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Business & Residential Energy Update

Spiking prices and supply shortages have roiled Illinois electricity markets, causing significant price increases in both utility and alternative supplier charges.

Energy markets have experienced a significant price spike through the Winter & Spring; these skyrocketing prices are reflected in Ameren’s  recently announced utility rates for residential and small business customers. 

The annual average for Ameren’s small commercial rates is 13.329 cents per kwh

The new utility supply rates for commercial customers break down like this (cents per kilowatt-hour):

June – September 2022: 
  • Energy & Capacity = 10.508
  • Transmission         = 1.578
  • Supply costs           = 0.134
  • TOTAL SUMMER   = 12.220

October 2022-May 2023:           
  • Energy & Capacity  = 12.269
  • Transmission          = 1.578
  • Supply costs            = 0.134
  • TOTAL NON-SUMMER = 13.981

This calculation is based upon an average small business (DS-2) account’s usage profile.  Ameren may update rates based upon new purchases of energy or increasing costs of transmission, for example, during the rate year.

For comparison’s sake looking at last year’s price to compare (PTC) vs. this year’s PTC. 
  • 2021-2022 DS-2 avg rate = 5.78 cents
  • 2022-2023 DS-2 avg rate = 13.329 cents   
This represents an increase of approximately 130%.
Alternative suppliers are experiencing these significant price increases as well, and some are updating their contract terms and conditions to shift risk to customers. Now more than ever, our members need an established and experienced advisor in the energy field.  

We have retained Good Energy, L.P., a national consulting and brokerage firm with permanent offices in downstate Illinois, to manage and electricity and natural gas portfolio that our Chamber members participate in. Good Energy is working to gather information and prepare a report with recommendations for moving forward in this very volatile energy environment.
Good Energy Chamber Seminar - Tues., Sept. 13
Details to follow soon!
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