December 21, 2018
The Most Popular Links from 2018
Some of the links that we include in this monthly newsletter prove to be very popular, judging from the number of clicks that they receive when they reach over 3000 inboxes across Pennsylvania each month. Below are the topics that have generated the most interest from 2018. Read them for the first time, or remind yourself of why you clicked on it earlier in the year ...

#1: Trauma-Informed Care - The core principal of trauma-informed care is a shift from the question of "What is wrong with you?" to that of "What happened to you?" This topic found traction with a lot of readers when it was shared in April. We included three main links that got a lot of clicks. There was an  April 2017 article, a   TED Talk video, and a video from when  Oprah spoke  on  60 Minutes.

#2: 7 Real World Math Strategies - Every teacher has been asked while teaching a math skill, "When will we ever use this?" An article we shared in July featured Edutopia's answer to that question. Titled  7 Real World Math Strategies , the article had several ideas that can be easily adapted for an adult education classroom.

#3: Using Checklists in Adult Education - Many readers explored the possibilities of using checklists in their adult education classrooms when we shared information in June. Especially useful when doing workforce preparation activities,   checklists and other resources  are available through the Workforce Development Project.
Teaching Tips and Resources
Webinar: App-to-Speed Learning Circles, ESOL Programs
If you are familiar with learning circles of the many apps available for English language learning, consider attending the webinar App-to-Speed Learning Circles in Public Libraries and ESL/ESOL Programs . Hosted by David J. Rosen on Wednesday, December 19, at 2:00-3:00pm, this free webinar will discuss the use of learning circles and smartphone apps to enable ESOL students to learn English in the small bits of time in their busy lives.
Apprenticeship help sheet
Did you know that there are adult career pathways in a variety of industry sectors that can start with an apprenticeship? The Workforce Development Project recently released an apprenticeship help sheet for adult education providers. This sheet provides information on the components of apprenticeships and how to connect adult learners to apprenticeships in your local area. For more assistance with aligning adult career pathways programming to apprenticeships, contact Chrissie Klinger ( ) or KayLynn Hamilton ( ). 
Strategies for Creating Text-Based Writing Prompts
A recent LINCS discussion board asked for strategies for developing text-based writing prompts for our students. Several related ideas were shared, including answering the prompt yourself to be sure you know what you are looking for, using words like "consequently" and "specifically" to link pieces of relevant evidence, the use of graphic organizers, and using verbal debates as a form of pre-writing brainstorming. Links to some resources were shared along with these valuable ideas.
Free personal finance tests
COABE has recently shared news that their partner, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), is offering free downloads of their Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit® . Use this toolkit to design and implement customized tests for your students as you teach personal finance.
Three Tips for Using Conversations for Assessment
Many students would choose a conversation over a written test. Some people have poor test-taking skills or test anxiety, but a conversation is simpler and more relaxed. An Edutopia article titled 3 Tips for Using Conversations for Assessment gives some ideas for how you can use well-planned, structured interviews or conversations with students to assess their knowledge on a topic or skill. Tips include how to prepare for and how to document a quality interview.
Professional Development Opportunities
A New Assessment
The new TABE 11 & 12 course is now available in the PD Portal . This professional development activity is required for agency staff who administer the TABE 11 & 12. Using a combination of the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) online learning tools and PA-developed, PA-specific learning activities, the course provides an overview of the test, test administration, and scoring. Participants will learn about Pennsylvania’s assessment policy and data entry requirements. The course also includes best practices for pretesting, retesting, and posttesting, communicating results to learners, and using assessment to inform instruction.

The course will require some planning. Participants will have 45 days from their enrollment to complete all activities and assignments, including the observation of three TABE 11 & 12 test administrations. Before you begin the course, please ensure you will have the TABE 11 & 12 testing materials available so that you can complete three administrations of the TABE 11 & 12 assessment under the observation of a qualified assessor within the 45-day course period.
PAACE Conference sessions list available
With registration ongoing for both conference attendees and presenters, the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE) has shared a list of accepted sessions that will be offered at the 2019 PAACE Conference. This list will be updated as more sessions are approved. See the list at the 2019 PAACE Conference website .
State and National Adult Education News
Staff Induction Model – Job-Related Training for New Staff Members 
The Professional Learning Opportunities Project rolled out the Staff Induction Model on September 1 for Pennsylvania’s newest staff members. There are four components to the Staff Induction Model, and although it does not matter in what order the first three steps are completed, it is absolutely essential that the final step in the process is not completed until the first three have been finished. Read on...
HiSET® fees set to increase
Beginning January 1, 2019, Educational Testing Service (ETS) is increasing high school equivalency test fees for the HiSET® exam. The price of all computer-based subtests will increase by 75 cents and all paper-based subtests will increase by $5.00. This means the computer-based battery will increase by a total of $3.75, and the paper-based battery will increase by a total of $25.00. All other state and testing center fees will still apply. Visit   for more information. Email Mary Kay Peters at  if you have a question not covered by the   Frequently Asked Questions   provided by ETS regarding the increase in HiSET exam® pricing.
COABE leadership nominations due January 15 
The Coalition On Adult Basic Education (COABE) is accepting nominations for the position of Region 2 Representative, which includes Pennsylvania. Nominations are due January 15, 2019. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, you can learn more about the duties of the Region Representative . Also, all COABE members are eligible to be nominated for Vice President of Membership. Learn more online .
Grants and Scholarships
Examples of a successful grant application
Are you new to grant-writing and want to see an example of a successful grant? has begun a new series of posts on their Success Stories page for just that reason. This month's feature is a generational garden at a high school in Kansas and a previous post featured a high school STEM project.
5 Common Myths About Grant Writing has shared a new article titled 5 Common Myths about Grant Writing that is a good discussion of the mistaken views that many people may have about grant writing. Some of the ideas are encouraging good news, and others present a challenge.
Job Posting
The job postings below are for adult basic education programs that are funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and, at least in part, by WIOA Title II funds. They can also be found on the website. To post a job, please email the job advertisement to
The following job posting is being separately advertised by World Education's EdTech Center.
PA Adult Education Resources
Upcoming State and National Conferences
State and National Newsletters
Listed below are state and national organizations' newsletters that may be of interest to you. To receive the most recent editions by email, please subscribe directly to the newsletter. 

COABE Journal, Coalition on Adult Basic Education. Features national information, resources, and initiatives for adult basic education.

World Education/U.S. Features resources and information from World Education projects including The Change Agent, College for Adults, E-Learning, LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center, National College Transition Network, and many others.

Families Learning: News of the Week, National Center for Families Learning.
Features information and resources for family literacy, early childhood education, and parent education.  

HiSET® Newsletter, Educational Testing Service®. Features news and information related to the HiSET® test

Workforce GPS, Workforce3 One. Features career pathways and workforce development information.