The commitment of the P&G Alumni Foundation to our mission and the people we serve is constant. We are happy to increase both the number of grants and total funding this year to deliver more impact in terms of jobs, business skills development and entrepreneurial ventures. In 2021, we awarded $142,000 to eight nonprofits that are improving lives every day.

Our 2021 grants are projected to train 975 people and create over 760 jobs and 465 new business ventures!

The Alumni and the organizations they serve are representative of the global footprint and the multiplier effect we have when we work together. What makes our endeavor different from other worthy causes in the world? YOU - Our alumni. Our grants are carefully stewarded by P&G Alumni Grant Champions. Seven of our eight grantees are first time recipients.
To learn about the Alumni grant champions and their projects and hear from some of the people learning, growing, and succeeding please click on the pictures below.
Codi Lebanon 
Common Good
 South Africa
Ken Anderson Alliance USA
North Lawndale Employment Network
Partners Worldwide
Seniores Italia Lazio
United Way Ghana
Our impact is growing and far reaching. Thanks to you, the P&G Alumni Foundation has economically empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world with 100+ grants totalling nearly $1.6 million and spanning 26+ countries on five continents
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the world and has had a significant impact on those who were already disenfranchised and marginalized. Recognizing the relevance of our mission in the months ahead, we ask for your continued support
All Gifts Make a Difference!

Together, our investment can be multiplied to deliver opportunity and help even more people gain employment and increase their self-sufficiency. Thank you for your past support and future consideration! 

Co-Chair, Grants Committee
Board Member
Co-Chair, Grants Committee
Board Member
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We are a network where our members are able to bring their whole authentic selves to connect with each other. Our commitment to belonging, equity, and the success of our diverse membership is core to everything we do. We aspire for our membership, leadership, events, and communications to be as diverse as the world we live in. We’ve made progress. We know we must do even more.

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