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Our stewardship started as a trickle.  Thirty minutes before the event began, folks started lining up to register and then donned gloves and hairnets.  By the time two o'clock rolled around the trickle became a flow as one hundred people filled the Community Room of the Seminary Church.  We gathered around tables set up with rice and soy, vegetables and vitamins, funnels and bags to join our hearts and hands in the Rise Against Hunger.
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What is a Pledge?  What is a Tithe?
When you make a pledge, you promise to give a certain amount of money over the year.  You decide the amount that you can generously afford.
When you make a tithe, you promise to give a certain percentage of your income over the year.  You decide what that percentage should be.  The word tithe is historically used when pledging one tenth or more of your income.  The process of budgeting and planning for our church life together is deeply impacted by knowing what income we can expect.  Our financial health depends upon knowing what our resources are! 
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THANKS to our October Acolyte & Teachers
  • Acolyte-Oliver Rice
  • Church School Teachers-Rhonda Krehbiel, Rory Lykins, Sarah Miller, Carla Rice and Prue Dana
November Acolyte & Teachers
  • Acolyte-Abbie Curry
  • Church School Teachers
  • o  Preschool/Nursery-Rhonda Krehbiel
  • o  K-2nd-Sarah Miller
  • o  3-5th-Carla Rice & Jenn Walter
  • o  6-7-Prue Dana
Two mini-festivals were held in October celebrating church members from other countries. Thanks to all who joined in the fun to learn about the world around and among us! Particular thanks to Kathy Hardy (Scotland), Juan Carlos Albarran (Cuba), Elliott Jones Boyle (Camino de Santiago), Blake Collins (Young Adult Volunteer Program), and Angela Trubceac (Moldova) for sharing. Folks who attended enjoyed homemade food samples, music, stories, and photos from around the world!
The third festival, originally scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 13, has been cancelled. (Those programs were combined into the OPW Retreat and the 2nd festival.)
"Feasting on the Word" Bible study every other Sunday morning is going well. Thanks to Mary Shinn for leading this!
"Emotionally Healthy Spirituality", led by Billie Maynard, is held on Thursday evenings. Thank you Billie!
Due to the amazing increase in babies and preschoolers on Sunday mornings, a high school youth member will now be helping our nursery attendant, Rhonda. We are thrilled with the growth in this area! 
SAVE THE DATE - Celebration at the Manger will be December 16 during worship service. Details about rehearsals will be shared soon!
SAVE THE DATE - Advent workshop - December 2 after worship service in the Seminary building. Come support our youth's chili fundraiser, make some fun crafts, and enjoy fellowship with your church family. 
We have big plans for our Youth! Our High School and Middle School group have been brainstorming fundraising ideas, and they're really excited to get that started. We also are transforming the Youth Room into our own space, by first painting ceiling tiles. The youth started out with their handprints, some used a footprint, and now a few have moved on to painting their own personal ceiling tile. Their favorite thing to do, besides eat food, is to play sardines. We're so lucky to have the space and each other to play these games!
As for Confirmation, we kicked off the year with our weekend retreat to Kirkmont Center, which was tons of fun. We participated in the low ropes course, the giant swing, archery, and a fun night hike! One of the most memorable things from that weekend was probably making our sand candles in the volleyball court. Some might not have turned out how they hoped, but they still had fun and they made their own creation. So that's all that matters, is that we had fun! This year's Confirmation works great together as a team and we're excited to begin this chapter in our lives. They will be picking their mentors soon, by writing them a letter. So keep an eye out, you might be someone they pick! 
Jake Smithers

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Betty Barnhart, John Curry, Tracy DeGood, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Ruth Miller, Jan Reinhart, Becky Rudolph, Charles Skipper, Sarah Soika, Joan Teckman, Dave Wilson, Stacey Winn, John and Jean Woodruff
Keep these friends in your prayers:
Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers
The Mission and Outreach Committee invites YOU to join our team.  We need your passion for making an impact on this world through mission.  Contact either Danny Cross or Anne Bailey, co-chairs, with questions.

On  November 19 we celebrate with Matt, Molly, and Owen Todd the first anniversary of Aiden's baptism.


In his sermon on September 23rd, Pastor Lawrence Bartel mentioned that "Changed people change the world;" the implications of those five words clarify, to a surprising degree, the reasons we contribute. Often enough, the stewardship drive is seen as a necessity, and not an entirely pleasant one. It's the kind of essentiality we often taken for granted, used to maintain the current state of affairs.
But what if we saw the money we gave not as the price of preserving business as usual, but as the essential catalyst for an agent of change? What if we didn't ask, "How will this sustain us?" but asked, instead--as J. Clif Christopher has asked--"How will this help us change lives for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ?"
As you probably know, October and November constitute our annual stewardship season, and our theme this year is the continued creation of a church that is Real, Relevant, and Reformed. We'll need your help to make those words into a reality. 
Over the past year, your stewardship has provided the church with all manner of opportunities that touch all aspects of our church community and the community in general. Whether it was mission trips, youth activities, community outreach, facility upkeep, or any number of other necessary and blessed duties, your commitment was deeply felt and appreciated.
This year, the Stewardship and Finance committee is charged with developing a 2019 budget that will provide the ministry support for continuing the momentum towards a real, relevant and reformed church. Your generosity made it possible for the Oxford Presbyterian Church to collect a well-needed $327,000 in 2018.  As we move forward into 2019 as a living, growing church, we are sure you will be willing and able to meet our increasing needs, as we hope to increase pledge income by $40,000, or 12%.
Often enough, we turn to 2ndCorinthians when we speak about giving: "Each person should do as he has decided in his heart-not reluctantly or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver."
But perhaps our mission this year benefits more from reading Romans, which says "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
Ultimately, by contributing to the church, you are contributing to the change you want to see in your fellow man. If you believe, as Peter Drucker has written, that "The nonprofit institution is neither a pair of shoes nor an effective regulation but a changed human being," and that a real, relevant, and reformed church is in fact a "human change agent," then we urge everyone to continue to make this a place that stands for universal good within and outside of the church walls.
Your pledges, and the offerings they ultimately represent, are not just the duty or responsibility of membership. This is not a club, or a fraternity. Your offerings are the engine of Christian change, and the fuel of Christian mission.
Matt Lykins
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SESSION session
"In Christ There is No East or West", a hymn reflecting the celebration of Christ's scope and unity, was the topic of the opening discussion.  Elders shared their experiences in seeing Christ in various times and places in their lives
(Moscow, Colombia, Mosaic for Peace, local celebrations).

Approved the acceptance of special gifts to fund a mobile presentation system at the Seminary and an automatic defibrillator.

Responded to notices from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, requesting liquor permits by Rapid Fire Pizza and Fridge and Pantry, by objecting to the request, but not requesting a hearing.

A synopsis of the Clerk's Annual Questionnaire was shared with the session.

Sarah Mapel Lake, administrator and lead teacher, gave an update on the fall Christian Cooperative Nursery School program.  A Position Description for a Nursery School Substitute Teacher was approved.

Report received from Joe Simpson, trustee, that the Seminary Building is in final stages of completion. 

A search is on for a CPA to replace Linda Hesford, who is retiring.
Motion was approved to call a Special Congregational Meeting on November 11, 2018 for the purpose of electing new officers.
Judy Fisher, Clerk 
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Worship and Music
Everyone enjoyed the baptism but agreed with Pastor Lawrence's observation that the sightlines were too tight, given the mob of little people and adults the baptismal font. We concluded that the font should be moved down the stairs and placed at the head of the center aisle before the service begins. This arrangement would enable Lawrence to walk down the aisle later with the newly baptized baby and introduce him/her to the congregation.
Confirmation classes will be held on Sunday mornings twice per month. We would like to see the youth be present for a full worship service once per month and will work with CE to make this happen. 
We were reminded that Heritage Sunday is October 28th, All Saints Sunday (with communion) is November 4th, and Celebration at the Manger is scheduled for December 16th 
OPC members have been invited to attend the praise and worship service at Oxford United Methodist Church on Wednesday, November 7that 7:00 p.m.
The organ repair bill of $2,659.50 was half of what was expected! 
Mission and Outreach
Diane Ruther-Vierling from the Family Resource Center attended the first part of our meeting. Diane informed us about many of the activities that FRC supports. Talawanda School District covers a third of Butler County and 40% of the children are on the school lunch program. There were 478 requests for financial assistance in 2017. 
Many of the people that lived in the Oxford trailer park have relocated to McGonigle. There are homeless people living in tents in various areas of Oxford. 
We discussed the 2019 Russia trip. Bill Fisher says that it takes a long time to get visas so Bill will work something up to put in the Newsletter, the Voice, and the Bulletin to find out who would be interested in going on this 2019 Russia trip.
The Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry is planning on moving into a new building located in Days Park north of the trailer park. This is expected to be done by June 30, 2020. There will be plenty of room for expansion. 
The Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry is planning on changing their name to TOPPS (Talawanda Oxford Pantry and Social Services). TOPSS is planning on expanding the services including having a pay as you can café 
Membership, Evangelism and Fellowship
Directory pictures Representative will be contacted to postpone new pictures until earlier February, after J-Term. 
New Member Class:  Oct. 14 & 21. Letters have been mailed out to potential attendees.
Scott Parkinson will present the history of the church on Oct. 15th. Leanne Staley will be an MEF delegate for the Oct. 21st meeting. 
The current state of the Seminary reconstruction work was discussed. It was decided to investigate accomplishing sidewalk repair on the south and west sides of the Seminary at the same time as the Memorial handicapped ramp.
Also discussed was the October 19, 2018 meeting of the Oxford Board of Zoning Appeals at which the zoning variance for the handicapped ramp at the front of the Memorial Church will be considered. Joe and Rick will attend that meeting to represent the church's interests. 
The Fall Cleanup has been scheduled for 10:00 a.m. November 10th.
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DEACONS deacon
Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please contact Cornelia Browne, 523-1680

will meet November 20th at 1:30 p.m. in the Country Kitchen at the Knolls with Becky Quay leading the lesson, Lynn Cronk with Mission Yearbook and Pat Gifford conducting the Least Coin.  An optional lunch at the Café is available at noon with reservations due to Rosemary Fisher by Friday November 16.  Visitors and guests are always welcome. 

will be meeting November 6 at the home of Sue Wilson, 61 Scarlet Oak Circle, Oxford. (The Knolls) 524-7446.
Jean O'Connell is the Co-Hostess. Janet Holmes will present the program. Nancy Sturgeon will lead the Devotions.
Anyone needing a ride should contact Karen Simpson, 523-8363, k.simpson2007@yahoo.com

OPW have done it again with their star- studded performance.  The October Rummage Sale received many, many donations of good quality items. Because of this, our sale went equally well.  Box office proceeds were over $2,000! Many thanks to all of you who donated items, and then shopped for other items!  We couldn't have done it without you.
A special thanks goes to Paula Foltz who took the starring role in directing this event.  She was very organized and efficient.  Joe Foltz, her co-star, worked along with her to have everything ready when the other cast members arrived on Monday to begin production. Paula, along with Producer Sue Wilson met earlier with their committee team to lay the foundation for this event.  Everything was in place thanks to Nick Fears and Keith Payne as they hustled to have The Seminary in perfect shape and ready for action.
Many cast members worked throughout the week receiving donations, sorting items and pricing them, assisting shoppers, and finally packing up unsold items to haul away.  Anything not sold went to Native American children on the Lakota-Sioux reservation in South Dakota, the animal shelter and vets, Dove House, and Goodwill.
Our cast:  Paula and Joe Foltz, Sue Wilson, Jean O'Connell, Karen Shearer, Nancy Moeckel, Ginny and Dale Layton, Becky Quay, Joni Marcum, Mickey Preston, Jane Jackson, Judy Herold, Margaret Butcher, Carol Flee, Lynn Cronk, Debbie Davidson, Jo Reinhart, Kevin Sequira, Karen and Joe Simpson, Joy Russell, Carol Schafer, Diane Young, Susan King, Angela and Darius Trubceac, Chuck Crain, Rosemary Fisher, Sue Siegel, Nancy Wilson, Janet Ziegler, Missy Frieda, Mary Niehoff, Ginny Scott, Judy Fisher, Marilyn and John Curry.  Supporting our cast were volunteers from Talawanda's National Honor Society.  Ethan Kraushar, Eli Walter, Dylan Hainline, Ainsley Clark, Molly Monson, Casey Johnston, Jenna Tegee, Kyra Koontz, Erica Schonlau, Sophie Pohlabel, and Troy DiTullio These cameo stars helped to pack up boxes on Saturday.  Everyone's help is so very appreciated.
Another star-studded performance will be held in the spring so keep practicing your lines in your closets, basements, and garages!
Karen Shearer

Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All

Save the date of Sunday, Nov.25, 2018, as it's time to do some decorating at Safe Haven Farms!  This is an annual event for our church as our elves drive out to Middletown to decorate the community room with holiday attire.  The "farmers," young autistic adults who live there, certainly are excited to see the Christmas decor as they enter the Hatton Center.  We will meet in the alley between our church and the hospital at 1:30 to carpool or you may just drive by yourself.  Driving directions are available from Karen Shearer.  For your GPS, the address is 5970 No Man's Road, Middletown, OH 45042.  It usually takes around two hours to decorate.  This is a lot of  fun, so don't miss it.  Most of the decorations have been given by our congregation and are stored on the premises.  You don' have to bring anything except a jovial spirit.     Let Karen know if you plan to attend so we don't leave anyone behind!
Karen Shearer

Our congregation has demonstrated their commitment to the future of the Oxford Presbyterian Church. The response to the variety of needs introduced in this newsletter has been exceptional as individuals have stepped forward to say, "I'd like to help!"
In addition to those who previously provided gifts in support of the purchase of the presentation system being installed in the Seminary sanctuary, additional gifts have been given to provide a companion mobile system for use in the first-floor community room. Ellen Buerk has continued her support with an additional gift of $1,500. Joe and Kate Wespiser donated $5,000 to complete the project. Concurrently, Dick and Ruth Keebler chose to donate $2,260 to purchase an automatic defibrillator, a life-saving device recommended for all public gathering spaces including schools and churches. Our grateful appreciation is extended to each of these individuals.

Bill King, OPC Special Gifts Coordinator
(513) 523-2546

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Monday, August 28, 2017:  Our mission this day was to gain a better understanding of the role of the Presbyterian Church in Colombia.  Our two drivers with cars picked us up early on Monday morning.  We had to admire our drivers' abilities to negotiate the streets of Barranquilla.  All of the cars we saw were of the small variety and they zipped through the crowded streets at a high rate of speed and often made their own lanes while weaving in and out.  
We noticed that while stopped at a traffic light there would be men hawking their wares.  Our driver would generously agree to have his windshield cleaned and hand out a few pesos.  At other intersections, we would see jugglers, people playing musical instruments, and acrobats hopping in front of us while we waited for the light to change. We were told that these were refugee men from Venezuela trying to earn money for food.
We arrived at our destination that was a compound of three institutions-The Collegio Americana, a private Presbyterian school for grades preschool through high school; The Presbyterian Reformed University; and the Presbytery of the North Coast offices.  We gathered in the Presbytery offices where we met Jairo Barriga, the head executive of the North Coast Presbytery as well as Lawrence's friend Germ án Z árate who teaches Sociology at the Reformed University and also works with the Presbytery on Peace issues.  We were given a walking tour of the University and then retired to the Presbytery offices where we were served a huge lunch by Jairo's wife.  
Lawrence Bartel reunited with his friend Germán Zárate.
Over lunch we were told of the challenges the Presbytery faces in Colombia.  For many years the church was only internal.  Now it is reaching outward, reviewing its heritage, and reforming its practices to make them relevant.  The country is now coming out of the 60-year conflict.  In truth, the conflict continues with other groups. There are inequalities in society and violence toward women.  The land was stolen from the little farmers and now millions of acres are controlled by a small number of wealthy families.  There is high unemployment throughout the country.  The basic necessities of the people are not being met.  The hope of the churches is to build peace as a way of reconciliation.  
The Mission of the Colombian churches is fourfold: (1) Evangelismin places where there is no hope. (2)  Service:  Each church has individual ways to serve the community around it.   The pastors, elders, and deacons are very committed to social justice and advocacy for the people.  (3)  Education:  The Reformed University has been very helpful in educating new leaders (4)  Stewardship:  A Pastor from this Presbytery is also Head of the World Council of Churches for South America.  Gina Zabala is part of the Global Board for Opportunity for people who cannot go to the regular banks for financial support.
There was a discussion of the ongoing peacemaking process.  Unfortunately, many of the participants in the peace process have become corrupt and inequalities continue to exist.  The Presbyterians continue to work for peace and insist on it.  Jairo is working with a coalition of church leaders to find a solution for the displaced campesinos (peasant farmers). They are working on a way to give them each 10 acres of land to farm. 
Monday evening we were all invited to Gina Zabala's home for dinner.  We learned that Gina's husband, Omar, works for a company that bottles and sells water and other beverages.  Gina's brother drives a taxi.  Gina talked a lot about her two sons who both live in the US.  Both of her sons have visited our church in Oxford and given presentations.  They both attended Kirkmont camp as boys and that was a life changing experience for them. Mario is now a Presbyterian minister and works with the youth in a church in upstate New York.  Omar David and his wife have two small children and live in N.C. 
I talked with Teresita Bustamante while her husband Germ án Z árate translated for us.  She is a volunteer in women's programs through the Presbytery. She trains workers from all the churches to work with the disenfranchised women.   They offer BibleStudies, as well as vocational training in cooking & baking, sewing, and making crafts so neighborhood women can make some money to support themselves.  They teach advocacy, empowerment, and conflict resolution.  They want to give these women a more hopeful vision for their future.
Nazareth School Sign. This is a private Christian School operated by the Seventh Church.

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Mission and Outreach is planning a new mission trip to Russia for the coming summer. This is a fascinating time of discovery of not just our partners in faith at the First Church in Zlatoust in the southern Ural Mountains, but about faith traditions and approaches as well as life in Russia outside of the centers of power in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 
We would love for this to be an intergenerational trip, so if you are or know of a college student, or even a high school student, who would like to go, encourage them. It is an eye-opening and soul-enriching trip to the European Far East and Asian West.
If you are interesting in making this exceptional journey, please contact Bill Fisher at fisherwf@miamioh.eduor call at 524-4504.
backpackBackPack Food Program
Many children who receive free and reduced-price school meals are left
without the nutrition they need on the weekends and holiday breaks. 
The BackPack Program, a partnership between St. Mary's and the Shared Harvest Food Bank, aims to reduce this nutrition gap by discreetly supplying 175 students from Kramer, Bogan and Marshall schools with a bag of food each Friday throughout the school year. 
The cost to sponsor one student for a year is $50, though any amount is welcome. Checks can be made to Oxford Presbyterian Church with "BackPack Food" in the memo line. 
This is a Mission and Outreach program for November, in conjunction with St. Mary's. If want to help unloaded the food truck (1:45 pm the third Tuesday of each month) or deliver boxes on Friday mornings, please contact St. Mary's at 523-2153.
Bill Fisher


Each month the Mission and Outreach committee plans to share information about the people and their groups that we, meaning you-our church-support.  
Bridgite let us know that the Pastor Discretionary fund has been actively used and the busy time of year is approaching. We voted to transfer $443.75 to the Pastor Discretionary Fund. 
Mission and Outreach also voted to transfer $1,000.00 to the Colombia Fund so there would be money for the Children's Christmas celebrations and some funding for the supplies needed for the school. Additional funding will be appropriated when find out more about specific needs and expected costs of items such as audiovisual system, sports equipment for the youth, and supplies. 
Funding of $1500.00 each for the Family Resource Center and the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry was also authorized for these local mission partners. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS announcements
We have been asked to make a friendship quilt to take to our sister church in Russia next year. Anyone interested in making a block for this quilt contact Rosemary Fisher at 513-524-7748. We have to start as soon as possible. Thank you for your help in this project
It's Mitten Tree time and our tree will be bursting with mittens for children of all ages. Beginning Sunday, Nov.25 and  continuing on December 2, 9, and 16, donations of $40-$50  will be collected for the Family Resource Center.  This money is used to buy a gift for a needy child in Oxford who may not be receiving a gift at Christmas.
And that's where you come in!  Your money is distributed to families who need help in purchasing gifts for their children. The parents shop at Wal-Mart under the guidance of Resource Center personnel, who approve the purchase.  This is to be sure that legitimate gifts are being bought for the children.  It also builds self- esteem in the parents as they can give their child a nice gift.
Won't you please help?  Take a mitten from the tree in the sanctuary, put cash or a check payable to OPC in the envelope inside of the mitten, put your name and the child's name on the envelope, and bring both to the Molyneaux Lounge.  There put the mitten and envelope into the basket, check off the child's name on the list, and write your name next to the child's name.  That's all there is to it!  You have just enabled a child in need to have a merry Christmas!  THANK YOU for helping to spread joy to many children all around Oxford!  If you have questions, see Karen Shearer.
Why have a Cookie Sale and Advent Workshop?
  • Our quality cookies sweeten gatherings and save you time!
  • The sale of cookies allows OPW to support many charities.
  • The Advent Workshop enriches our spiritual focus.
  • The Workshop chili lunch supports youth programming & mission trips.
What is a Cookie Walk?
It is a 3-hour sale of handcrafted cookies, specialty candy and Fair trade International SERRV gifts. Sip some hot chocolate & enjoy a cookie in our café!
What is our Advent Workshop?
Craft opportunities for "kids of all ages" and our youth fundraiser: a chili lunch.
Who?  We invite YOU, friends and neighbors & the community!  
When?  Cookie Sale:  Saturday, December 1, from 10am to 1pm
            Advent Workshop:  Sunday, December 2, after service                                            to 2pm
Where?  Cookie Sale:  our Church Molyneaux Lounge, 101 N.                                                    Main Street
                           Advent Workshop: Seminary Building, 104 E. Church                                                          Street.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting with your group over the last few months!  There is still time if you want to plan one more get together before year-end.  We will be gathering after the first of the year to add more people and recreate groups!  As MEF coordinates this again, your feedback is always helpful.  Let us know what kind of outings you chose, what was the most fun, what could be even more fun next year?  Email Pat Gifford at gifforp@miamioh.edu or Leanne Staley at leannestaley1@gmail.com.
If you are unable to attend some of our church services on Sunday mornings, we have another option for you.  Becky Quay shows recent church services on DVD in the Country Kitchen at 10:00 A.M. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.  In November, the dates are 13 and 27.  If you would like to join us, but need a ride, j ust give Becky a call at 523-5747
Deadline for the December Newsletter
is November 20, 2018
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All are invited to attend the Church Women United World Community Day, November 4, 3 to 4:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 25 E. Walnut.  The theme is "In Harmony with God's People." We are pleased that the service will feature Peter Carels of the drumming ensemble of percussive enthusiasts from Pete's Drum Barn.
The overall theme of Reaching Toward Wholeness reflects the idea that being whole requires feeling safe and cared for, valued and connected within our local community and the larger world. With these aspects present, there is harmony. Like many voices coming together in a chorus, people of many cultures and nations can come together to lift humanity beyond the brokenness of discord, violence, and war.
Music and rhythm have been used since primitive times to communicate around times of birth, death, war and peace. From the individual rhythm of the human body to the more social rhythms of family and community or nation and the celestial rhythm of the universe, we learn the cadence of cooperation, collaboration and mutual support. Any dissonance, while often useful and provocative, must eventually resolve itself into the service toward the whole.
The drumming ensemble will instruct us in this very thing. All are invited to this unusual service. 
Prue Dana
Offering of Letters
Sunday November 18
The Peacemaking Committee is asking again for 7 minutes of your time during Fellowship time to write letters to your congress people. Bread for the World Sunday arrives this year at a fortuitous time. Celebrated November 18, it comes a few months after the weekend in the fall, after the Senate passed the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act and right around the midterm elections. 
This annual event, which merges prayer and advocacy, is an opportunity for faith communities to live out God's vision of a world without hunger. All of the writing materials and suggestions for letters and addresses of our Congress will be available. 
Prue Dana
Thank you for supporting Walk On for Autism 2018 to benefit the equestrian program at Safe Haven Farms!  Your support through business sponsorship, walk registrations, or donations to a team have raised over $22,000 this year.  This revenue is used to help fund equestrian program expenses that exceed $30,000 each year.
The therapeutic horseback riding program for those with autism has openings for interested riders. Classes meet weekly and riders can choose to ride year-round or seasonally. 
If you know of a special rider in the Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery, Preble, or Warren County areas who is interested in joining our program, please contact Brandy Hinkle at  safehavenequestrian@gmail.com or 513-422-1880 x106.
Safe Haven Farms

Please consider donating to the "No Bake - Bake sale "
This is our 6thyear for this virtual sale.  Last year we collected over $1300 in donations.  That is a huge contribution to the Adult Day program and we are hoping to increase that amount and have set a goal of $1500.  Will you help us reach our goal?  Here's how you can help out.  You donate money to the ADS that you would spend on making the items below or purchasing items for a bake sale.  We have come up with a virtual menu
  • Silver Sneaker Snicker Doodles  $10
  • Wake Me up Coffee Cake $8
  • Nada Etta Jean Pie $ 20
  • Little Debbie's ADS cakes $15
  • Barely There Brownies $7
For every $5 donated you are entered in our drawing for a Gourmet Etta Jean Crawford - award-winning pie of your choice.  This will be drawn the first Friday in December 7, at the carry in lunch.  
What do we do with the money we collect in the No Bake - Bake Sale?  We are hoping to replace some of our older electric recliners for our clients to take a break during their time with us, We also use the donations for craft items and supplies, and our ADS family Thanksgiving Dinner that we have every year the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This year it will be held on November 21.  
Answer to the Question of the Month.
It's called a snood.  The wattle hangs below the beak.
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Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Office Hours: 8:30-4:30, M-F
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
Seminary Building: 513-523-7411
Pastor: Lawrence Bartel
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associate:   Rev. Diane Ziegler
Clerk : Julia R. Fisher
Administrative Assistant:
            Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
            Mary Martin:   finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
            Sarah Mapel: ccnsoxfordpreschool@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor:
            Nancy Moeckel, moeckenj@miamioh.edu
Custodian: Priscilla Parks
Sexton: Robert Simpson
Class of 2018
Carol Klumb, Amy McGoldrick, Katie Payne, Deb Sayers, Leanne Staley
Class of 2019 :
Jenny Bailer, , F. Harrison Green , Greg Hughes, Nancy Moeckel,
Johanna Reinhart
Class of 2020
Candace Crist, Danny Cross, Pat Gifford, Richard Munson, Jennifer Walter
Class of 2018 :
Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Joni Marcum, Mickey Simonds
Class of 2019:
Debbie Davidson, Janet Holmes, Pat Roberts Diane Young
Class of 2020
Cornelia Browne, Jill Grajewski, Stephanie Hartman, Matt Lykins, Becky Quay
Class of 2018:   Tom Holmes, Nick Fears
Class of 2019 :  Keith Payne, Joe Simpson
Class of 2020 Rick Bailey, Scott Parkinson

November Birthdays
 1         Joyce Weber
 2         Jim Baer
 3         Chuck Crain
 3         Bill Thomas
 4         Jonathan Feazell
 5         Matt Todd
 6         Ken Bogard
 6         Kent Peterson
 7         Griffin Barrington
 7         Rich Drewes
 9         Larry Johnson
 9         Johanna Reinhart
10         Kelsey Listerman
10         Randy Listerman
10         Carol Richmond
11         Noble Toney
13         Pete Roberts
15         Michael Handy
15         Kara Marado
15         Chase Walter
16         John Curry (Senior)
16         Scott Shriver
18         Mary Jo McFadden
23         Roger Gates
23         Russ Logsdon
24         Alex Logsdon
24         David Feazell
25         Vicki Shriver
26         Betty Barnhart
27         Barbara Skipper
28        Anthony Sunderhaus
November Nifties
The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held each year on November 11th at Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony commences precisely at 11:00 a.m. with a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns The ceremony is intended to honor and thank all who served in the United States Armed Forces.

The idea of honoring US soldiers in November reaches back to the First World War, American troops made significant headway in 1918, rebuffing a German offensive along the western front and moving Allied forces deeper into enemy territory. 

By November, Germany had had enough. It agreed to a cease-fire, signing the official armistice at 5 a.m. on November 11. The treaty took effect six hours later. On the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month," as the saying goes, the world knew peace once again.

Around November 17, the Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak

Americans first began the custom of weekday voting in 1845, when Congress passed a federal law designating the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November as Election Day. In 1845, the United States was largely an agrarian society. Farmers often needed a full day to travel by horse-drawn vehicles to the county seat to vote. Tuesday was established as Election Day because it did not interfere with the Biblical Sabbath or with market day, which was on Wednesday in many towns.
A ham sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve food here."

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday November 4
Benjamin Franklin suggested the idea back in 1784, as a way to economize on sunlight and burn fewer candles during winter mornings and nights, 

Question of the Month
What is the wobbly red piece of flesh on the top of a turkey's beak called?
Look everywhere in the newsletter to find the answer

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Immediately after an opening prayer and instructions, the bags began to be filled with these non-perishable ingredients.  One ... ten... one hundred... one thousand... the number of bags grew more quickly the longer we worked and talked and laughed.  All of this and more filled the Community Room as full as I have ever seen it in my ministry with this body of Christ.
Youth as young as four worked alongside elders in their eighties.  We came from Eaton and Mason, Gratis and College Corner, Oxford and Hamilton. Outside the mission event we may have been strangers thinking of ourselves as primarily university students or retirees, Jews or Christians, conservatives or progressives.  Inside the church we engaged in reducing hunger during the Global Week of Food Action. 
For approximately two hours inside Oxford Presbyterian Church, one hundred people offered the Stewardship of their time.  Our gift of stewardship resulted in 15,120 bags of non-perishable food that will make over 15,120 meals!  This Stewardship of Time will make a difference for the school girl in Somalia or the refugee from a typhoon in the Philippines.
The Rise Against Hunger is a very recent illustration of our ministry that is Real, Relevantand Reformed.  The Mission and Outreach Committee of our congregation initiated, planned and reached out with invitations to the university and community organizations as well as churches in the Oxford area and throughout the Presbytery. Committees and teams across the congregation worked so well together to make this mission event so meaningful and successful.
Every week throughout the year, the ministry of Oxford Presbyterian strives to engage more and more people in our mission to Seek God, Serve Others, and Share Christ's Love with All.  We are growing in our missional journey outward and deepening our spiritual journey inward.  
The blessing and the cost of fulfilling this mission calls each one of us to be stewards.  As farmers are stewards of their harvest from the fields all around Oxford in this season, Jesus calls each one of us to be stewards of the resources that are most precious to us. 
Our time is priceless.  Our talents and skills are refined through a lifetime of work.  Our financial treasures give us a sense of security when facing an uncertain future.    
I understand well the temporal consideration to keep as many of these resources in our control for as long as possible.  In his ministry and teaching, Jesus also clearly understood this impulse of our human nature. Yet my own experience in tithing bears witness to the far greater truth throughout scripture - our lives fill with more joy, more gratitude and more blessings when we generously share our God-given resources.
Frederick Buechner writes, to sacrifice something is to make it holy by giving it away for love. 
Led by the Holy Spirit, Oxford Presbyterian Church is already journeying in hope toward a future of transformative ministry.  With the addition of Jake Smithers to our ministry staff as Youth Director, the Youth Group has expanded into a Middle School Youth Group that meets on Thursday night and a High School Youth Group that meets on Sunday evening. 
We will take even more strides toward this hope-filled future when the Rev. Marc Van Bulck joins us in Advent as Associate Pastor for Family Ministry and Youth Ministry.  Accompanying the blessing of these opportunities is our unique and individual call to stewardship. 
Thank your for your robust stewardship that contributed $327,000 toward our mission in 2018. Healthy and vital congregations continually grow in support of today's ministry needs. I confidently join the Stewardship Team in asking you to respond generously to our ministry's increasing vision. For 2019, we hope to increase pledge income by $40,000 or 12%.
Please join me, along with your brothers and sisters in the faith, as we prayerfully prepare for Stewardship Sunday on November 11th.
Members and non-members, young adults and elders - Christ calls everyone in the faith community of Oxford Presbyterian Church to generously share our God-given resources with this ministry that is meeting the world's deep hunger now and will transform lives for generations to come.
Join me by making our time, talentsand treasure... holythrough God's grace by giving it away for love.
Pastor Lawrence

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