June News & Events

A huge thank you to all who attended  EPIC 17!   We thank all our volunteers, guest speakers and participants, who braved the high waters to attend.  Despite the flooding, our attendance was even better than last year!  This is a testament to the spirit of perseverance that resides in the heart of every entrepreneur. Business must go on.  If you missed EPIC17, mark your calendars for EPIC18 on May 1st, 2018.  

OzSBI Business Spotlight

Suit7 Development is a full service web and application development firm specializing in web based services for business. Suit7 has been in business since 2013 and is owned by Justin Jones and is a new Affiliate client of OzSBI.  You can find Justin and Suit7 at  SUIT7.com , on Twitter  @Developing4U,  send him an email at  Justin@SUIT7.com or by cell 417-812-5660 .

OzSBI Microloan Program

The Ozarks Small Business Incubator offers low-interest microloans to the public operating a business in Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Texas and Wright counties. OzSBI's Microloans may be used as a direct loan, seed capital or "gap" financing combined with other lending. Eligible uses include:

  • Purchase equipment, furniture, and fixtures
  • Increase working capital
  • Purchase inventory and supplies
  • Pay for educational training
  • Start or expand their business
  • Purchase real estate (as gap financing with local banks)
  • Loans may be made for a minimum of $2,500 and a maximum of $25,000. Maximum term of the loan is 10 years. Loans are only available to provide up to a maximum of 80% of the total project cost. All loans are made at an annual interest rate of 4.5%, (rates are subject to change).

The OzSBI Microloan Program is another benefit OzSBI provides to help businesses grow. For more information contact Ila Sloan at 256-9724 or ilasloan@ozsbi.com 

Feed Your Brain:  Attend an OzSBI Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn: What Makes Fidelity Different

Fidelity Communications works hard to provide a superior customer experience and innovative technologies that enhance the lives of their customers. Come learn how you and your business can benefit from becoming a Fidelity customer. Lunch provided.

Date: Thursday, June 15th
Time: 12-1 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: OzSBI Conference Room

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Lunch & Learn: Human Resource Solutions for Business
Growing a business is hard. Creating a great place to work is even harder. What if there was a solution that helped you accomplish both? Employer Service Partners is a team of dedicated HR professionals that is committed to helping your company create the quality work place that you've always wanted. Their services cover simple, yet time consuming activities like payroll, taxes, employee benefits plans and critical employee development services and training.  Lunch provided.

Date: Thursday, July 20th
Time: 12-1 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: OzSBI Conference Room

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Lunch & Learn: Protect What Matters

Help Protect What Matters Most With an AMCN Membership. You never know when a medical emergency will arise. But when it does, time and access to world-class patient care can mean everything. That's why an AirMedCare Network membership is so important. If you have a medical emergency, our alliance of affiliated air ambulance helicopters and airplanes provide medical transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency treatment facility. Lunch provided.

Date: Thursday, September 21st
Time: 12-1 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: OzSBI Conference Room

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RSVP for our Lunch&Learns at www.ozsbi.com  
Professional Workshops

Business Marketing 101 - Mountain View, MO

The goal is to help people determine the different aspects of their marketing plan, how to brand their business, and how to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

Date: Tuesday, June 6th
Time: 5-9 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: Mountain View Community Room

Facebook 101 for Small Business

This workshop will give you the tools you need create and maintain a successful Facebook Business Page.

Date: Tuesday, June 20th
Time: 1:30-3:30 pm
Cost: $35 / $20
Location: OzSBI Meeting Room

Social Media Advertising for Small Business

Become more effective with you social media marekting without making it a full-time job. This advanced cousrse covers Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, You-Tube and Linked In.  Learn how to target your ads, what to say, and how it canhelp your bottom line.  

Date: Friday, June 30th
Time: 1-4 pm
Cost: $45 / $30
Location: OzSBI Meeting Room

Introduction to QuickBooks Pro

A one-day hands on seminar for beginner and intermediate users of QuickBooks Pro Desktop Version.  Learn how to make QuickBooks generate the documents you need to run your business more smoothly.

Date: Thursday, July 13th
Time: 9-4 pm
Cost: $125 / $95
Location: OzSBI Meeting Room

Smart Start: Developing a Successful Business

Before you quit your day job, determine whether your business idea is feasible. This 2 hour workshop will outline the first steps you need to take, how to create a business plan, and how to get a handle of the finances from the start.

Date: Tuesday, July 18th
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: OzSBI Meeting Room

Register for workshops at www.ozsbi.com  
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