From the National Annual Meeting, Now off to the Jamboree
P.R.A.Y. CEO Jason Noland is making an impact. After being a part of the BSA National Alliances booth in Orlando, FL in May, Jason is heading to the Jamboree to represent P.R.A.Y. and be part of the Duty to God and Country Program Area. For two weeks, Jason will be interacting with Scouts and Scouters, promoting Duty to God and religious emblems, and furthering the P.R.A.Y. mission of “Building Faith in Youth.” Like P.R.A.Y.’s Facebook page for updates from Jason from the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
New Chaplain Training Resources
Recently the BSA initiated new online training for unit chaplains, composed of three sections: Chaplain Roles and Responsibilities, Religious Emblems and Awards, and Interfaith Considerations. To serve as a chaplain or chaplain aide is a unique opportunity for ministry. While serving in these offices, you will have the opportunity to help Scouts as they grow, both physically and spiritually. Some techniques to be used are modeling, mentoring, and offering faith-based experiences. This training will help chaplains become better oriented to the duties, responsibilities, and opportunities of chaplaincy service.

Registered leaders can access this training through their profile and clicking Chaplain Training from the Other Training link on the page. 

What a great way to connect Scouting as youth ministry.  

Needed: Religious Emblems Coordinators!
BSA created Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC) positions at the Council, District and Unit levels. Do you know who your REC’s are? The REC’s are responsible for educating, motivating, evaluating, and expanding the usage of the religious emblems programs. Now is a good time to recruit REC’s for the fall. Click PRAY's REC page for more information.
Meet John Anderson, Great Alaska Council's 
Religious Emblems Coordinator

John Anderson has served as the Council Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC) for Great Alaska Council since the position was established in 2011.

In 2011, there were only 25 P.R.A.Y. award recipients in Great Alaska Council. In 2016, that number had grown to 61 - an increase of 144%.

What does a Council REC do? According to John, “I make presentations at District Roundtable meetings and hold a class on Religious Emblems at annual University of Scouting meetings. I also make presentations at Cub Scout Pack meetings, Boy Scout Troop meetings, church services, and a few Girl Scout meetings as well. Additionally, I will be contacted occasionally by local church youth leaders or Scoutmasters to confer and answer questions about the religious award programs that are available.”

John seeks out events (i.e. Blue and Gold Banquets, Courts of Honor, etc.) that provide opportunities to talk to large audiences and reach families. “I display a large collection of the actual youth and adult medals … as well as examples of workbooks/literature for about ten different religious organizations. Additionally, I use the BSA pamphlet on religious awards which has proven to be a great talking point and hand-out at these events.”

Thanks to John and other REC’s who diligently promote Duty to God through the religious emblems programs. 

Join the Conversation:
How do you successfully recruit REC's?

We know that REC’s can make a difference. But how do you successfully recruit District and Unit REC’s? Share your ideas, experiences, and success stories in our community hub. Join the conversation and let's create community and help each other do some recruiting!

Duty to God at Bug Hunters Day Camp
Armadillo Day Camp in Austin, Texas was all about “Bug Hunters” and fun activities that you would expect, like BB guns, archery, science, and water activities. But Armadillo Day Camp also has a strong tradition of Duty to God. For the past several years, Cubs attend Duty to God sessions for four days, and then attend a Scouts’ Own on Friday, put on by the Webelos. Cubs are presented with a segment of the Duty to God puzzle patch, and after attending Day Camp for four years, they will have assembled the complete puzzle.

Visit the P.R.A.Y. website for information on the Duty to God puzzle patches as well as the Duty to God Summer Camp Program.
Thank you for all you do in promoting Duty to God!