A quick "News Burst" about PAI Happenings!
"News Burst" from PAI-Linden
PAI distributes a News Burst that focuses on one of its program sites at least every other month. Enjoy the latest news from PAI-Linden!
Enjoying Retirement at Linden

Sandy is our Linden participant in the spotlight this quarter. 
Sandy came to Linden in April 2018.  She worked at the PAI Commerce site for several years prior to joining Linden.  Sandy became less interested in working and wanted to retire.  Thanks to her own advocacy efforts and a supportive Commerce team, she transitioned nicely into the Linden program.
As seen in the picture with Porter, Sandy is enjoying all that is retirement.  Now that she no longer has to deal with the daily stressors of work, she can sit back in her recliner and listen to her favorite Elvis songs, play with Porter, show off her off her dance moves, chat with her friends, and well... do whatever makes her happy!

So, congratulations on your retirement, Sandy!  Your years of hard work paid off and now you can enjoy some fun and relaxation.  Thank you for choosing Linden.  It's a privilege to have you here!
Volunteering in the Community

In August of 2018, Linden began a partnership with the White Bear Lake Area Food Shelf.  Every other month, Linden's dedicated volunteers head to the food shelf to lend a helping hand.

The volunteers spend a couple of hours during each visit packaging toiletries, dry foods, and other essential daily items for local families in need.  With only a few paid employees who work at the food shelf, they rely heavily on the support of volunteers to feed the nearly 3,500 people they serve each year. 

Way to go, Linden volunteers!

Sharmiki, Erin, Olivia, Danielle and James helping out the local food shelf
Shannon, Laura and Tasha
Recognizing Employee Excellence

Linden is proud to honor Laura Stacken with our quarterly Pillar Award.  This award is given to those who provide above and beyond service.
Laura moved to the Linden site in September of 2018 and brought with her eight Parkway participants.  This transition was no easy undertaking. While learning Linden operations, Laura maintained continuity of care for participants, provided exceptional programming, and took on many additional tasks.
We want to thank and recognize Laura for her outstanding efforts.  She is a great asset not only to Linden but to the PAI organization.

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