Community Education Digest
February 2019
Welcome to our Community Education Digest! The aim of Ozone House's Community Education Digest newsletter is to connect our community's resources and services with the youth and families who need them most. Each month, the Community Education Digest highlights an Ozone House program along with related resources in our community. Many of these resources can also be found in the Ozone House Info Cards shown below. 

This month we highlight our Community Education and Outreach.

Community Education and Outreach
John Doroba
Resources for Youth in our Community
The Education Project
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Community Education and Outreach

Ozone House's Community Outreach and Education Programs are committed to spreading awareness about our services and the issues impacting youth and their communities. Through specialized training and a variety of outreach efforts, the agency aims to build relationships, increase safety and support, and meet the needs of at-risk youth in the community.

SpeakOut is a youth driven group that addresses youth homelessness within Washtenaw County and stands to uphold the voice of young people by empowering youth in their housing, financial, and personal battles. This goal is achieved actively by theatrical, political, educational, and social awareness.

Peer Outreach
Each year we have a Street Outreach Team of approximately 5-6 trained Peer Outreach Workers (POW's). This group is made of up youth, ages 14-18, that demonstrate leadership qualities. They provide homeless and high-risk youth with on-the-street support and information. POWs have an in-depth understanding of Ozone House services and why youth may need these services

Community Education
We connect Ozone House resources with the youth and families who need them most by providing outreach and education at middle and high schools throughout Washtenaw County. The goal of our interactive presentation is to explore what homelessness looks like in washtenaw county and reduce the stigma around asking for support. Presentation length can be adjusted to meet the needs of the classroom.
To learn more, or request a presentation contact visit the Ozone house website email or call our office at 734-662-2265

John has been part of the Ozone team since 2015 but just recently stepped in to the full time role of Housing Case Manager. Born in the U.P., John has moved all around the midwest, settling in the Lansing area. While his mother's career as a nurse connected him early to the idea of providing support to people, John's first experience with service work was with a pitbull rescue in Lansing. He then continued on to Eastern Michigan University where he completed his BSW in December of 2015. While at Eastern, John was able to combine his love of theater and performance with his desire to support others through the the Bright Futures program, where he served as the Drama and vocal director at the Willow Run site. Additionally, John connected to the Adolescent Diversion Project where he became a mentor for first time adolescent offenders engaged in the juvenile justice system. It was during this time, that John also became a Youth Specialist at Ozone House.

John's investment in Ozone grew as he moved into the Education Coordinator role and then the Skills Coordinator role for Miller House. John's only partial break from work with Ozone House came when he paused to focus on earning his Master's in Social Work from University of Michigan. Completing his master's in December of 2018, John has now transitioned into the role of Housing Case Manager where he works with young adults to help them move toward independent living and find safe, sustainable housing options. When asked why he keeps coming back to Ozone, John immediate says the youth. He also loves the way staff support each other and the mission of agency, whether it's a kickball game with youth or a post-work karaoke session. As a case manager, John appreciates the freedom to be out of the office and work within the community, meeting young people where they are at, literally and figuratively.

When John isn't at Ozone, you can find him on the basketball court, getting buckets, or in the studio, where he writes, records and performs his own music. Occasionally, John relaxes at home with his two cats, his dog, a turtle and his wife. He's loyal to the Rams despite their recent loss ("he was happy to be invited to the dance") as well as the Cubs, Pistons and the Michigan Wolverines. If you are want to know more about his past projects or just need to connect with John you can reach him at or by calling the Ozone House business line, 734-662-2265.
Resources for Youth in our Community
February Resources 
This February we are sharing some amazing resources, events and
work opportunities  for youth in the community

The Corner Health, 
47 N. Huron Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48105
Phone: 734.484.3600
Offers a full range of health caremental health, and supportive services for young people as they transition to adulthood. Corner staff-including physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, nutritionists, and health educators-are well versed in young people's unique needs. They provide services to young people regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay for care.

The Neutral Zone, 
310 E. Washington St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734. 214.9995 
The Neutral Zone was founded by teens, to provide a venue for needed social, cultural, educational, recreational, and creative opportunities for high school teens.


T he Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development (OCED) and the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC) announce the opening of winter warming centers for those experiencing homelessness during severe cold weather.
Jointly funded for the fourth year by the City of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County and lead by SAWC; thewinter weather response provides expanded winter shelter services for the homeless.
Expanded services include an:
  • overnight warming center at the Delonis Center from 7pm - 7am accommodating up to 50 people in the shelter's dining room and common areas; and 
  • daytime warming centers at area churches that will be available to the homeless population throughout the winter.
A current list of daytime center locations and hours are available  here.
For individuals needing to escape adverse cold conditions (real or wind chill air temperature at 20 degrees or below) before continuing on their destination; temporary weather havens are also available. These sites are for all Washtenaw County residents and will be activated when the weather reaches extreme temperatures, requiring public school closings. A current list of weather haven locations and hours are available  here . 
The Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development is committed to ensuring that all Washtenaw County residents are protected during severe weather condition

The Education Project Updates
Education Projects Supports and Services 

Below is the 2018 - 2019 referral. Please use this referral when working with students and families this school year.  The referral is intended to be filled out by school staff or community partners with the students or families in need of support. 

Once a referral is completed, the information should be shared with the Education Project staff as well as the Local Liaison. Any questions about the referral or referral process can be directed to or call us at 734-994-8100 x1518.  
Click here to obtain a copy:

If you have new staff or want to provide current staff with a refresher around the McKinney-Vento Law and how to support students in your school, please let us know.  We will come  trainings for teachers, administrators, school counselors, social workers or anyon I e in the community. 

Coats, Hats and Gloves!!

Coats: We continue to distribute coats as they come in. We have many of your requests and are filling them as quickly as possible. If there is a student you feel needs to be prioritized, please let us know!

The Education Project is a joint program of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) and Ozone House. The Education Project is designed to ensure that students experiencing homelessness or unstable living situations enroll, regularly attend, and succeed  in school.

Under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act,
students who are homeless must have equal access to free and appropriate public education

The Education Project serves children & youth, ages 0-21, from the 9 school districts and thirteen public school academies (PSA) in the county.  Each district and PSA has a McKinney-Vento liaison and we work directly with them as well as allies within each school to provide support to students and families experiencing homelessness.
The Education Project works closely with community partners: Hospitals, clinics, shelters and other non-profits to make sure that students get the wraparound support they need.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Education Project

Who is Homeless?
Homelessness does not always look like a family living in a car or on the street; it exists in many different versions. The primary criteria we consider are: Is their housing Fixed? Is it Regular? And is it Adequate?

Fixed : Is it permanent or not subject to change? For example, is the person staying somewhere that they have a right to live? Are they not on the lease? Could they be asked to leave?
Regular : Are they staying the same place every night? Do they have to switch locations frequently?
Adequate : Is the residence sufficient? Do youth staying in the home have a bed to sleep in? Are there health risks and unsanitary conditions in the home? Does it meet the physical and psychological needs of a child?
Although we all hope that homelessness is very temporary, it can be a perpetual experience for many families and unaccompanied youth. It is important to ask these questions and understand each family and youth's situation.
How can I access the Education Project?
The education project is housed in the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. The website is  Here you can find information about who is eligible for McKinney-Vento services, what services are offered and additional links and supports around youth homelessness and education.

The Education Project office is staffed regularly Monday - Thursday from 9am - 4pm.
How can I help?
  • Volunteer to pack backpacks and organize supplies
  • Host a supply or gift card drive for:
    • Back-to-School
    • Holiday
    • Graduation
    • Or any time!
  • Donate funds, gift cards or in-kind donations from our wish list, including: clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, bus tokens and more.
  • Advocate to your federal legislators to keep the McKinney-Vento Act funded
Visit the Ozone House website to learn more about how you can help.
Any questions regarding a young person's McKinney-Vento status and the supports available can be direct to, or by phone at (734) 994-8100 x1518.

If you know a youth or family who could benefit from Ozone House services,
please have them call,text,or chat our 24-hour Crisis Line:


There is always somebody here to listen. 
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We will come to you!  
We provide educational presentations to middle and high school classrooms or assemblies, as well as organizations throughout Washtenaw County.
To order free printed education materials, or to schedule a presentation, 
contact Dawn Espy at 
call (734) 994-8100 x1518

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