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P&C Updates - September 8, 2021
Berkley / Human Services
W. R. Berkley companies increased rates 25.00% overall to their Human Services Professional Liability Program effective October 1, 2021. Changes were made to Base Rates.
(Fees may apply)
Chubb / Habitational
Federal Insurance Company introduced their new Middle Oak Specialty Habitational Businessowners Program effective August 2, 2021. This product will be written through McGowan and Company, Inc.
(Fees may apply)
Obsidian / Loop Auto
Obsidian Insurance Company introduced their new Loop Private Passenger Auto Program effective August 18, 2021 in Texas. This product measures actual driving behavior by leveraging telematics data to provide rating. Rates were developed based on similar products offered by Mercury, Progressive and Root.
(Fees may apply)
Hanover / Cyber Advantage Pro
Hanover Insurance Company introduced their new Cyber Advantage Pro Program effective October 2021. This product provide first and third part coverage for small and middle market risks. Rating also includes a Small Firm algorithm that offers 3 optional trim packages.
(Fees may apply)