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P&C Updates - December 8, 2021
AmTrust / Mortgage Impairment
Technology Insurance Company introduced their new Mortgage Impairment Program effective November 26, 2021. This product is designed to insure financial service risks such as banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, etc. against loss that results from error or accidental omission in the bank's usual procedure maintaining insurance and paying real estate taxes.
(Fees may apply)
Markel / CoverTree MHO
Markel American Insurance Company introduced their new CoverTree Manufactured Homeowners Program effective December 12, 2021. This product was developed based on similar coverage offered by American Bankers, American Modern, Foremost, Homesite, etc.
(Fees may apply)
Obsidian / Medical Transport
Obsidian Insurance Company introduced their new Medical Transport Services Inland Marine Program effective October 2021. Coverage will be written through Medical Transport Solutions.
(Fees may apply)
Med Pro / Dentists Professional
Medical Protective Company increased rates 3.70% overall to their Dental Professional Liability Program effective April 2022. Changes were made specifically to Base Rates.
(Fees may apply)