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Jesus and Me Curriculum for Kindergarten and First Grade Now Available from P.R.A.Y.
P.R.A.Y. is pleased to announce that Jesus and Me the new curriculum for kindergartners and first graders – is now available through the P.R.A.Y. online store for children’s ministry through churches and scouting programs.

Jesus and Me expands the P.R.A.Y. Program Series to include kindergarteners and introduces Jesus as the Son of God but in familiar terms so that young children can see Jesus in their own day-to-day experiences, i.e. as storyteller, teacher, friend, and healer. The curriculum utilizes the “Jesus Scroll Craft,” a hands-on component that builds from lesson to lesson and helps children tell their story of Jesus and me together. Recognizing that parents and guardians are responsible for the faith development of their children, the Jesus and Me program requires their participation and encourages parent-child interaction.

Jesus and Me continues P.R.A.Y.’s legacy of providing strong Bible-based Christian education and discipleship resources. It is designed to serve as the lead-in for the existing levels. Therefore, it will not impact the Four-Star Award, i.e. God and Me, God and Family, God and Church, and God and Life will continue as the core program and the basis for P.R.A.Y.’s Four-Star Award recognizing those individuals who complete all four of these core programs.

Jesus and Me consists of three components: the Student Workbook, Counselor Manual, and Adult Mentor Workbook. These resources are available through P.R.A.Y. at  https://store.praypub.org/jesus-me.
A Watershed Curriculum
Jesus and Me changed how P.R.A.Y. will engage the writing and review process. Utilizing a volunteer interdenominational writing team, a volunteer youth artist, and volunteer content and activity reviewers; they produced a dynamic Student Workbook which includes all the “pieces” or handouts for the required activities within the material. According to P.R.A.Y. CEO Jason Noland, “P.R.A.Y. is proud to be able to launch Jesus and Me. We believe this new program will strengthen scouting ministries across the country. Jesus and Me fits seamlessly into our current series, and yet stands apart to usher in a new strategy moving forward. Special thanks to our team: Rev. Patrice L. Rosner, Rev. Mary Beene, Jacqueline McNamer, Rev. Douglas J. Stewart, Rev. Pat Winston, and Heidi Stiles. Their work is impressive!”
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