You are receiving this newsletter because you have expressed an interest in P.R.A.Y. and the religious emblems programs available to youth. P.R.A.Y. handles the Protestant Christian program but also provides interfaith resources to support clergy and lay leaders as well as partner agency professionals and volunteers.
P.R.A.Y. ANNOUNCEMENT - March 2020

Recognizing that church and scout meetings have been suspended, P.R.A.Y. has adopted the following policy to ensure that young people do not miss the opportunity to earn their P.R.A.Y. emblem while maintaining eligibility for the Four-Star Award:

At the request of clergy and counselors, a special eligibility extension is in effect until December 31, 2020. This means that students who are eligible for a program based on their current grade level in March 2020, will still be eligible to earn that award until the end of this calendar year, December 31, 2020. Instead of aging out of a program in the fall when starting a new grade at school, the P.R.A.Y. extension will allow young people to complete their requirements until December 31, 2020.

We also know that with time at home for spring breaks and self-quarantines, trying to maintain health, there is a good chance you will be battling cabin fever. Below you will find information and resources from P.R.A.Y. to engage Scouts and their families in faith formation. I hope you will find them useful in your own ministry.

P.R.A.Y. is grateful for the many churches and volunteers who help young people grow in faith and earn their religious emblems. You are needed for such a time as this! We pray God’s presence be a source of comfort and strength both to you and to the young people with whom you work.

Jason Noland, P.R.A.Y. CEO

As families have lengthened time at home, keep in mind that the P.R.A.Y. awards are perfect opportunities to study together and make faith formation a priority, especially during this season of Lent.

While we may like the convenience of a church or scouting class that provides a set schedule and instruction, the P.R.A.Y. awards are perfect to be done at home with the family. During this unsettling time, it may be an unexpected opportunity for parents to share their faith with their children and grow in faith together. Reading and discussing Scripture to complete requirements will create natural space for spontaneous dialogue and ways to connect with your children. Make your family’s faith journey a priority!
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Or plan now to join P.R.A.Y.'s Facebook Live session on P.R.A.Y. Emblems at home scheduled for March 24th, 2:00pm CDT. Visit Facebook, @praypub for more information.

“Making Room” is a brand-new patch that P.R.A.Y. was waiting to announce at Christmas time. It seems appropriate to announce it now as a reminder to be intentional about “making room” for others and for God even as we are socially distancing ourselves during this pandemic.

Story #1: No Room in the Inn
Make room in your heart for Jesus.
Story #2: Mary and Martha
Make room in your day to listen and spend time with God.
Story #3: A Room for Elisha
Make room in your life for missionaries and pastors.

Bible Basics RP3 is a free curriculum available upon request. This patch series is for all ages and intended for individual and family use. Click here to request your free lessons:

Stories to Inspire
Check out these spotlight stories from the Morgan family who completed the RP3 series as part of their family activity.
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Use this chart to choose the program that will best meet the needs of your children. Or plan now to join P.R.A.Y.'s Facebook Live session on Bible Basics/RP3 programs, scheduled for March 27th, 2:00pm CDT. Visit Facebook, @praypub for more information.
National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc.
“Making Room” is sponsored by the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. The NBCA is a fellowship of voluntary churches approximating three and a half million African-American Baptists and is committed “to helping equip our pastors and member churches to be effective in ministry in their local churches, community and in the mission field abroad.” Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President of the National Baptist Convention of America, also serves as Vice President on the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors. One of his goals is to help spread the word about P.R.A.Y. so that congregations can benefit from the P.R.A.Y. curriculum. Sponsoring the “Making Room” patch is a sign of his commitment and partnership between the National Baptist Convention of America and P.R.A.Y. Jason Noland, CEO of P.R.A.Y., expressed P.R.A.Y.’s appreciation to Dr. Tolbert and the NBCA, “We are excited to share in ministry with the NBCA and are grateful for their support. We look forward to growing our partnership and strengthening our Christian ministry together.”

Click here to read about other RP3 sponsors .
P.R.A.Y. wants to give a shout out to Krissy Richardson, Children’s Ministry Director of Grace Baptist Church in Warren, Oregon. “Making Room” is the second patch that Krissy has written as a volunteer writer for P.R.A.Y. Her first patch was “Trees.” Krissy has taught the RP3 lessons as Troop Shepherd to her AHG Troop OR3130. She tells a cute story of one of her American Heritage Girls who chose the option, “Write your own questions for Picture/Ponder/Put into action and do them with your family or group” and how difficult she found it to do! Thank you, Krissy, for tackling the difficult job of creating RP3 patches and doing it so well!
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1 KJV
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