The fundamental emotion allowing to stand at the cradle of true art and true science, needs to rest on knowledge serving intuition and skill. This demands intelligence and this is where the masks fail. Ego is not intelligent. The forum of the Science of Motion is unique, as everyone knows enough to know that there is a lot more to know. We participate in providing the lot more to know as we are permanently learning with the progresses of scientific findings. Everyone discusses experiences, successes and difficulties, without having to show off. The family of the science of motion is very large and it is a very powerful family learning together. The power of learning together is considerable. A word can make sense in one mind and does not awake the same understanding in another mind. The capacity to discuss, to use different words without the need of being competitive, to don’t discuss for the fake glory of a blue ribbon but discuss for the enormous pleasure of loving the horse and having a constructive conversation with the horse, leads one to use a world or a sentence that light up another one’s mind.
Jean Luc