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P&C Updates - April 12, 2022
Beazley / Execuguard
Beazley Insurance Company filed new Separate Retention for Covid-19 Vaccination Status Claims to their Beazley Execuguard EPLI Program effective March 24, 2022 in Oregon.
(Fees may apply)
Allstate / C Auto
Allstate Indemnity Company introduced their new Commercial Auto Program effective April1, 2022. This product will be fully proprietary and will target Trucks, Trailers, Private and Passenger Type Vehicles,
(Fees may apply)
Tesla / Personal Auto
Tesla General Insurance, Inc. introduced their new Private Passenger Auto Program effective April 1, 2022 in Oregon. This program incorporates a safety program that utilizes telematics data to provide safety discounts.
(Fees may apply)
Clear Blue / Rhino
Clear Blue Insurance Company introduced their new Rhino Lease Rental Bond Program effective March 24, 2022. This program provides coverage to guarantee a residential tenant's obligations under a lease agreement.
(Fees may apply)