P.R.A.Y. Update - April 2018
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series
P.R.A.Y. Announces Volunteer Artist for Jesus and Me
14-year-old Heidi S. from Eagan, Minnesota has been chosen to serve as graphic artist for P.R.A.Y.’s new K-1 project, Jesus and Me.

Heidi is no stranger to P.R.A.Y. She has earned both the God and Me and God and Family awards through her American Heritage Girls Troop. Heidi joined AHG in 2009 and is now a Patriot. She is also active in her church, Eagan Hills Church. 

Heidi has been an avid artist from a young age. She draws and doodles every day and aspires to have a career as an artist and illustrator. Although only 14 years old, Heidi has provided illustrations for the AHG Pathfinder Handbook and cartoon animal designs for Beartooth Signs. When asked to comment on making the transition from a P.R.A.Y. student to the volunteer artist for Jesus and Me , here’s what Heidi had to say:

I’ve loved drawing since I was little and really started focusing on improving my skills these past few years through books, videos, and online guides. However, I often became discouraged when I wondered what use art could have. This opportunity has given me exactly what I prayed for: a chance to use the gifts God has given me in order to serve others, and I hope to continue to serve Him through my art in the future.

P.R.A.Y. is pleased to welcome Heidi to our team of volunteers!

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Support "Jesus and Me" with a Financial Gift

P.R.A.Y. is a 501(c)(3) non- profit and relies on gifts to develop and produce "Jesus and Me." Your gift of any size will help cover the startup costs and provide kindergarten and first grade children the opportunity to engage with "Jesus and Me." Please consider a financial gift to P.R.A.Y.
NOW is the time to start the planning process for teaching a P.R.A.Y. class next year. Many scout groups are making their annual calendars NOW before the end of the school year. Pick the dates for your P.R.A.Y. class NOW and make sure your scout leaders include it in their 2018-2019 program calendar. 

Resources :
P.R.A.Y. Overview for Kids – a PowerPoint presentation to introduce young people to the P.R.A.Y. awards
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Awards Display Set - A ready-to-go shadow box with medals, pins, and patches.
Introduce BIBLE PATCHES During Summer Camp
Include DUTY TO GOD as part of your summer experience. Use P.R.A.Y.’s Bible Basics RP3 series to help kids focus on God while in the great outdoors. Consider studying Birds of the Air, Boulders, or Tents and Shelters. Summer camp - being in God’s creation - is the perfect setting for connecting with God. Help your campers express their gratitude to God for the world He has created. Plan daily devotions and pre-order your patches for presentation at camp.

In Honor of National Autism Awareness Month:
Meet Matteo
14-year-old Matteo is a proud God and Life recipient. His favorite project was writing a song, “Use Me Lord.” Matteo wrote the lyrics and chose the basic chord progressions. Although Matteo is “non-verbal autistic,” truly he has found his voice! Matteo was silent for the first 12 years of his life inside autism, then his mother stumbled upon a letter board system which opened up communication and revealed Matteo's hidden intelligence and deep connection to God and Jesus. Matteo spells out his thoughts on a letter board, and it is in this way that he expresses his opinions and seeks to “be a voice for the silent ones.”
 It took 85 pages for Matteo to answer all the questions and discussion items for God and Life. According to his mother, “This program has been a wonderful experience for our entire family … It’s been wonderful to actually ‘make the time’ in our lives to sit around and discuss deep things like the questions that were presented in this project. We are a closer family because of it ... closer to each other and to God, each in our own way.”

Congratulations, Matteo on earning your God and Life award.
May each of us join you in saying, “USE ME, LORD.”

Visit www.matteomusso.com to learn more about Matteo’s incredible journey and his mission to help everyone without a voice.

P.R.A.Y. Announces Sponsor for
“Wind of the Spirit” Patch
P.R.A.Y. is pleased to announce that the "Wind of the Spirit" patch has been sponsored by Llewellyn Mallette in honor of his late wife, Chaplain Yolanda Mallette. Llewellyn Mallette was reading the November edition of P.R.A.Y.’s BSA Bulletin which happened to be the one year anniversary of his wife’s passing. He realized that the patch sponsorship opportunity would be a beautiful way to honor his wife’s memory. Yolanda is a 25-year veteran educator in the New York City School system and founder of Yolanda's Garden Ministry in Newark, NJ. She loved to share with others whether it was her talent, time, or treasure, and she never asked for anything in return. In addition to being a teacher, she held various Boy Scout District leadership positions and was a commissioner and trainer on the Commissioner College staff. Yolanda served as a Salvation Army Officer (pastor) and trainer. She and Llewellyn both lived by the motto, "We are Saved to Serve" as well as by Proverbs 3:6 "In all thy ways acknowledge him and He shall direct thy paths."

Thank you Yolanda and Llewellyn Mallette; we are grateful for your gifts.

Note: The “Wind of the Spirit” patch is part of the P.R.A.Y.’s Bible Basics RP3 series designed to bridge the various P.R.A.Y. Program levels. Visit the P.R.A.Y. website for information on the RP3 series and to find out how to become a patch sponsor .
Adult Recognized for Scouting Ministry
Tricia Burgess Receives God and Service Methodist Award
Tricia Burgess
God & Service Methodist Award
Salem, SC
Salem United Methodist Church
Blue Ridge Council, BSA

P.R.A.Y. is accustomed to receiving photos and stories from Tricia Burgess showcasing the Scouts who have earned their P.R.A.Y. awards over the years. How pleased we were to receive a photo of Tricia herself receiving the United Methodist God and Service Award in recognition of her hard work – her ministry! Lorraine Land, speaking on behalf of Salem Boy Scout Troop 123, said, “ Mrs. Burgess has been doing P.R.A.Y. classes for not only our scouts, but her church children, and other troops since 2008. She is very dedicated and works extremely hard at bringing these classes to these individuals to help them grow spiritually. She is a blessing not only to the scouts, but to our parents and community .”

What does Tricia’s ministry look like? Click here to view the picture of 5 Four Star recipients coached by Tricia in Salem United Methodist Church.

Interested in recognizing an individual? Visit P.R.A.Y.’s Adult Nomination page.
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