June 2017

Parent Engagement in Region 20
Dear Parents and Families,

June brings many new opportunities for you to become more engaged in your child's education. The UTSA Institute for P-20 Initiatives reminds you that your child can develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime. Please share this information with other families and let us know what ideas you have for future topics.

The Institute for P-20 Initiatives
 Summer Means Reading For Fun

The Rowdy Readers Program holds tutoring sessions designed to help children in 2nd-8th grades who are reading below grade level. Tutors identify the child's strengths and needs and create highly engaging literacy experiences designed to support literacy growth and development. Find more UTSA Summer Camp information.

The Academy for Teacher Excellence (ATE) is holding the College Bridging Institute. Attention 9th-12th graders! You are invited to attend this series of informative and interactive half day workshops to help you prepare for college success.. There will also be a panel of college students who will discuss college life.  All sessions are FREE but space is limited. See attached flyer and/or contact Deborah.Chaney@utsa.edu.

Reconnecting Youth: Career Exploration at Cafe College is June 17th
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Do you know how much education you'll need? Do you know how your education level will match up to your future income level? Come learn how you can take steps now to ensure a better future. Sign up for this session at Cafe College.  Continue Reading
New STAAR Confidential Student Report

Kimberly Baumgardner of ESC Region 20 reports, "If you have a child that takes the STAAR Assessment, it’s important that you know there is a NEW Confidential Student Report (CSR) that will be sent to you that outlines your child’s STAAR scores and progress! This can really help you understand the areas your child has mastered and the areas he/she struggles in that can assist you in supporting your child in this area at home!" See the link here.  Continue Reading

National STEM Program is Recruiting Rising 8th Grade Girls
Eureka! is a holistic and intensive experience for girls beginning the summer before their 8th grade year. This STEM-focused program gets girls through high school and into a post-secondary education. Participation in this program is FREE to families! The deadline has been extended to June 16th. Continue Reading

Calling All Employers! Participate in Summer Earn and Learn. 
Create pathways to employment for students with disabilities. Your business will benefit from having a motivated young adult in the workplace to provide them with highly transferable job skills. Learn more.  Continue Reading

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