three pillars of this journey are 1) invigorating the congregation's spiritual journey inward, 2) fueling the congregation's missional journey outward, and 3) ensuring the congregation's vitality for generations to come.  In Bob's story, I heard each of these three visions ring out loud and clear. 
This is a compelling, unified and transformative vision that is beginning to shape every area of our congregational life from Worship to Mission and Outreach, from Christian Education to Membership, Evangelism and Fellowship.  
As you prayerfully read through the pages of this newsletter, may you hear how the Lord is calling you to be part of our developing congregational culture of lifelong faith formation. 
May you perceive how, in broad brushstrokes, we see the Memorial Church facility emerging as the primary site for our spiritual journey inward and the Seminary Church facility evolving as the primary site for our missional journey outward.
The spiritual journey inward... the missional journey outward...our story for years to come is a compelling vision for the future rooted in our faithful heritage- 
of those who go...see... and tell... 
of those who ask...seek.... and knock.

[i] From the Preface of The Tumbling Wallsby Marion and Edwin Fairman.
 A copy of this treasure may be found in our church library.  In the book, the Fairman's tell of the mission work they witnessed on their journey to Africa and Asia.


Many thanks to Prue Dana and Katie Saylor for their fabulous leadership and the countless volunteers who helped with VBS July 6-8.  The months of creating the curriculum, planning, organizing and facilitating led to another successful, meaningful VBS experience for a lot of kids. THANK YOU!

Calling all 8th & 9thgraders, or any senior high youth who has not yet been confirmedWe will be hosting a Confirmation class this yearand we would love for you to be a part of this exciting experience to grow deeper in your faith and become a member of the church. An informational breakfast meeting will be held for youth and parents/guardians on September 9 at 8:45 a.m. in the 3rd-5th grade Art classroom upstairs. Details will be provided about the Confirmation process. Join us!
Our Fall Sunday School kick off is September 9 We are in need of Sunday School teachers and Second Adult chaperones, so please consider volunteering your time. You can sign-up in the Molyneaux Lounge on August 19, or call/email me if you're interested in serving in either of these roles.
Finally, be sure and check out the Adult Education article below.  Candace Crist and Jenny Bailer have been hosting hugely successful adult education events this summer! Great news... there are even MORE opportunities to participate in educational, intergenerational adult ed. activities/events this fall and spring. The momentum of this program is amazing and we are so thankful for Candace and Jenny's commitment to our adult education program.
Jenn Walter
Chair, Christian Education committee
(513) 593-4883

Teachers in August:
Preschool/Nursery ~ Rhonda Krehbiel
K-5 ~ Mary Shinn (8/5)
K-2 ~ Sarah Miller & Deb Sayers (8/19 & 8/26)
3-5 ~ Jenn Walter (8/19 & 8/26)
6-8 ~ Prue Dana (8/19) & 8/26)
August 19 - Sunday School Teacher sign-ups in the Molyneaux Lounge after service.
September 2 - Crafts with Carol (K-5) in lieu of Sunday School
September 9 - Confirmation breakfast meeting 8:45 a.m. in the 3rd-5thgrade Art classroom upstairs
September 9 - First day of Sunday School

We welcome your feedback on the newsletter. We CRAVE your feedback as if we were a cake craving frosting. What is missing from the newsletter that you would like to see? Let me know. Thanks, nancy.  moeckenj@miamioh.edu (and here is your bonus for reading this section: A pessimist's blood type is always b-negative