PACP 2017 Award Deadlines
It's time to apply for our 2017 PACP Awards - please note that the deadline for each application will be Friday, September 8, 2017 .  The awards will be presented during our 2017 Chamber Professionals & Leadership Conference scheduled for October 25-27 in Clarion, PA. 
2017 Keystone Award 
The Highest Honor Bestowed by PACP 
The Keystone Award was established in 1963 to recognize outstanding service in, and contributions to, the profession of chamber management in Pennsylvania. For our complete list of award recipients, please click here.  

If you would like to nominate a colleague to receive PACP's Keystone Award for 2017, please click the button below...
PaCCE Certification Program 
Recognizing Leadership and Managerial Excellence 
The PaCCE Certification Program is designed to recognize leadership and managerial excellence among Pennsylvania's chamber professionals, commitment to continued professional growth and development, dedication to the chamber of commerce profession, and demonstrated leadership roles in state, regional, and national professional organizations. 

Detailed program information can be found here. For the current list of PaCCEs, please click here. To apply for your PaCCE designation, please click the link below
2017 Service Awards  
Be Recognized for Your Service 
Each year, PACP recognizes chamber professionals who have served any five year increment in the chamber of commerce field. If you will be celebrating a 5-year anniversary ( 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc.) in 2017, you may apply for a Service Award.
To apply for this award, please click the link below...
PA Chamber
PA Chamber Pushes Back Against $600 Million Tax Increase Revenue Package    
Gene Barr, President and CEO
TIt's a month into the new fiscal year and the state is still without a finalized budget deal.  Though the House, Senate and administration agreed to a $32 billion spending plan; they have yet to come to a consensus on how to pay for it.     
GoChamber App
Increase Your Non-Dues Revenue - Launch a Mobile App!
Use mobile marketing to drive revenue to your chamber, launch your own branded mobile app to reach those who live in, work in, shop in and enjoy the communities that your chamber serves.  Mobile is the most relevant and cost effective way to stay connected with your community. Offer coupons, in-app ordering for restaurants, event calendars, loyalty points for shoppers and member-to-member perks all inside your smart phone app branded for your chamber. Contact Curtis Brown at 412-368-0033.
River Cruising in Europe!
Check out the latest cruising offers on the Classic Rhine Tour and the Classic Danube Tour offered by Indus Travels. They are offering a super special deal for chambers - receive one (1) spot free on every 10 paying passengers and $300/person royalty back to chambers. For more information, contact Harish Shroff at harish@indus.travel or 647-526-0063.
Central PA Chamber  
The Chamber has hired Michael Porter as their new Education Coordinator.
Hanover Area Chamber  
The Chamber has hired Autumn Hanzlik as their new Office Coordinator.
Indian Valley Chamber  
The Indian Valley Chamber just graduated its first class of 18 students from its newly revamped leadership institutes, LEAD IV ( Leadership, Exploration, Advancement, and Development - Indian Valley).  This is a 9-month long program, and the class is designed for executives and rising stars within for-profit, non-profit and government related entities. It is based upon DiSC and focuses on the student learning their management style as well as dimensions of team leadership, conflict resolution and the skills necessary to be an effective non-profit board member. Each student is required to identify a mentor and along with their supervisor, develop an individual project specific to their responsibilities that is then presented to the class. One student was able to put into place a process that saved their employer $240,000 in the first quarter of implementation! This is an extreme case, but indicative of what can happen when employees are allowed to unleash their creativity!    
Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber  
Just a few weeks ago the Chamber hosted our 7th Annual Summer Gala. This event has always been a summer highlight for our Chamber members. From wine tasting, to the many different food samplings from our members, to the live entertainment and scenic gardens, there was plenty to do at the beautiful Roselea Farm.  

The PAACC's Women's Interest Network will be presenting, "Working in a Family Business From a Woman's Perspective" coming up on August 10, 2017 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.  There will be a purse auction to support the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber Enterprise Fund - a 501(c )(3) entity to assist the Chamber in goals of empowering and growing the business community by assisting in special programs which provide education, workforce, professional development, and community enrichment!    
Somerset County Chamber  
The Somerset County Chamber, in cooperation with Twin Lakes Treatment Center is launching Operation Hope Shot. This program will help secure quality employment for recovered addicts and help them stay on target and get back into productive roles in the community. The program is in its infant stages, however feedback has been encouraging and we are looking to officially launch it in the near future. We have already met with local manufacturers and other major employers and they have all expressed interest, especially since we face such a shortage of skilled workers in and around the county.  The attendees will be required to attend all their classes and stay actively involved in their treatment, so the employer is not responsible to monitor them. In the interim, we are researching possible tax breaks for employers, along with training and education funding. We are excited about the opportunity to help local people get back into productive roles and in turn, help our companies find quality people. Research shows that a majority of addicts have above average IQ and possess strong skill levels, however drugs and alcohol has taken that away from them. We hope to build their self-esteem and give them reasons to stay clean!    
TriCounty Area Chamber
TriCounty Area Chamber
Over 60 TriCounty Area Chamber Members gathered at the Chamber Office for a "Taste of Summer" Mixer in July. The mixer featured a "summer sampler" from Chamber Members in the food and beverage industry. The weather was perfect and guests enjoyed good food and great company on the rooftop deck. Members provided food and beverage included: Arnold's Family Fun Center; Beverly's Pastry Shop; Cuisine India; Gatsby's at the Sunnybrook Ballroom; JT's Gourmet Delivery LLC; Lily's Grill; and Lindt Chocolate.