Jesus and Me is off to a great start!
The new Jesus and Me curriculum is in capable hands! P.R.A.Y. has assembled a team of dynamic writers who are volunteering their time and talent to produce the new curriculum for Kindergartners and 1 st graders. Under the leadership of Managing Editor Rev. Patrice Rosner , this team of writers will produce the student, counselor and mentor workbooks for Jesus and Me based on the outline already reviewed by P.R.A.Y. constituents. P.R.A.Y. is pleased to announce the members of the writing team ( click here for more information ):

Rev. Mary Beene, Savannah, GA - Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Jacqueline McNamer, Flower Mound, TX - Southern Baptist
Rev. Pat Winston, Jackson, TN - Christian Methodist Episcopal
Rev. Douglas Stewart, Belleville, IL - United Methodist Church

Please join P.R.A.Y. in surrounding Mary, Jacqueline, Pat, and Doug in prayer. This team will not only be creating the new Jesus and Me curriculum but also testing out a new cooperative writing process for future revisions of current curriculum. 
Services Needed: Graphic Artist for Jesus and Me
P.R.A.Y. is looking for a volunteer graphic artist to create artwork for Jesus and Me based on suggestions and instructions by the writers for each lesson. Concepts will be Christian and the audience will be children in kindergarten and first grade. Must work with Project Editor to understand concepts and messages to be conveyed. Program consists of 4 lessons, 3-5 images per lesson. May potentially include layout and design. Click here for application.

Apply by January 15, 2018.
Artist to be selected by Feb 1 st . Draft of artwork due Feb 28 th .
Final artwork due March 15, 2018.

Submit application to Project Editor by January 15, 2018:
Rev. Patrice Rosner patricerosner@yahoo.com
Jason’s One-Year Mile Marker
November 2017 marked the one-year mile marker for P.R.A.Y. CEO Jason Noland. These past several weeks have been a whirlwind of activities:

  • Selecting and announcing the members of the “Jesus and Me” Writing Team, the first cooperative writing venture for P.R.A.Y.
  • Serving as chair for the BSA National Religious Relationships Committee
  • Appearing as guest speaker for the December episode on BSA’s national CubCast
  • Serving as the featured presenter on the webinar sponsored by the General Commission for United Methodist Men
  • Appearing on Bryan’s Blog answering questions about religious emblems
  • Participating at G.I.R.L. 2017 and spearheading the meeting of the National Interfaith Committee of Girl Scouting
  • Visiting AHG headquarters in Cincinnati, OH and meeting with National Director, Patti Garibay and Director of Girl Impact, Kristi Tatro

Not appearing on the list are the many relationships that have been strengthened, the website that is constantly being updated, and the internal work of the P.R.A.Y. organization. These activities and accomplishments are indicative of P.R.A.Y.’s growing impact.
Counselors Reflect on P.R.A.Y. Experience
Jim Gresham and Denise Steene- upon request by P.R.A.Y. - recently submitted pictures of their four star recipients and shared their reflections on the impact of the P.R.A.Y. award. 
Denise Steene
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Alexandria, VA
Boy Scout & Girl Scout Four Star Recipients

“I have taught all four P.R.A.Y. levels. I started teaching because parents with Cub Scouts wanted their boys to earn the religious knot and needed them to take the God and Me class. I enjoyed teaching that and have been teaching about one or two classes a year since then. I have had my own children participate in the P.R.A.Y. program. All 3 of them are at different levels.  It is a nice way for me to interact with each of them and with other kids their age while learning about our faith, God, and God's love for the world. My daughter especially enjoyed the God and Life program. She and two other young men did the program together and it was interesting to hear what they had to say as we discussed the materials in each chapter. I think each of them grew in faith over the many months that we worked on the program. My daughter is actively involved in our church activities including helping to plan our youth group activities, assisting with worship, and helping with our younger children when needed. She is considering a profession that will allow her to work with kids and their faith development.... her own experiences, including the P.R.A.Y. program have also been a factor.”

Photo: Presiding local Bishop Richard Graham, Pastor Jeanette Leisk
Jim Gresham
First United Methodist Church
Salem, VA
7 Four Star Recipients

“First UMC actually didn't start offering the P.R.A.Y program until more than 10 years after I had been involved as the Cubmaster and then Chartered Organization Representative for our church's Boy Scouting program. I must give credit to Mike Butler, a parent of a Cub Scout in our Pack 51, who knew about the program and wanted his son to take the course. Mike is a member of a local Baptist Church, and taught God & Me to his son and another boy in Pack 51, circa 2005. After witnessing Mike's dedication, I thought First UMC should offer all of our scouts the opportunity to show their "Duty to God" in an intentional way, so I went to the local Scout Shop and purchased the God and Church curriculum. I recruited a 50-something Eagle Scout from our congregation to be the counselor for the God & Church course, and made a presentation to the troop about the program. We had four boys in that first "official" class in the Spring of 2006. We continue to alternate between teaching God and Church and God and Life classes every year to interested Boy Scouts in Troop 51. Then, during 2007, I recruited two other "mature" Eagle Scouts in our congregation to teach the God & Me course in January of 2008. This was the class in which four of this year's seven Four Star recipients participated when they were Tigers Cubs [ see related story ]. FUMC also offers either God and Me or God and Family every year to the Cub Scouts. These are the two classes for which I have been a counselor eight years. The P.R.A.Y. program offers a wonderful opportunity for children to learn the basics of their Christian faith in a fun and engaging way, supplementing what they receive in a formal church setting. For the youth, it's a great way for them to learn the discipline involved in a life of continued learning about and serving Christ. Thank you for all P.R.A.Y. does for the Kingdom of God, and for the youth of our world!”
Join Denise Steene and Jim Gresham and start a P.R.A.Y. Program in your own congregation. The “ Getting Started ” kit in the Resource Library will be helpful as you find and recruit adults to offer classes every year. Help the young people in your Scouting group to grow in faith and Christian service.
Announcements from P.R.A.Y. 
Holiday hours:
P.R.A.Y. will be closed from noon on Friday December 22nd through January 1st and reopen on Tuesday January 2nd.

Postage and Handling Increase:
Effective January 1, 2018, the standard fee for postage/handling for religious awards will be $5.00 (an increase of $.50). The fee for expedited shipping will be $30.00 (an increase of $5.00). Click here for more details.

YouTube Channel:
P.R.A.Y. has posted its “Teaching” videos on YouTube . These are the recorded webinars that present the curriculum page-by-page for counselors preparing to teach the P.R.A.Y. programs. 
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