Advocacy and Public Policy Update
November Action Needed!


The PAACE Advocacy Committee has met with 6 of the 9 key legislators and will be wrapping up those meetings in the next few weeks. 
The committee is also reaching out to Adult and Family Literacy Education Administrators across the state for their help in securing letters of support. We have heard from legislative leaders that they need to hear from their members in the General Assembly that Adult and Family Literacy Education is important.  
PAACE Advocacy Visits Leader Board
Thank you to all of the administrators who have attended meetings and asked for letters of support. 

  • Tim Shenk, Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 Community Education
  • Jenny Bair, Literacy and Learning Success Centers (Lancaster/Lebanon)
  • Mike Vail, Penn State University
  • Diane Schlosser, Goodwill of Southern Allegheny 
  • Susan Clauser from Keystone Opportunity Center
  • Melinda Arcuri from Marywood College
  • Cheryl Hiester, Literacy Success
  • Michael Westover, 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund
  • Carey Harris, Literacy Pittsburgh

In the next week, we will continue to schedule meetings with legislative delegations because keeping this issue in front of our legislators is critical in a difficult budget negotiation. 
There is still time for you to help!
Our senators and representatives in the Pennsylvania General Assembly need to hear from you and your students! 
There are 1,365 PAACE members and 665 of them are volunteers! Imagine if all PAACE members sent an email or made a phone call!
Our students have the most powerful voice both in numbers and importance. 
Susan Mansuetti of Literacy Pittsburgh shared this…
Thanks for the resources! I was able to take them, turn them into a STAR unit and teach my high level ELL students about Pennsylvania AND advocacy. We finished our unit yesterday and I already heard from three students that they sent letters!
That is in addition to the regular ABE classes that heard the advocacy lesson you provided.
Thanks for all you do to advocate for Adult Education!
Rita Nutter of The Literacy and Learning Success Center teaches literacy and beginning level ESL. Most of her students are just beginning to build their digital literacy skills and were more comfortable writing a hand written letter. She collected 25 letters from her students. 
In Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, 115 student letters have been collected so far.  
So far, 168 messages were sent by 52 Advocates, which reached 42 recipients. Our elected officials need to hear from more of our students.
Student Letter Writing Leader Board
Agency or County Number of Student Letters or emails
  • IU 13 (Lancaster/Lebanon Counties) 47
  • Literacy Pittsburgh (Allegheny/Beaver Counties) 43
  • Literacy and Learning Success Centers (Lancaster/Lebanon Counties) 68
  • Butler County 3
  • Washington County 2
  • Dauphin County 1
  • Lycoming County 1
  • Lawrence County 1
Total 166
Let us know how you are doing with your student letter writing campaign and help us increase that total!
Students can send paper letters of use the Educate and Elevate link by clicking on the RED Take Action button below:
We look forward to hearing from you!

Cheryl Hiester
Michael Westover
Carey Harris
Clicking on the TAKE ACTION icon to the left will take your students and tutors to a blank message page where they can send an email to the Governor, their PA Senator, and Representative.
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