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Exploring the meaning of 11-11-11 November 2011
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November 11, 2011, what does it mean?
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What does 11-11-11 mean?  Does it herald the dawning of a New Age or is it just a number?  We explore some different interpretations with some Ozark authors and then you decide.

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November signals the close of the year and with it brings the subject of 11-11-11. Since we are now nearly there, we wanted to find out from some of our authors their interpretations of what this day may or may not mean for us.  
Guy Needler, author of The History of God and Walter Pullen, author of Evolution of the Spirit both shared their unique perspectives for us.  Read what they have to say here.

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November 11, 2011:
what does it mean?

We asked Guy Needler, author of  The History of God to bring us information about 11-11-11 from the Source Entity, who he channels.


Walter Pullen, author of Evolution of the Spirit also shares his views on 11-11-11 from the numerological perspective .


The Reality Surrounding 11:11:11  



By Guy Needler


GN: There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles about the date 11:11:1, its significance being the focal point in the change in energies associated with the Earth and its ascension. Can you offer any advice on this date, the ascension and whether they are linked in any way?


SE: Your readers should see me smiling the smile of one who is always surprised at mankind's ability to put a spiritual label on dates that are easily made into a palindrome by stealth. 11:11:2011 is not a palindrome hence the smile. In essence it is cheap, low grade spiritualism, which will only serve to lose the personal credibility of those spiritualists, who promote this type of misinformation when no big identifiable change occurs.


Energetically this date has no bearing on a change in frequency nor the ascension, for this is a gradual change that has been in process for over three to four decades. Those sensitive enough will have noticed that over these last decades they have been able to gain access to certain information, or have gained interest in spiritual subjects, that they would not have been interested in, or have been able to access previously. This is the true measure of the level of rise in the Earth base frequency, and provided humanity continues on the path it is currently on, the base frequency will continue to rise at a rate equal to the total spiritual contribution of the Earth's population.


As more and more individuals become aware of the greater reality, and their spiritual abilities increase, the earth's population draws closer to the critical mass necessary to allow those others who are not so spiritually inclined, but who are never-the-less close to being so, to become accustomed to those energies necessary for the change to enlightened living through the affect of triangulation. Those who are not spiritually inclined will simply not benefit from the capabilities associated with existing in a higher frequency base. Those that are spiritually inclined though will see an increase in their body's base frequency, making them appear lighter, less visible/perceivable to the current human eye and more in phase with the next frequency level.


This will continue to be a gradual process and not one that will happen overnight, so based upon this the date of 11th November 2011 will come and go as any other day on Earth.


Mankind should rejoice though, as a gradual ascension is more stable than an instantaneous one, for the population has a chance to get used to the higher frequencies at a gradual, sustainable and robust pace.


Channelled by Guy Steven Needler

5th November 2011


Guy is author of The History of God, published by Ozark in 2011.


For more information on Guy please click here



11-11-11, a Date of Planetary Oneness

Excerpt from an article in New Spirit Journal

by Walter Pullen

Nov. 11, 2011 is an exciting time both numerologically and spiritually. There are many prophecies out there related to 2011 and 2012, and most point to a pivotal moment in our evolutionary path. We will describe how 11:11 is a time of completion, when duality exits our planet. Each person can choose to live differently through embodying love, trueness, integrity, courage and cooperation.

"11:11" is the bridge between duality and oneness. It is a wakeup call for each of us to release the old, embrace the new, and live real and true lives. Many people are drawn to see 11:11 when it appears on digital clocks and in other serendipitous environments, feeling a triggering within and knowing that it means something important. Even children when seeing 11:11 frequently know to "make a wish."

The 11:11 emphasizes love and the one being we all form together. We are not separate from each other, but rather each of us are cells in the body of a larger being, petals of a vast flower, and pieces of a beautiful puzzle. Events related to 11:11 involve our unified presence, where we come together and align as one.

The glamour of duality has been a controlling power on this planet for eons, but it is rapidly losing influence. Duality is an emphasis upon polarity, where people split reality into two or more pieces, choosing one side and disliking the other. Polarities involve halves such as me/you, male/female, day/night, yin/yang, democrat/republican, and even duality/oneness itself.

Oneness is a level of love, respect, and compassion that encompasses and moves to an expanded level beyond polarities. Oneness isn't just compromise, and doesn't mean one can't have opinions, but it does mean one is able to see where others are coming from, and look larger to the evolutionary purpose of our world.

In numerology, double numbers such as 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers, and have energies of a higher octave beyond those of the standard digits. For example, the number 11 is about anchoring the new, while 22 is building upon the new. 11:11 is a double instance of a master number, and anchors in the new energies coming to the planet in these significant times.

The energies of 11:11 are being embodied on our planet through a set of planetary activations called the doorway of the 11:11. We are near the conclusion of a 20-year journey through this doorway. The 11:11 doorway was originally opened on Jan. 11, 1992. There are 11 unique gates within this doorway. Each gate has its own keynote, and a master cylinder held at a sacred location somewhere in the world. In addition to the master cylinder, people hold anchor groups around the globe. Most recently, the 10th gate was activated on Sept. 11, 2011. Its keynote is "Living True Lives as True Ones," with the master cylinder held in Chiapas, Mexico. There is only one 11:11 gate left, for the 11th and final gate.

Master cylinders and anchor groups involve unified movements and practices, sacred dances that are simple yet very deep, and spontaneous activities to anchor the new energies. Between the dates of gate activations, there are sometimes 11:11 workshops in various locations around the world to bring forth energies of oneness in our lives.

Nov. 11, 2011 (11/11/11) is a special date for the 11:11 doorway. It isn't one of the 11 standard gates, but it is just as significant, and will have its own worldwide anchor groups. For 11/11/11, the focus is on being silent watchers, with everybody around the world doing the practice at the same time spanning 11:11 a.m. GMT. Silent watchers embody vastness, reassurance, pure heart love, and trueness.


Walter also writes more on this topic in his book, Evolution of the Spirit, which he addresses in his chapter 'A Vision of Our Future'.  For more information on Walter please click here.






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