PACFA Newsletter - Winter 2022
Program Updates
Disease Control and Treatment (DCAT) Subject Matter Expert Development Group Recruitment

We are looking for 9 -13 people to participate in a subject matter experts to help us develop standards that will ultimately become the foundations for standards/rules that will be required by facilities that import animals into the state of Colorado to incorporate into their Disease Control and Treatment (DCAT) Plans. We anticipate that this group will meet as needed from late January to August 2022. Click on the link below to access the DCAT SME Application.
Care of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Rescues Subject Matter Expert Development Group Recruitment

We are also looking for 9-13 subject matter experts to participate in a development group to help us develop standards that will ultimately become the foundation for rules implementing the behavioral and enrichment provisions of 35-80-106.6, C.R.S. also known as the Care of Dogs and Cats in Animal Shelters and Rescues Act. We anticipate that this group will meet from February through June 2022. Click on the link below to access the SME Group Application.
Meet Our New Inspector!
We are excited to welcome Kari Kishiyama to the PACFA Team as our new inspector for Western CO. Kari was hired to replace Christie Kline who retired after 13 years with the department.

Kari has worked for more than 18 years as an animal control officer and in animal shelter management, most recently serving as the Director of Animal Services for the Montrose Police Department. Kari has served on the Executive Board for the Animal Welfare Association of Colorado and was the Animal Control Representative on the PACFA Advisory Committee for several years.
PACFA Advisory Committee Vacancy Announcement
As noted in the article above due to Kari Kishiyama, the Animal Control Representative on the PACFA Advisory Committee joining the PACFA Program as our inspector for Western CO, we now have a vacancy for that position on the committee.

We are currently seeking someone to fill the animal control position. We are looking for applicants who are associated with an animal control agency and are interested in serving on the committee. Please click on the link below to access the application form. We will be accepting applications until January 31, 2022.
PACFA License Renewal

All PACFA licenses expire on March 1st!
We are off to a great start in our renewal season. Over 15% of our facilities have renewed their license so far! All facilities must renew prior to March 1st to avoid late fees.
Here are some reminders for licencees that still need to renew:
  • You may renew online in AgLicense or by a paper application
  • Use only Google Chrome or Mozilla Foxfire browsers only to avoid issues renewing online
  • The Primary Business Contact is the only person authorized to sign/initial for the renewal
  • All Shelters/Rescues, Breeders of every pet animal, and Pet Transporters must complete/submit their 2021 annual statistics report through the PACFA reporting portal prior to attempting to renew their license as the report is required to be submitted with the renewal application.
  • If you have any changes to your license, such as (but not limited to) business address, and/or ownership, you must submit a new paper application as these changes cannot be made with your renewal and require a new license.
  • If you are no longer operating, you will need to close your license out properly by filling out the "Report my Business as Closed" form on our website under the Facilities Reporting Forms box.
  • Please use the Renewal Instructions and Tips, and the Screen by Screen Instructions documents below to guide you with your renewal.
  • Renewal time is the busiest time for our staff so we appreciate your patience. Any login/password issues can be handled by the Help Desk quickly at 1-844-235-3815. The office and/or your inspector will get to as many calls as possible during business hours.

PACFA Inspectors and staff are dedicated to helping licensed facilities understand and follow PACFA and the rules and regulations. PACFA also responds and investigates consumer complaints on licensed and unlicensed facilities.

What Questions Can I Contact My Inspector About?
Your inspector is here to help you comply with PACFA and the rules and regulations!
  • Questions that come up before or after an inspection
  • Adding a new category like grooming, pet handling, or pet transporting
  • Remodeling or renovations, and whether new equipment and materials comply with the rules
PACFA inspectors can be reached directly by cell phone.

When will my inspector do my next inspection?
  • PACFA's program goal is to perform a routine inspection at each licensed facility once per year
  • Routine inspections are typically unannounced and are scheduled based on several factors
Where can I get a copy of my license?
Our online licensing portal, AgLicense. Simply log into your account and click on the PACFA license button.
  • Be sure your pop-up blocker is enabled on the web browser you are using.
  • If you are a newly licensed facility, you will need to register your account first. Please contact your inspector or the office to get the information needed to register.
How do I make changes to my license?
The following changes require a new application submission:
  • Primary Business Contact Change (see webpage for more instructions)
  • Entity type
  • Business Name
  • New Ownership
  • Physical Business Address
  • Category Add and/or Update
The following changes may be requested in writing via email or letter by the Primary Business Contact/Licensee:
  • Contact Information, such as email and phone numbers
  • Hours of Operation
  • DBA Name
  • Submitted to

Refer to the Facility Reporting Forms box on our webpage for reporting additional changes to your license.
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