PACFA Licensed Facilities
COVID-19 Response

Last Updated: 04/02/2020
Subject to Change

In this unprecedented time, we realize there are a lot of questions and concerns around the work you do for Colorado’s pets. We are doing our best to help you answer those questions, and will continue to do so as we navigate these next few weeks with you. We will do our best to provide you the resources you need to answer your questions.

On March 25, 2020, Executive Order D 2020-17 ordered all non-critical businesses to temporarily close until April 11, 2020. CDPHE’s Public Health Order 20-24 defined, in relevant part, critical businesses, or those that can continue to operate, as the following: “animal shelters, animal boarding services, animal rescues, zoological facilities, animal sanctuaries, and other related facilities.”
Public Health Order 20-24 was issued under the authority of the CDPHE and is not a specific regulation of the PACFA program. Neither CDA nor the PACFA program regulates enforcement or ensures compliance of the Executive Order or of the Public Health Order.

In light of Executive Order 2020-17, after consulting with stakeholders, legal counsel, and other interested parties, we consider the order to restrict the transportation of pet animals, except when such transportation is for the purpose of providing veterinary care or relocating any pet animal as a result of an emergency closure of a facility or transporting any animal to an authorized foster home. Any other transportation is not considered critical and therefore must cease until April 11, 2020.

Further, grooming services are not critical, except in emergency circumstances, and therefore must temporarily close their businesses until April 11, 2020.

Please be advised that local governments may implement requirements that are more protective of public health than Executive Order D 2020-17 and Public Health Order 20-24. Please check with your local authorities to ensure your ongoing compliance. And please remember that we must all observe social distancing requirements at all times and to the greatest extent possible. This includes maintaining at least 6 feet between people. Also remember to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, as often as possible, or use hand sanitizer; cover coughs or sneezes (into sleeve or elbow, not hands); regularly clean high-touch surfaces; and avoid shaking hands.

We understand these orders impose significant hardship, and we appreciate your patience during this difficult time. We will continue to update you, and the PACFA website, as new information is made available.