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P&C Updates - July 7, 2022
Chubb / Cyber, Digitech
ACE American Insurance Company increased rates 92.00% overall to their Cyber, Digitech and Pro ERM Program effective May 1, 2022 in Virginia. Changes were made to Hazard Group determination, and to add new Ransomware Encounter and Widespread Events Sublimit Endorsements.
(Fees may apply)
Vantage Risk / D&O
Vantage Risk Assurance Company introduced their new Advantage Directors, Officers and Corporate Securities Liability Program effective May 2022. This product was developed based on similar coverage offered by Chubb and Allianz.
(Fees may apply)
Continental Heritage/ Cannabis
Continental Heritage Insurance Company introduced their new Cannabis Products Liability and General Liability Programs effective May, 2022 in Pennsylvania. This product is designed for cannabis retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers operating with either or both medicinal and adult-use licenses.
(Fees may apply)
Zurich / P3
Zurich Insurance Companies decreased rates 16.20% overall to their Property Portfolio Protection Program effective October 2022. Changes were made to Base Rates, Flood Factors, Tornado Factors, Wildfire Factors, etc.
(Fees may apply)