PACCC Inside Look | Spring 2020
A Message from PACCC's Executive Director

We know that all of you would help if you could and that many of you are facing financial hardships of your own. We are deeply appreciative of any support.

Here is how you can help us at this time:

    If you would like to make a donation to PACCC, in any amount, you can do so by clicking the link below.

We appreciate your care and generosity.

Most employers will match your gift and help support a cause that's important to you. If your employer offers such a program, please consider introducing them to PACCC and doubling your gift! You can use your acknowledgement letter as receipt of donation to give your employer.
When you shop on Amazon Smile using , Amazon donates to PACCC. Register PACCC as your charity.

Support Resources for PAUSD Families
If your family is experiencing concerns with food security and/or has financial need, please contact  for more information regarding available assistance. 

Si tu familia necesita comida o apoyo, favor de ponerse en contacto con  para más información acerca de apoyos disponibles que podríamos ofrecer.

COVID-19 Emergency Support Request: PAUSD Families
Palo Alto Community Fund & LifeMoves in partnership with a group of Palo Alto community leaders will provide gift cards to families in the Palo Alto Unified School District to support basic life needs. Please  complete this form  in order to receive gift cards.
We’re all experiencing a lot of changes at this time. Our coalition wants to balance responding urgently with a concerted effort to support as many families as possible.
Solicitud de Apoyo de Emergencia COVID-19: Familias PAUSD
Palo Alto Community Fund y LifeMoves, una organización sin fines de lucro, en asociación con un grupo de líderes comunitarios de Palo Alto proporcionará tarjetas de regalo a familias en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Palo Alto para apoyar necesidades básicas de la vida (comida, salud y transporte).   Complete este formulario  para recibir tarjetas de regalo.
Estamos pasando por un momento de muchos cambios. Nuestra coalición quiere balancear la urgencia de responder rápidamente, con nuestro esfuerzo sincero, en apoyar a familias que podamos apoyar con los fondos que hemos recaudado.
COVID-19 PAUSD家庭紧急援助申请
Palo Alto Community Fund, LifeMoves将与帕洛阿尔托一些社区领导者组织合作,向位于帕洛阿尔托联合学区的家庭提供礼品卡,以满足基本生活需求。 请填写此表格申请礼品卡
COVID-19 Koe tokoni oku foaki ki he ngaahi famili ‘i he PAUSD
Oku ‘i ai ae kautaha nagaue ‘ofa koe LifeMoves fakataha moe ngaahi takimu’a mei Palo Alto, Oku nau foaki atu ‘a e ngaahi gift cards pe koe
Kaati me’a’ofa ki he ngaahi famili he Palo Alto Unified School District ke tokoni ki he me’akai
Oku tau a’usia kotoa ha ngaahi faingata’a moe liliu lahi ‘i he taimi ni, pea ‘oku nau loto ke nau tokoni’i ‘a e ngaahi famili lahi taha ‘e lava.
PACCC Shelter-in-Place Challenge!
Get creative around the house by joining the PACCC Shelter-in-Place Challenge!

Here's your task: create a robot with items around your home. You can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest and by doing a quick Google search. Once your robot is completed, post a picture on social media and tag PACCC.

We can't wait to see what you and your family come up with!
25 Things to Do With Kiddos When You're Stuck at Home
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