A quick "News Burst" about PAI Happenings!
"News Burst" from PAI-Oakdale
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Keith and Dave, longtime PAI Oakdale friends, enjoying St. Patrick's Day activities with Megan
Nurturing Social Relationships at PAI Oakdale

Social relationships are an important part of life for all people. Research points to the importance of friendships between people with an intellectual disability. "For people with an intellectual disability, social relationships satisfy an essential human need for belonging and human connection."
At PAI-Oakdale, there is a strong focus on supporting participants in finding connections with their peers and fostering those relationships daily. Through all activities during the program day, participants are encouraged to spend time with and interact with peers to develop connections. It is important to provide opportunities for a variety of different connections, as we may even be surprised by the relationships that develop. Friends at PAI go on community outings, have lunch, participate in group projects together, or simply relax in a program room while enjoying a book or sensory experience. These activities are made more meaningful when they are with friends.
Kersh, J., Corona, L., & Siperstein, G. (2013). Social Well-Being and Friendship of People with Intellectual Disability. Oxford Handbooks Online. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780195398786.013.013.0006
Noelle, Anthony, Stephanie and Libby

Warner Nature Center Visitors

Noelle with the Warner Nature Center has visited PAI-Oakdale twice this year, bringing along many animal friends! During her first visit in May, she shared her knowledge of reptiles and brought a variety of reptiles that everyone could touch.  In August, she spoke about the many varieties of 'Birds of Prey'. Participants enjoyed spending time with the bird that she brought to visit.
Camp Week Talent Show
Susan, Terri and Paris telling hilarious jokes, and
Josh and Austin sharing music with their assistant, Lisa
Camp Week 2018

PAI-Oakdale hosted Camp Week the week of August 6, 2018. Camp Week started with two sessions of 'Camp Songs with Laura' during Music Therapy, where participants engaged in sing-along camp songs. Monday also was the first day of Tie Dye, which took place throughout the week in the Northern Lights program room. Each participant enjoyed tie-dying a t-shirt and bandana in bright colors and designs.

During the week, each program room hosted a camp-themed afternoon activity. In the St. Croix program room, participants practiced their cooking skills while making S'mores Bars. Harmony Hall hosted an exciting nature scavenger hunt to explore the great outdoors. In Voyager, participants learned about the stars through a hands-on constellation activity. Rounding out the activities were a variety of community outings to Como Zoo, the Maplewood Nature Center, Cabela's, and Cup N' Cone for ice cream.

The week concluded with a talent show that showcased amazing and gifted Oakdale participants! Susan and Terri shared their hilarious jokes with the audience and got everyone laughing, while others shared their excellent sense of fashion. Music is always a hit at Oakdale, and several participants shared their musical talent. It was an exciting week of camp activities and Oakdale is looking forward to more exciting programs as the fall season approaches.
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