PACFA Advisory Committee Vacancies

There are currently six (6) vacant seats on the PACFA Advisory Committee that the Colorado Department of Agriculture is looking to fill. The open seats are for Cat Breeder, Dog Daycare, Small Mammal Breeder, Retail Facility, and (2) General Public positions.

Applications may be submitted by clicking on the button below. More information about the PACFA Advisory Committee can be found on the PACFA web page. Applications are due by March 5, 2021.

Please Note: It is preferred that applicants for all positions except the general public positions be associated with a licensed pet animal facility as a license holder, board member, or manager for the category that they are applying for. Advisory Committee appointments are volunteer positions with staggered appointment terms. The Advisory Committee usually meets two times per year in the Spring and Fall. 
About the PACFA Advisory Committee

The PACFA Advisory Committee was created under section 35-80-115, C.R.S., of the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act, to assist the commissioner in promulgating rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of PACFA. The committee consists of seventeen members representing: animal rescue, animal shelters, small-scale dog breeders, large-scale dog breeders, cat breeders, bird breeders, small animal breeders, boarding kennels, dog daycare industry, pet grooming, pet animal retailers, pet animal wholesalers, and three members of the general public. All members of the advisory committee must be residents of the State of Colorado.