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COVID-19 Response
Stay at Home Order Guidance 

Last updated: 3/26/2020
Subject to change

Stay at Home Order

On March 25, 2020, Governor Polis issued Executive Order D 2020 017, which is a statewide Stay at Home Order (read the order here) , along with the amended Public Health Order 20-24 ( read order here ) with specific details regarding the Stay at Home Order. Beginning today, March 26, 2020, at 6:00 a.m., this order requires all Colorado residents to stay at home except those that work in critical business areas. D 2020 017 orders any business not considered a “Critical Business” to close temporarily until April 11, 2020, except to protect assets and maintain personnel functions. The Colorado Department of Agriculture reached out to State leadership to confirm how the Executive Order and the Public Health Order applies to various pet service industries.

Pet Services: Critical Business vs. Non Critical Business

The amended Public Health Order defines the specific types of businesses that are deemed to be “Critical Businesses” that provide necessary activities and services. Critical Businesses are exempt from the order, subject to certain limitations, and are encouraged to remain open to provide necessary activities. Employees of Critical Businesses are allowed to travel to and from work. The definition of Critical Business includes any business, including any for profit or non-profit, engaged in any commercial, manufacturing, or service activities that are listed in the Public Health Order.   

  • Necessary activities or services provided by a Critical Business include “animal shelters, animal boarding services, animal rescues, zoological facilities, animal sanctuaries and other pet-related service facilities.” This would include retail stores that sell pet food and supplies.

  • Businesses that are not defined as critical in the Public Health Order 20-24 are directed to close temporarily until April 11, 2020, except to protect assets and maintain personnel functions. All other pet services licensed under PACFA except those that are defined as a Critical Business above are considered Non Critical Businesses and are subject to the Stay at Home Order. This includes groomers and grooming facilities, retail facilities that do not sell pet food and supplies, pet transporters that import dogs and cats from other states, and any other license types.  

  • Local governments may issue orders that implement requirements above and beyond the statewide order. Please check with your local authorities.