February 10, 2020
PA Museums thanks VisitPittsburgh for providing images for our conference promotion.

Registration for our annual statewide museum conference, The Strategic Museum, is now open!

Pittsburgh has risen from a distressed, rust belt city to become one of the most livable communities in the country using a strategy that focused on culture, environmental remediation and recreation, asset-based development, and financial investment. Museums have been part of this strategy and have transformed the neighborhoods in which they operate. Institutions in Pittsburgh show how museums can support both the people and the communities around them even in the face of the challenges that present themselves. Pittsburgh offers us an opportunity to look closely at how museums can help to build more successful communities and at museums that have grown as a part of community development that recognized and valued history and culture.

You can find hotel and parking information, our preliminary schedule and registration forms at our website . To register online, submit your registration fees securely here . Early Bird registration closes 3/8/2020.

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