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Spring 2022
Students Keep Busy and Spread Kindness
Classrooms have been buzzing with excitement! Our students have learned about and celebrated Groundhog Day and Chinese New Year. Our preschoolers had a special story time with the Cat in the Hat for Read Across America Day! Class 7 celebrated a “Week of Kindness” by sharing ideas for random acts of kindness that could be done around the school.
Students & Staff Celebrate 100 Days of School
February 10th marked the 100th day of school for the P.G. Chambers School community. The staff fueled themselves for the day with morning beverages and goodies from the mobile coffee bar, Cupa Cabana. It was quite a special treat to have baristas on site preparing coffee, espresso, lattes, and tea for the staff. Many students dressed up to mark the occasion, and the nursing staff was decked out in traditional “nurse” costumes. How wonderful it was to celebrate the 100th day of learning and enjoy each other’s company.
Student Dance Performances Inspire Students & Parents
On March 14, 2022 dancer Anna Gichan and 32 P.G. Chambers students from classes 8, 11, 12, and 14 presented four dance performances in-person as part of the culminating project of the Arts in Education Residency program (AIE). A partnership between New Jersey State Council on the Arts & Young Audiences Arts for Learning NJ & Eastern PA, AIE has brought Anna and her talents to P.G. Chambers for two years, including virtually through the pandemic. 
Throughout the course of the residency, Anna met weekly with each class to explore themes from Disney’s Moana and portray them through dance. We were thrilled to be able to welcome families into the school to see their children perform. The joy and sense of accomplishment on our students’ faces were heartwarming. We are so grateful to Anna for sharing her gifts and this transformative experience with our students and the whole P.G. Chambers School family.  
P.G. Chambers School Community Brings Birthday Cheer to Those in Need
With the help of students and their families, P.G. Chambers School parent Aimee Hanlon and teacher Terri Brennan teamed up to present “birthday bags” to JBWS, a non-profit service organization providing safety, support, and solutions for anyone faced with intimate partner abuse in Morris County. Each bag contained supplies for a birthday celebration: cake mix, candles, plates, napkins, decorations, and a card. Our students and families were thrilled for the opportunity to bring joy to people in need on their birthdays.

(Pictured below L-R: Eli, Aimee, Liam)
P.G. Chambers School Receives Day-End Dough-Nation from Panera Bread
Mondays have become a bit tastier at P.G. Chambers School. Through its Day-End Dough-Nation®, Panera Bread donates leftover breads and baked goods to local non-profits serving others in the community. Our hearts and bellies are grateful for Panera Bread's generosity. Thank you to P.G. Chambers School HR manager Rose Bolash for making this happen.
Erin Connelly, Class of 2015
Erin graduated from P.G. Chambers School in 2015 after having been in the school program since preschool. She went on to Roxbury High School, and will graduate in 2023. Wow, how time flies! Erin has followed her love of music and sings in the Roxbury High School choir.

Outside of school, Erin works as a greeter at Randolph YMCA. She loves spending time with her large family (2 older sisters and 26 cousins!) and her companion dog, Zeeda. Erin enjoys swimming and bike riding with her family.

It was wonderful to catch up with Erin’s mom, Catherine and hear about all the things Erin has accomplished since her time at P.G. Chambers School. We look forward to staying in touch and hearing great things in the years to come.

(Pictured above: Erin and Zeeda; Below: The Connelly Family L-R mom Catherine, sister Sheila, Erin, sister Caleigh, dad Jim)
PG RISE students perform in Randolph High School’s Beauty and the Beast
On March 25th and 26th, PG RISE Students Jacqueline E, Michael H, and Olivia H shared their talents in the Randolph High School (RHS) musical Beauty and the Beast. Jacqueline and Olivia played villagers and Michael was a crony.

Veterans of the stage, all three participated in last year’s RHS production The Addams Family, which was held outside due to the pandemic. According to Margey Dwyre-Daily, teacher at PG RISE, Jacqueline, Michael, and Olivia were excited to perform in the auditorium for the first time. When asked about his role as a crony, Michael shared that he couldn’t believe he “…took the world by storm.”

We are so proud of our teens who continue to embrace new opportunities and follow their passions.  

(Pictured above: L-R Michael, Jacqueline, Olivia)
P.G. Chambers School Welcomes Elaine Deluca Knorr & Lauren Jacobs-Lazer to the Board of Trustees 

Elaine Deluca Knorr and Lauren Jacobs-Lazer, a current P.G. Chambers School parent, have been elected to serve three year terms as Trustees of P.G. Chambers School.

Lauren is a licensed clinical social worker, full-time mom, and volunteer extraordinaire. Previously Lauren worked for organizations including the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Somerset Hills and the Morristown Medical Center. Since 2013, Elaine Deluca Knorr has been the Regional Healthcare Manager at Steelcase, Inc, managing a partnership with dealers, hospitals, architects, and designers. Elaine has served in the healthcare industry for 46 years, beginning her career as a registered cardiac and trauma nurse at Morristown Memorial Hospital ICU-CCU/Emergency Department, where she worked for 10 years. 

Lauren and Elaine’s drive for excellence, commitment to helping others and desire to make difference will benefit the children and families of P.G. Chambers School for many years to come. We look forward to their leadership and partnership in helping us change the lives of children with special needs.  
Elaine Deluca Knorr
Lauren Jacobs-Lazer
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