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A Message to Our Friends & Supporters
Dear Friend of PACE,

These are unprecedented times. Though we are early on in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our communities are already feeling the effects. Each day PACE hears of people losing their jobs, businesses struggling to stay afloat, and children facing food insecurity due to school closures. And unfortunately, we anticipate hearing more and more stories like these in the coming weeks. 

Understanding that our work is essential during this time, PACE is committed to continue offering our services while observing the “Safer at Home” guidelines set forth by the County and State. For us, this will mean some minor changes including temporarily closing our public access areas and lobbies as well as discontinuing in-person appointments. Instead, our staff will continue to serve you through virtual interactions and phone appointments, Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank all the HEROES in our community. From the nurses and doctors and other healthcare professionals on the front lines, to the small businesses who have had to temporarily close, to the parents who are juggling working from home while homeschooling their children. Your collective sacrifices are giving the weakest among us a chance to survive COVID-19. 

I know the weeks and months ahead will bring challenges we cannot begin to imagine. But the spirit of generosity and selflessness I have witnessed thus far gives me hope that we will beat this together. And, as always, PACE is here to help.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and safety,
Kerry N. Doi
President & CEO
PACE remains open to serve our clients through phone and virtual appointments. Please call the Department you wish to speak with. 
Our staff is ready and here to help.
General Questions & Information:

Tax Preparation: 
(213) 989-3148

BusinessSource Center (Counseling): 
(213) 989-3169

Women’s Business Center: 
(213) 989-3275

Small Business Loans: 
(213) 989-3153

Sidewalk Vending: 
(213) 989-3160

(213) 989-3298

Workshops & Events:
(213) 989-3209
General Questions & Information:
(213) 353-1677
General Questions & Information:
(213) 989-3244
(213) 989-3177 or (213) 989-3255

HEAP (Utility Payment Program):
(213) 989-3173 or (213) 989-3236
Transitional Subsidized Employment: 
(213) 206-1326
(213) 207-1335
(213) 207-1366

Handyworker Program: 
(213) 207-1366
(213) 500-0274

General Questions & Information:
(213) 353-3982
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