Community Education Digest
Spring 2019
Welcome to our Community Education Digest! The aim of Ozone House's Community Education Digest newsletter is to connect our community's resources and services with the youth and families who need them most. Each month, the Community Education Digest highlights an Ozone House program along with related resources in our community. Many of these resources can also be found in the Ozone House Info Cards shown below. 

This month we highlight our Counseling Services.

Ozone House Expansion
Jeannette Hadden
Resources for Youth in our Community
The Education Project
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Ozone House is  GROWING


By the end of 2019, Ozone House is set to open a new 19,000 square-foot facility at 1600 N. Huron River Drive. The new home will have:
  • 16 private bedrooms, sleeping up to 32 young people, up from 5 shared rooms that sleep 12 at their two current facilities.
  • 11 dedicated counseling rooms
  • 3 kitchens
  • 7 youth bathrooms
  • Food pantry
  • Multiple shower/laundry facilities
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Fully ADA compliant access
The Drop-In Center, located at 102 N Hamilton, has expanded both hours and services!
Day services (1:00 pm-3:00 pm) include:
  • Shower
  • Laundry
  • Job applications
  • Navigating community resources
  • Assistance with intake scheduling
  • Linkages to other agency services
During afternoon hours (3:00 pm-6:00 pm) everyday the Drop-In Center is open for "free time" and provide daily hot meals, activities, and games. 

Evening hours (6:00 pm-8:00 pm) Tuesday & Thursday are available for young people to participate in scheduled group dialogues and programmatic activities.

Come celebrate our history and our future!
J une 2, 2019 
The Farm at St. Joe's 2:00 pm-5:00 pm
Jeannette Hadden joined the Ozone House team in January 2019 but is no stranger to the local community. Born and raised on the southside of Ypsilanti, Jeannette or MJ as many call her, is a staple of the community. While raising kids, Jeannette moved between working at Ford on the production line and doing hair, both in her own salon and out of her own home. Over the years, Jeannette's home became more of an informal community center, with her kids and their friends, along with any other young people in the neighborhood coming by for food and conversation.

After seeing violence in the community and close to her home, it was clear to Jeannette that our young people were in need of additional help and support. That it was important to take action and do something to address the needs of our community and youth. During the summer of 2015, after a second young person lost their life to gun violence, Jeannette worked with other members of her community to organize the "stop the violence" march on the south side of Ypsilanti. This moment of unity and community coming together, showed Jeannette that people needed and wanted to see change. Following the march, Jeannette worked with Derrick Jackson from the sheriff's department to hold community forums and meetings exploring resources and options for folks looking for safer options. Their work transformed into The Interrupters, a group of folks that go door-to-door in the community providing resources to young people and families across Ypsilanti. Jeannette's willingness to connect with youth in need of care of support has always showed up in her work and personal space.

When a position at Ozone House opened up for a community outreach coordinator, Jeannette was a natural fit. When she is not supporting open hours at the Drop- In Center, Jeannette is going out in the community, networking, strengthening community connections and helping create awareness for young people in crisis about resources and how best to access support. Jeannette approaches each day with joy and excitement. She sees the best in young people, saying "they all mean well, they might just not know how." After raising 5 children of her own and now helping with 5 grandchildren, she has gone through challenges of parenting and feels like she continues to learn right along side the youth. She understands that sometimes a young person doesn't feel ready or willing to talk to someone at home, which is why it's so important to have spaces like Ozone where youth can feel safe talking with someone else. For Jeannette, Ozone is a place that provides youth access to resources, and she looks forward to continuing to expand that access within her work and her community. Jeannette doesn't stop when she goes home. With a house that is never empty, you can find her babysitting grandkids, hanging out with family and cooking Sunday dinner, all of which she manages to do with nails that are always done! 

If you need to connect with Jeannette, stop by the drop-in or email her at 
Resources for Youth & Families in our Community

Bryant Community Center
3 W Eden Ct, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 477-0292

Five-week summer day camp for grades K-5 features swimming, reading, activities with dogs, art, games, and field trips. Call for fees, schedule, and eligibility requirement information for Bryant residents. Scholarships available. Similar programs available for residents of the Hikone, Green Baxter, and Northside neighborhoods, and children who attend Mitchell Elementary School. 

YMCA of Ann Arbor  Teen Opportunities 
Deadlines and applications can be found at:
Offers:  Camp, training, and employment opportunities  to youth 10-17.  Programs such as teen adventure, babysitting day camp etc. help develop youth passions and leadership skills. 

Summer Camp Scholarships 
For the application and more information visit:
4th and 5th grade (this year) temporarily homeless child in the county to camp this summer at no charge. Each camper receives a sleeping bag and duffel, a gift card from Value World for camp clothes if needed, and money in the camp bank. And we make sure every camper has a ride. Youngsters will attend one of 5 camps:YMCA Camp Storer, YMCA Camp Nissokone, YMCA CAMP Ohiyesa, YMCA CAMP Copneconic, or Howell Nature Center Overnight CAMP.


WorkZone Summer Session Begins June 16th* 

If you are between the ages of 16- 20 and interested in the culinary arts and food industry,  WorkZone @ Food Gatherers is the place for you. 
  • Food Gatherers Community Kitchen Job Training Program is part of our mission to not only alleviate hunger but also address its root causes. This program provides youth with instruction in basic culinary arts, cooking techniques, work ethics, and life skills. 
  • Students receive instruction from guest chefs, take field trips to local restaurants to experience global cuisines, and hear from guest speakers in the fields of personal finance, small business management, and nutrition.
  • A selection of CKJTP graduates are asked to stay on at Food Gatherers for 6-week paid internships. Students are able to apply the skills they have learned throughout the program to a professional job experience. 

 If you are between the ages of 18-20 and interested in a community based internship join us for WorkZone. 
  • This program offers young people an opportunity to participate in workshops on topics like job skill training,  public speaking, personal finance and credit management, creative expression, team building, community resources, and education.
  • Offer enhanced leadership and community engagement opportunities for  youth ages 18-20  in Washtenaw County

WorkZoners also have the opportunity to work with an Ozone House Case Manager to address other needs, around housing, child care, insurance, food, etc. 


Follow the links for  program info and   applications. 

Please circle which program you are interested in at the top of your application.  Any questions you might have can be direct to Scott Phillips our Youth Employment Coordinator at 734-485-2222/  
You also must plan to attend the WorkZone starting June 16th.


The Education Project Updates
Education Projects Supports and Services 


Are you working with a student who could benefit from being involved in an extracurricular activities but needs support with participation cost (fees, gear, and travel etc. l)?  If so, please contact EPHY for more information on "activities assistance" eligibility. Some activities covered include:
  • Athletic/Sports Participation Fee or Gear
    • Examples: YMCA, Dance Class, School or Recreational Sports...
  • Art  Program Fees or tools
    • Examples: Drawing/Painting Class, Drama Club, Instruments...
  • Youth Community Leadership Program Fees
    • Examples:  Registration, Memberships, Conferences...

We are in the process of sending out gifts for graduating seniors. If you are working with a student graduating that has not received a gift, please let us know and we will work to get them support!

Below is the 2018 - 2019 referral. Please use this referral when working with students and families this school year.  The referral is intended to be filled out by school staff or community partners with the students or families in need of support. 

Click here to obtain a copy:
Once a referral is completed, the information should be shared with the Education Project staff as well as the Local Liaison. Any questions about the referral or referral process can be directed to or call us at 734-994-8100 x1518.  


The Education Project is a joint program of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) and Ozone House. The Education Project is designed to ensure that students experiencing homelessness or unstable living situations enroll, regularly attend, and succeed  in school.

Under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act,
students who are homeless must have equal access to free and appropriate public education

The Education Project serves children & youth, ages 0-21, from the 9 school districts and thirteen public school academies (PSA) in the county.  Each district and PSA has a McKinney-Vento liaison and we work directly with them as well as allies within each school to provide support to students and families experiencing homelessness.
The Education Project works closely with community partners: Hospitals, clinics, shelters and other non-profits to make sure that students get the wraparound support they need.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Education Project

Who is Homeless?
Homelessness does not always look like a family living in a car or on the street; it exists in many different versions. The primary criteria we consider are: Is their housing Fixed? Is it Regular? And is it Adequate?

Fixed : Is it permanent or not subject to change? For example, is the person staying somewhere that they have a right to live? Are they not on the lease? Could they be asked to leave?
Regular : Are they staying the same place every night? Do they have to switch locations frequently?
Adequate : Is the residence sufficient? Do youth staying in the home have a bed to sleep in? Are there health risks and unsanitary conditions in the home? Does it meet the physical and psychological needs of a child?
Although we all hope that homelessness is very temporary, it can be a perpetual experience for many families and unaccompanied youth. It is important to ask these questions and understand each family and youth's situation.
How can I access the Education Project?
The education project is housed in the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. The website is  Here you can find information about who is eligible for McKinney-Vento services, what services are offered and additional links and supports around youth homelessness and education.

The Education Project office is staffed regularly Monday - Thursday from 9am - 4pm.
How can I help?
  • Volunteer to pack backpacks and organize supplies
  • Host a supply or gift card drive for:
    • Back-to-School
    • Holiday
    • Graduation
    • Or any time!
  • Donate funds, gift cards or in-kind donations from our wish list, including: clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, bus tokens and more.
  • Advocate to your federal legislators to keep the McKinney-Vento Act funded
Visit the Ozone House website to learn more about how you can help.
Any questions regarding a young person's McKinney-Vento status and the supports available can be direct to, or by phone at (734) 994-8100 x1518.

If you know a youth or family who could benefit from Ozone House services,
please have them call,text,or chat our 24-hour Crisis Line:


There is always somebody here to listen. 
Need More Information About Ozone House?
Ozone House Poster

We will come to you!  
We provide educational presentations to middle and high school classrooms or assemblies, as well as organizations throughout Washtenaw County.
To order free printed education materials, or to schedule a presentation, 
contact Dawn Espy at 
call (734) 994-8100 x1518

Ozone House INFO Card

Ozone House Outreach Card
Ozone House Outreach Card

To learn more about all of our crisis intervention, housing or support services,  or to get involved with Ozone House,  please visit our website at