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P&C Updates - June 8, 2022
Med Pro / Physicians
The Medical Protective Company increased rates 4.80% overall to their Physicians & Surgeons and Comprehensive Liability Coverage for Healthcare Providers Program effective December 1, 2022 in Kentucky. Changes were made to Base Rates, Limit Factors, and various additional factors.
(Fees may apply)
Next / General Liability
Next Insurance US Company increased rates 14.00% overall to their General Liability Program effective June 2022. Changes were made to Class Factors, State Factors, Years In Business Factors, etc. They also added new EPLI and Privacy & Network Security Liability Coverages.
(Fees may apply)
Pie / Commercial Auto
Pie Casualty Insurance Company introduced their new Commercial Auto Program effective March 2022 in Illinois. This program is designed for micro and small businesses.
(Fees may apply)
Allied World / APA Allied Health
Allied World Insurance Company introduced their new Occurrence Based Allied Health Professional and Business Liability Program effective May 18, 2022 in New York. This product will be administered through the American Professional Agency, Inc.
(Fees may apply)